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Ever dream about directing a music video for your favorite artist? Well, dreams do come true! You can  direct Alli's next Music Video! That's right, Alli is teaming up with the All American High School Film Festival to give you a chance to make a music video for "Notice Me" or "Guilty." Download either song from iTunes (links below), grab a camera and some friends and get your creative on! 

What to do:

1. Pick either "Notice Me" or "Guilty" (or both)

2. Download the songs here:

3. Film your music video with your friends

4. Upload it to YouTube with the title "Alli Simpson Music Video Contest: All American High School Film Festival" 

5. Submit the film for FREE at

6. Follow @HSFilmFest on Twitter and Instagram and Follow them on Facebook


Enter at:

Deadline: Aug 1st, 2014

Cost: FREE

Award: The winner's music video will be posted on Alli's YouTube and Website, get a special s/o from Alli and a special surprise! 



Attention Filmmakers!!!  

Looking for a film project to focus on this summer?  We have an amazing opportunity for you.

The AAHSFF is teaming up with F Cancer to help educate individuals about early detection. F Cancer's new custom cateory allows you, the filmmaker, to help educate others! Their mission is to save lives by spreading one simple message: 90% OF CANCER IS CURABLE IN STAGE ONE!

We are a generation with incredible technology at our disposal. Let’s use it to educate through storytelling to change the way people think, talk and act about cancer.

Custom Category Outline

Enter at:

Deadline: Aug 1st 2014

Cost: FREE

Award: TBD- but trust us, it’s going to be HUGE!!!

The Category:

·      Create a PSA…

o   explaining how cancer changed your perspective (On life, on love, on loss?)

o   educating your audience about cancer and the importance of prevention and early detection.

o    based on personal experiences you have had with cancer showing us how no one battling the disease fights alone.


·      Create a Documentary…

o    telling us how cancer has impacted your life.

o    portraying how you or someone you know has shown strength in the face of cancer.

o    detailing how you or someone you know raised money for cancer prevention.

o    showing us how no one battling the disease fights alone.

***In order to be considered, films must be no longer than 10 mins in length***

Show the world your talent and make a difference--

Now that’s a cool way to spend your summer!!!