Essential Screening Information! Please Read!

If you are an Official Selection, please review the screening loops carefully. In the event that the information listed is not correct, please e-mail before September 15th 2014. If we do not hear from you this is the information we will print in the festival program.

PLEASE NOTE the theater and time of your screening. All screenings are first come, first served. Plan on arriving to the theater early to ensure you get to see your film on the big screen. If you know that you are attending your screening, please e-mail and seats will be reserved for you.

PLEASE NOTE everyone attending the screening must have a ticket for the event. 

10 am Screening

1. "Gary" a Documentary by Steven Smith, Plantation, FL

Film Synopsis: Gary is a homeless man that panhandles the streets of Fort Lauderdale. He shares his story in hopes to give people perspective in their life, and to display the situation that many homeless people share.

2. "Green with Envy" an Animation by Georgina Cahill, Greenwich, CT

Film Synopsis: Two doppelgängers attempt to outdo each other in a battle of jealousy.

3. "Lifebuoy" a Drama by Rohun Vora, Cerritos, CA

Film Synopsis: A priceless family heirloom is stolen, and the best detective in the school, quickly finds out this wasn't just a simple heist.

4. "NHS SADD PSA"  a PSA by Laura Martinez New York, NY

Film Synopsis: I teamed up with the students in Students Against Destructive Decisions to create a Public service announcement directed towards parents.

5. "Only the Brave" a Drama by Danny Urkov, Wilmette, IL

Film Synopsis: When a pizza delivery boy is haunted by a past horrific memory of his mom, he must string up the bravery that lies within in order to save his brother from the cruelty that scarred him long ago.

6. "Moving Forward" F Cancer Custom Category by Karly Lent, Bettendorf, IA

Film Synopsis: A documentary about the life of Shari Baker, who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in January 2013. She talks about her experience with cancer, and ways that she changed throughout it all. She talks about the good and the bad, and how she learned to keep Moving Forward.

7. "Memories of an Old Man" an Experimental Film by Nicholas Jugeli-Giroux, Washington, DC/Georgia

Film Synopsis: An Old Man is about to die and recounts his past in a chronological order.

8. "CODA Pride" a Documentary by Jacob Baer, Pleasanton, CA

Film Synopsis: CODA Pride is a documentary about Children of Deaf Adults, our relationships, our experiences, and our proud bilingual community.

9. "Sloppy Seconds" a Music Video by Hayden Rusk, Santa Clarita, CA

Film Synopsis: An artistic take on addiction and it's heart-breaking effects.


11 am Screening 

1. "Merging Lives" a Drama by Danny Urkov, Wilmette, IL

Film Synopsis: The story of a homeless girl named Kennedy, who struggles to find food until she comes across a fruit vender.

2. "Karmaeleon" an Animation by Georgina Cahill, Greenwich, CT

Film Synopsis: A bully learns about the consequences of karma through a chameleon and a fly.

3. "Guilty" an Alli Simpson Music Video by Paige Miltenberger, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: An investigator falls in love with the criminal she is investigating.

4. "The Effortless Cool" a Drama by Robert Crisp, Springdale, AR

Film Synopsis: As the end of the world hits one man is left to wonder why he is still around.

5. "Falling" a Drama by Miles Warren, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: A terminally ill teenager jumps from a bridge to avoid dying in a hospital bed. As he falls, he assumes he will see his past, but instead he witnesses his future.

6. "Dear Mom" a F Cancer Custom Category Film by Caitlin LeBlanc and Alexandria Kruizenga, Lynn, MA

Film Synopsis: Two young women show their appreciation for their mothers. Both mothers suffer from different kinds of cancer, one in the brain, and one with multiple myeloma (blood and bone). Dedicated to Marlene Kruizenga and Kristine LeBlanc.

7. "The Mask We Call a Smile" a PSA by Gretchen Lynch, Austin, TX

Film Synopsis: Many people are severely depressed but no one would ever know. People hide their pain with a smile. The film follows a teenage girls who seems normal and content when she is around her friends, but when she is alone he world is falling to pieces.

8. "Fighters Move Forward" a Documentary by Jake Lee, Phoenix, AZ

Film Synopsis: In 2007, Pete Chavez started the Chavez Boxing Foundation, a non-profit that keeps inner-city kids off the streets through boxing. 'Fighters Move Forward' follows Pete and two of his 'kids,' and explores the struggles of those affected by the non-profit, as well as the numerous obstacles faced by the foundation itself.

9. "Most Interesting TV Teacher" a Comedy by Brandon Buccheri, Ozone Park, NY

Film Synopsis: This humorous short shows what separates HBTV from everyone else.

10. "The Script" an Experimental by Cole Bacani, Naperville, IL

Film Synopsis: A movie is only what we see and it revolves around a powerful idea, a script, a basic outline. In other words, a script dictates what we see and interpret with our eyes, while a movie is merely the visual.


2pm Screening

1. "The SAT Games" a Comedy by Molly Cinnamon, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: In the near future, The SAT Games require one student to take the SAT exams on behalf of the entire graduating class. When under-achiever Max McAndrews is randomly selected, all hopes for Ivy League college entrance seem to be dashed. How will Max escape the ire of his peers?

2. "Notice Me" an Alli Simpson Music Video by Kianna Schlesinger, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: A girl is friends with a boy. The girl has a crush on the boy, but the boy just wants to be friends. She keeps trying to make him love her. He ends up seeing that he likes her more than a friend and they become boyfriend and girlfriend.

3. "An Arm and a Leg" an Animation by Jared Lascurain, College Station, TX

Film Synopsis: An Arm and a Leg is about an individual who goes to the local super-mart and purchases an overly priced luxury microwave. However, the protagonist has trouble bringing home his prize.

4. "Disco Casino" an Experimental Film by Peter McGarry, Howell, NJ

Film Synopsis: A young man grapples with social anxiety and faces ghosts from the past on his his quest to find the perfect band. He must overcome several obstacles to get to the Disco Casino on time.

5. "Be Smart Don't Start" a PSA by Samantha Rutherford Hot Springs, AR

Film Synopsis: Smoking has a negative impact on everyone who starts. The smoke is blown out and it covers the lungs and leaves them black.

6. "Let's F Cancer" a F Cancer Custom Caftegory Film by Megan Campbell, Dickson City, PA

Film Synopsis: This is a short documentary about my best friend's mother's fight with breast cancer. It shows how it is important that life goes on, even after a devastating loss form cancer. Also, it spreads awareness that early detection can save lives.

7. "TRAIN" a Drama by Marc Ramos, Wethersfield, CT ***

Film Synopsis: TRAIN is a short film that pays tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy and all that were effected by it. It tells a story of two brothers; words are exchanged and regrets are made.

8. "Disconnected" a PSA by Daniela Arguello, Weston, FL

Film Synopsis: I Fear the Day That Technology Will Surpass Our Human Interaction -Albert Einstein

9. "Sophia" a Documentary by Lukas Dong, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: Sophia is a short documentary that tells the story of a young Swedish musician, Sophia Hogman. The film takes a look into her life and uncovers what fuels her passion and inspires her to keep exploring her world of music.

10. "Away" a Drama by Gus Leagre, Carmel, IN

Film Synopsis: As a girl packs for a trip certain keepsakes trigger memories of her boyfriend, who has not yet come to say goodbye.

***This film contains content that is not suitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised.


3pm Screening

1. "Advice From a Hot Mess (Minus the Hot)" an Experimental Film by Isabella Matejka, Rogers, MN

Film Synopsis: Subpar acting, dramatic music, and cheesy voiceover depict the problems of a hot mess (minus the hot).

2. "Introspect" a Drama by Amanda Morrison, Helena, MT

Film Synopsis: Gavin, a boy coming of age, is intrigued by the art of painting nails and decides to try it out for himself. His friend finds him engaging in the traditionally girly activity and publicly ridicules him for his unconventional exploration. It provokes the question if certain interests are restricted to a specific gender. Gavin finds himself questioning his identity and after a pivotal moment learns to accept himself for who he is at that moment.

3. "Overcoming Adversity" a Documentary by Rogelio Aguilar, Philadelphia, PA

Film Synopsis: This short narrative film conveys the obstacles faced in my everyday life as an inner-city minority student, and how I managed to overcome the negative influences surrounded in my neighborhood.

4. "All of It" a Drama by Nicolas Hornedo, Indianapolis, IN

Film Synopsis: A distraught teen finds himself coping with heartbreak at his friend's bonfire. There's drinking, girls, and various shenanigans going on, but the boy still can't seem to take his mind off of the girl he so desperately loves. Attempting to hide his feelings, the boy explodes his negative emotions onto his crush, sparking an argument that ruins the party. As he and his crush try to cool down, the boy considers the idea that maybe heartbreak is, in the long run, worth it.

5. "Channel 6 News" a Comedy by John Hayes, Methuen, MA

Film Synopsis: Ever wonder what would happen if a teenager made the news? This is that...

6. "Disconnect to Connect" a PSA by Sofia Barrett, Arine Eisaian, Sydney Keys, Alice Levine, Troy Loizzo, Samantha Myman, Max Rolnick, Kalie Van Dusen, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: A PSA about the importance of face to face connection in a digital world.

7. "Snapshot" an Experimental Film by Eva Klein and Tucaer Welker, Stevenson Ranch, CA

Film Synopsis: Eva and Tucker have a stand off with their team to see who will be the victor in a camera war.

8. "Nick" a Documentary by Kierin Rogers, Annie Diaz and Liz Srulevich, Keansburg, NJ

Film Synopsis: Three students get to know a complete stranger over a period of two days. Slowly, through recounted stories and memories, they learn that seemingly ordinary people can reveal themselves to be much more.

9. "Paralysed" a Drama by Alex Silberberg, Westlake Village, CA ***

Film Synopsis: A rookie 911 operator handles his first serious call.

10. "Cause and Effect" a Drama by Ari Moutal, San Diego, CA

Film Synopsis: When Cam, a depressed high school senior, goes to a party to relax, his friend, Katie, tries to cheer him up through some questionable means. The night slowly progresses into chaos.

11. "Zeke Zeppelin" a Comedy by Phillip Magin, Del Mar, CA

Film Synopsis: A once renowned and famous tennis player, Zeke Zeppelin plans a comeback to regain it all. A mockumentary.

12. "Life on Wheels" an Action Sports Film by Jake Whitlock, Lynn, MA

Film Synopsis: This documentary talks about the impact skating has on these two skaters lives and about the struggles they encounter.

***This film contains content that is not suitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised.


4pm Screening

1. "Recycled Design" a Documentary by Benjamin Ades, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: Meet designer and hotelier extraordinaire, Aaron Hojman. He lives and works near Punta del Este in La Barra, Uruguay. The most unique part about his design aesthetic is his use of old and recycled items, which he uses to transform spaces into comfortable and welcoming habitats.

2. "Crossroads" a PSA by Jennifer Smart, San Diego, CA

Film Synopsis: While scrolling through her social network feed, a girl comes across a post made by a friend that sets her on edge. This public service announcement addresses the importance of maintaining full awareness of people's mental states and taking the right steps in a situation where a life is at stake.

3. "Fading" a Drama by Kristin Dolan and Tom Kircher, Oceanport, NJ

Film Synopsis: A short film which tells the mind bending tale of a teenage girl whose strained relationship with her parents is not quite what it seems. It is a story of disillusionment and how one's warped perception can distort their reality.

4. "Notice Me" an Alli Simpson Music Video by Adam Howard, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: Music video for "Notice Me" by Alli Simpson

5. "A Twist of Fate" an Animation by Iver Jensen, Vesterålen, Norway

Film Synopsis: Bert visits the mysterious fortune teller Madame Blasmatsky, unaware that his life is about to take a fatal turn.

6. "The Thing About Cancer" a F Cancer Custom Category Film by Tiffany Lin, Fremont, CA

Film Synopsis: A PSA about that one thing about cancer.

7. "The Boat" an Experimental Film by Will Robinson, Savannah, GA

Film Synopsis: A man saved from drowning and his rescuer begin to grow progressively closer to one another without having any direct contact, save the accident itself. The similarities grow increasingly uncanny until the two experience something unimaginable.

8. "Muffins" a Comedy by Hadley Hillel, Seattle, WA

Film Synopsis: A cook working at a small mountain inn must deal with unexpected consequences when his plan to poison one of the guests for money goes awry.

9. "Huckleberry Delight" a Drama by Ethan Seneker, Sammamish, WA

Film Synopsis: A man travels back through time to stop his younger self from ending his own life in order to halt the instant ingenuity of severing the immensus cortex and the inevitable creation of a machine that has fallen into the wrong hands.

10am Screening

1. "Wings of Peace" a Documentary by Danielle Stolz, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: Can folding an origami crane bring peace? In Wings of Peace, a video by Danielle Stolz, two teens of Japanese-American descent (Stolz and friend Aimee Misaki) journey to Laos with origami papers in hand. Boundaries of language and culture are transcended when Laotians affected by unexploded bombs fold cranes and share their dreams for a better life. The film asks U.S. viewers to reflect upon the tragic legacy of war from the World War II atomic bombing of Hiroshima to the Vietnam War-era Secret War on Laos.

2. "In Time" a Drama by Gabrielle Giacomo and Mary Grace Henry, Larchmont, NY

Film Synopsis: “In Time” calls its viewers to contemplate what they have placed importance on in their lives, and reminds them that time is an elusive gift, that should not be wasted.

3. "Riches to Rags" a Horror by Cal Etcheverry, Dallas, TX

Film Synopsis: A wealthy business man, who constantly criticizes the poor, is taught a lesson by a homeless man. The wealthy man's sinful actions soon catch up to him, and it might cost him his life!

4. "Deja Vecu" an Experimental Film by Luis Vazquez, Santa Rosa, CA

Film Synopsis: An introvert boy is troubled when his ability to see into people's past, begins to grow stronger.

5. "All Who Remain" a Music Video by Jakob Martinez, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: A boy uses a projector to envision his life one last time.

6. "Arthur" a Drama by Zack Lobel, Brooklyn, NY

Film Synopsis: An elderly man struggles with a desire to hold onto his house and its memories, while facing the need to move forward.

7. "Reconciliation" a Documentary by Lance Oppenheim, Southwest Ranches, FL

Film Synopsis: Ten years after the devastating 9/11 attacks, three people with vastly separate lives and vantage points share an interconnecting narrative of grief, loss, and hope.

8. "A Hike in my Shoes" a Drama by Georgina Salter, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: One sister (who constantly travels) visits her mother and sister during Thanksgiving. Tensions are raised as she dismisses her sister's efforts to help their sick mother.

9. "Blockbusted" a Comedy by August Blum, George Khabbaz, Sarah McAllister, Lauren Morganbesser. Live Action Directors: Silva Ulysse, Mathias Valenta, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: A send up of the Hollywood movie-making machine. Animated sequences hilariously depict blockbuster sequels as Hollywood executives argue the merits of originality vs. box office success.


11 am Screening

1. "Guilty" an Alli Simpson Music Video by Daria Hoffman and Annamarie Carmazzi, Sacramento, CA

Film Synopsis: A girl and boy meet for the first time at the park and it's love at first sight, but it's too good to be true. The girl cannot help but believe that there must be something wrong witht the boy because he is just too perfect. The girl envisions him as a "criminal" in order to face her fear of falling too deep into love.

2. "Last Summer's Plate" a Documentary by Charlotte Masters, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: This film was made to look into the life of my father. Everyday for his work he takes photographs for magazines. I feel like artists constantly have their work shown and people see it but sometimes are not able to understand how these ideas are made. This film is an insight as to where my father's thoughts and creativity stem from.

3. "Chris" a Drama by Zachary Oschin and Sarah Evans, Calabasas, CA

Film Synopsis: A girl has one day left to ask her secret crush to prom. Will she find the courage to do it?

4. "Colors" an Animation by Jacob Hood, Lawrence, KS

Film Synopsis: Colors follows the story of Blue, who is beginning to feel frustrated with his boss and tired of his lifetime career; giving color to things that should be blue. His life changes when he accidentally befriends a completely new color, breaking unspoken social barriers and inadvertently risking the life of his new friend

5. "Inspiring Tomorrow: A FIlm" a F Cancer Custom Category Film by Kunal Dixit, Dallas, TX

Film Synopsis: A short documentary about a team's fundraising and research into the development of a biological nose for the detection of lung cancer.

6. "Bugaloo Train" a Music Video by Kenia Soto, Springdale, AR

Film Synopsis: The music video is based on a man, called Papa Rap, who gets late to his train performance while his band members are madly waiting for him. He then finds out that he was in charge to get the people to show up for their performance. So Papa Rap decides that he will fix it by going downtown to get people on his way back to the train where the he and the band will perform.

7. "Bitter" a Drama by Avery Schroeder, Stevenson Ranch, CA

Film Synopsis: Bitter is a film in which different drinks represent the different types of guys and relationships young girls experience.

8. "The Man Behind the Birds" a Documentary by Aaron Sortal, Plantation, FL and Tihana Bulut, Whitehouse Station, NJ

Film Synopsis: Larry Reddick goes to Washington Square Park everyday to feed the pigeons. Most people know Larry, but don't know about his rough past. This video tells Larry's story and how the community forgives him.

9. "City Limits" a Drama by Neema Sadeghi, Irvine, CA

Film Synopsis: City Limits' is the story about two post-grads, Emma and Clayton, who move out to the big city to follow their goals and dreams. When Emma gets a job at a big name advertising company, Clayton is left in her shadow as he struggles as a starving journalist yearning for a job. This film focuses on their relationship as their friendship unravels when one succeeds and the other doesn't. They both are faced with options of of staying true to who they are or changing to fit the molds of their career.


2pm Screening

1. "It's All About M.E." a F Cancer Custom Category Film by Cosette Teschke and Alex Sandoval, South Elgin, IL

Film Synopsis: Film documents my son who was born with brain cancer. At four days old he had his first brain resection which revealed a malignant tumor that composed approximately 40% of his brain. Several brain surgeries later and five rounds of chemo, Matthew recently celebrated his 2nd birthday.

2. "Notice Me" an Alli Simpson Music Video by Allie Cole, Greenwood, IN

Film Synopsis: Indianapolis has recently been having outbreaks with violence. The streets are becoming unsafe and homeless people are more common than ever. Instead of noticing myself for my entry, I decided to notice others who really need some positive attention.

3. "Girl Scout Crookies" a Comedy by Ryan Tabris, Coconut Creek, FL

Film Synopsis: A reality style Girl Scout meeting goes terribly wrong!

4. "Inanimate Insanity" an Animation by Adam Katz, Woodbury, NY

Film Synopsis: Our story begins at Objectville's annual Triathlon. Yin and Yang struggle to accomplish what they want in life because of their inseparable nature. One day, Test Tube tries to help YinYang by using a new potion she created, which surprisingly is effective, and results in Yin and Yang being separated into two different bodies. Unfortunately, without Yin, Yang is able to unleash the worst on others, causing Yin to make a decision on whether he should remain an individual, or give it up to make the world a better place.

5. "Cody" a Documentary by Ernesto Dimperio and JC Castro, Burbank, CA

Film Synopsis: Cody is an indie film maker who explains the struggles and the beauty of being an independant artist.

6. "Logan" a Drama by Remaya Campbell, Corona, CA

Film Synopsis: Two sister find themselves estranged due to a surprise pregnancy. When tragedy strikes, the remaining sister finds solace in the one miracle to come from misery.

7. "Two and a Quarter Minutes" a Drama by Joshua Ovalle, Costa Mesa, CA

Film Synopsis: What goes through one's mind in the two-and-a-quarter minutes it takes on average for a person to drown?

8. "Walls' an Experimental Film by Gabrielle Giacomo and Mary Grace Henry, Larchmont, NY

Film Synopsis: “Walls” is a trip into the human mind. This short film portrays the tendency to shut others out when grieving. It demonstrates these mental barricades as physical boundaries, showing that each instance of ill will is almost a “brick” in the “wall” of detachment. The open ending calls viewers to understand the lasting impacts of their actions.

9. "Sleep" a PSA by Casey Seabolt, Cleveland, GA

Film Synopsis: Taylor Benson (student) tells a heart wrenching true story of a loss of her best friend from driving with lack of sleep.

10. "My Rebirth...Creatively" a Music Video by James Tralie, Fort Washington, PA

Film Synopsis: "My Rebirth... Creatively" tells the story of a young man who finds his voice and purpose in life through his creative musical outlet. He is able to shed his old self through a spiritual rebirth and the guidance he receives at his new school.


3pm Screening

1. "Soft Hands" an Experimental Film by Ilianna Villa, Calexico, CA

Film Synopsis: A series of three haikus expressing gratitude, love, and release.

2. "Horizon Perspective" a Drama by Gino Valarao, San Marino, CA

Film Synopsis: An estranged teenage girl learns to see the beauty within from the help of an old friend.

3. "Halves" an Experimental Film by Hayley Bensmiller, Stevenson Ranch, CA ***

Film Synopsis: Two precocious best friends are bubbling with jealousy, obsession, and infatuation.

4. "Cyberbullying PSA" a PSA by Lauren Baker and Noah Maxey, Prosper, TX

Film Synopsis: A girl gets bullied by the "cool kids" at lunch on her first day of school.

5. "Bring Dreams to Life" a Documentary by Jenny Kim, Irvine, CA

Film Synopsis: I dream. You dream. And so do children in Guatemala.

6. "Bulldog Pride" a Music Video by Ty Smith, Dyllen George, Chris Herrea and Raul Aldaco, Springdale, AR

Film Synopsis: Music video reflecting our school spirit.

7. "The Paper Actor" a Comedy by William Hoinoski, Colleyville, TX

Film Synopsis: An actor explains the obstacles faced when performing in a high school production of "Seussical: The Musical!"

8. "Behind the Beat: A Music Documentary" a Documentary by Austin Marsdale, Medford, NJ

Film Synopsis: Austin Marsdale interviews three different people who are involved in the music industry. He asks questions such as what music means to them and how has music affected their lives. Interviewees include Philadelphia band Viv and the Revival.

9. "Screenwriter's Block" an Animation by James Tralie, Fort Washington, PA

Film Synopsis: A screenwriter struggles to conceptualize a film idea until he changes his old way of thinking for a new, imaginative one.

10. "Psychosis" a Horror by Douglas Emerson, Tommy Halsey, and Sawyer Tibbitts, Park City, UT

Film Synopsis: When a kid forgets to take his medicine things take a turn for the worse.

11. "While We Wait" a Drama by Mirella Cardoso, Boca Raton, FL

Film Synopsis: Two high schoolers in love decide how to spend their last day together before one of them leaves for college.


4pm Screening

1. "Silence your Cell Phone" a Comedy by Brandon Buccheri, Springdale, AR

Film Synopsis: The importance of silencing your cell phone during the making of a film.

2. "The Box" a Comedy by Mickey Mann and Steven Raia, Freehold, NJ

Film Synopsis: Two mimes awaken to find that they are trapped in a wooden crate on a cargo ship.

3. "How Different" a Documentary by Danny Sheehan, Frisco, TX

Film Synopsis: In school, you have the groups and cliques, the nerds and druggies, and many other clubs and classes that could set students apart from each other. Ideas and barriers are built, forming each individual as their own person. But what happens if we look pass those groups. If we tear down those barriers. How different could they be?

4. "Reverie" a Drama by Daniela Arguello, Weston, FL

Film Synopsis: Alec (Santiago Triana) tries to forget the loss of his girlfriend (Agustina Biasutto) by undergoing a trance.

5. "Teen Dating Violence PSA" a PSA by Julia Kaitlin Villarba, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: A girl is talking about all the gifts that her boyfriend has given her and how much he loves her. It is then revealed that she has bruises all over her body that her boyfriend also gave to her. She faces abuse from her boyfriend. The girl tells us that it isn't a "big deal," when in reality, the issue of teen dating violence is a serious problem.

6. "Blood" a Documentary by Anand Prahash and Trevor Chase, Charlottesville, VA

Film Synopsis: The film tells the stories of two people, both parents in the St. Anne's-Belfield (STAB) community , and how their separate needs for blood brought an entire community together. Their individual stories seem to be separate from each other at first, but by the end of the film they come together. The goal of the film was to use these anecdotes to compel viewers to do something to increase the blood supply.

7. "Minimum Max" a Drama by Joshua Ovalle, Costa Mesa, CA

Film Synopsis: Highschool student, Max, suffers from severe ADHD and must decide between the "mental handcuffs" of pharmaceutical therapies, or accept his academic shortcomings and be happy.

8. "Delusions Under His Moon" a Drama by Oscar Rodriguez, El Paso, TX

Film Synopsis: A sleep deprived young man finds himself constantly traveling between dream and reality as he chases a lovely young lady that catches his attention.

9. "Flux" an Experimental Film by Max Retik, Short Hills, NJ

Film Synopsis: In the decrepit halls of a long-forsaken high school, a young boy explores his passion for the performance art known as 'poi.' In the decrepit halls of a long-forsaken high school, a young boy explores his passion for the performance art known as 'poi.' As an experiment on what can truly be accomplished in extremely limited time, this film was produced in 24 hours.

10. "Make It Count" an Experimental Film by Quynh Ong, Garden Grove, CA

Film Synopsis: A young couple realizes that that their love for each other might not be enough to keep them together after one of them leaves for school.

10am Screening

1. "One Republic- Counting Stars" a Music Video by Daniel Kelly and Caleb Jones, Mansfield, TX

Film Synopsis: A Music video for Austin Kiefers cover of OneRepublics -Counting Stars

2. "Dear Elisa" a Drama by Allan Duan, San Diego, CA

Film Synopsis: A young teen finds his world changed when an argument with his girl friend takes a turn for the worse.

3. "Afyon" a Documentary by Ty Hranac, Seattle, WA

Film Synopsis: Afyon, meaning opium in Turkish, is a short documentary I completed as part of my Senior Project at the Seattle Waldorf High School. Documenting the experiences of both a drug user and athlete, it highlights humans inherent search for pleasure while illustrating how greatly the realization of this goal can vary from person to person. A group of experts help define the phenomenas described by both the user and athlete, constructing an academic base for the experiences that are portrayed.

4. "Interim" an Experimental Film by Carlos Perdomo and Justus Page, Taylorsville, UT

Film Synopsis: A man awaits his fate in purgatory, the space between life and death; the interim.

5. "Carrie's Wish" a Drama by Maria Alvarez, Beachwood, OH

Film Synopsis: CARRIE'S WISH is about an older sister, Monroe, coping with the guilt she feels about the death of her younger sister, Carrie. When she finds one of the last memories of her sister, a summer bucket-list, regardless of how ridiculous it seems, she goes through it herself. As much as Monroe feels as though she is helping her sister by finishing the list, she finds in the end that Carrie is really helping her.

6. "Re-Invent Education" a PSA by Jake Fernandez, Alexis Keys, Lilia Pankers, Matthew Martinez, Purag Moumdjian, Molly Myma, Milo Schureman, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: A PSA about the need to accommodate students' different needs in the classroom. Produced by the Righteous Conversations Project, a collaboration between Holocaust survivors and teens.

7. "The Media Song" an Animation by Jacob Hood, Lawrence, KS

Film Synopsis: Created by Free State High School seniors Jacob Hood (lyrics, vocals, and animation) and James Lindsey (music, vocals, and guitar accompaniment), The Media Song is an animated music video about the ridiculousness of today's American Media, and what it will be like in the future.

8. "Spooky Business" a Comedy by Ernesto Dimperio and JC Castro, Burbank, CA

Film Synopsis: A young man moves into a new house that is inhabited by a demon. From the perspective of the demon, he thinks he is the one who is being haunted by the human and tries to exorcise his house of the human spirit. The human then retaliates with his own exorcism techniques. The connection between the human and demon world grows stronger and the demon accidentally possessed the human. As their minds collide on a plane of existance between worlds, they come to an understanding and decide to keep living together.


11am Screening

1. "Hollow: Dani's Story" a Documentary by Samantha Hardy, Sierra Madre, CA

Film Synopsis: A documentary following the story of Dani, who struggled with anorexia before a long recovery process.

2. "The Coulours Run" a Music Video by Max Galassi, Newtown, CT

Film Synopsis: Original music video for singer/songwriter Corey Durkin.

3. "WZRDZ" a Comedy by Cole Mootz, Jacob Doherty and Zachary Taylor, Garland, TX

Film Synopsis: A wizard duel is spiced up by a large and dangerous potion.

4. "Hope" a Drama by Werner Vivier, New Hampton, NH

Film Synopsis: In 2025 a global economic collapse threw the world into poverty and corruption. Humanity was on the brink of a nuclear war. However, an unknown government takes total control over most of the world, promising to establish peace and equality, instead they rule as a dictatorship.

5. "Keep Calm, Speak Out, Rise Up" a Documentary by Cheyenne Murray, Brooklyn, NY

Film Synopsis: Getting bullied in school is always painful, but Cheyenne endured the cruelty of her classmates by relying on the love of those who know her best, family and friends.

6. "ATYW" an Experimental Film by James King, Harvey, LA

Film Synopsis: This experimental's purpose was to experiement with the the effects music has to video. It also experiments with cutting to the music, slow motion, and color correction.

7. "The Waiting Game" a Drama by Maria Alvarez, Beachwood, OH

Film Synopsis: An uninspired writer learns a lesson of life, love, and acceptance after the death of her grandmother.

8. "Insipid" an Animation by Caleb Barnick and Noah Maxey, Prosper, TX

Film Synopsis: A boy is abandoned by his family and left with his grandmother. When his grandmother dies he resorts to going back to his family for security.

9. "Spooky to Be Hungry" a PSA by Logan McElroy, Augusta, GA

Film Synopsis: A short PSA in the form of a music video advertises the annual "Spooky to be Hungry!" food drive, which lasts the entire month of October.

10. "The Trumpet" a Drama by Colin Davy and John Larizadeh, Brooklyn, NY

Film Synopsis: After landing in France, Jack Tueller, a United States paratrooper, survives a firefight and finds himself to be an unintentional savior.


2pm Screening

1. "Who Are You?" an Experimental by Maria Alvarez, Beachwood, OH

Film Synopsis: A short look into what really makes you, you.

2. "Broken Tip" a PSA by Greg Speroni, Painted Post, NY

Film Synopsis: Awareness for anti bullying.

3. "Filtered" a Documentary by Gianna Alhadidi, Houston, TX

Film Synopsis: Filtered looks at the effects social media has on girls in today's society, and poses the question of how it changes their view on "ideal" beauty.

4. "I Want to Shoot Lasers" a Comedy by Austen Halpern-Graser, Galway, NY

Film Synopsis: A boy stands in front of his To-Do list with only one task written on it: to become a robot.

5. "Who Was Charlemagne?" a Drama by Itai Lev and Sarah Lee, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: A jock must learn to accept the help of a nerdy, peer tutor in order to pass 10th grade history.

6. "A Skate Life" an Action Sports Film by Andrew Matroci, Key West, FL

Film Synopsis: This video is about my good friend Jake Graziano and his love for skateboarding and what it does for him.

7. "Not the Same" a Drama by Ellie Goldman, Highland Park, IL

Film Synopsis: Not the Same is a short film about a brother and a sister, and a view into memories that include a certain item.

8. "Cell Four" an Experimental by Danny Amir, Christine Puglisi, Brandon Troche and Yessica Nohpal, New Haven, CT

Film Synopsis: Parker is spending her days locked in Cell Four, when she is mysteriously given the way out. But when does the story really end?

9. "Mr. Rush" a Documentary by Leo Gallagher, Brooklyn, NY

Film Synopsis: A portrait of a professional artist and high school art teacher who gets inspiration from his students.

10. "To Infinity" a Drama by Emily Yue, Guilford, CT

Film Synopsis: A coming of age short film following two teens who are about to chose the paths they take in this life.

11. "Door to Door" an Experimental Film by Morgan Carter, Parker, CO

Film Synopsis: Alice Flynn volunteers for charity organizations as a door-to-door solicitor. And as the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens.

12. "Violets are Blue" a Drama by Kathryn McCarthy, Hallandale Beach, FL

Film Synopsis: A young, high school girl wrestles with her adolescence when her older sister invites some friends over to their house for the night.


3pm Screening

1. "Connie" an Experimental Film by Abbey Sacks, Kirkland, WA

Film Synopsis: An experimental film based off of the short story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" by Joyce Carol Oates.

2. "Searching for my Roots" a Documentary by Aggie Ryan, Grace Sutherland, Cynthia Thomas, and Katie Hill, Greenwich, CT

Film Synopsis: A man separated from his birth mother for more than 50 years finds her and reunites.

3. "Revelation" a Drama by  Quintin O'Connell and Austin Rosenthal, Pembroke Pines, FL

Film Synopsis: Revelation is about a Young daughter and her Father, who hasn't been there for her in 4 years, coming together and talking with each other after the death/funeral of their Mother/Ex-Wife.

4. "Another World" an Experimental Film by Kayla Briet, La Mirada, CA

Film Synopsis: "Discovering the beauty within the world starts with discovering the beauty within yourself."

5. "Deux euros et 24 centimes" a Drama by Maxime Croyal, Morieux, France

Film Synopsis: When the stress of the person you love generates a fatal misunderstanding, sometimes the innocent pay ...

6. "Westlake Elementary" a Comedy by Nina Kramer, Campbell, CA

Film Synopsis: Short film (mockumentary) about seven kids in elementary school who don't get along, but must put aside their differences in order to get rid of an evil substitute.

7. "Modern Voice" a PSA by Maria Alvarez, Beachwood, OH

Film Synopsis: PSA about the use of technology in schools

8. "Bill Monroe" a Documentary by Aidan Callahan, Catonsville, MD

Film Synopsis: A short documentary about Maryland musician and teacher Bill Monroe.

9. "The Social Butterfly" a Drama by Jordan Portugal, Highland Park, IL

Film Synopsis: A look at high schoolers and the impact of social media.


4pm Screening

1. "DayDream" a Comedy by Kevin Tsai, Rowland Heights, CA

Film Synopsis: Encountering a group of racist thugs, a boy learns that street fights are not anything compared to the movies.

2. "Schiz" a Horror by Haley Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

Film Synopsis: A schizophrenic teenage girl, Liv, begins taking a new medication for her mental condition while hearing concerning sounds coming from downstairs at night.

3. "Gifts" a Drama by Morgana McKenzie, Ottawa, Canada

Film Synopsis: At age six, Jan was miraculously revived after her body was retrieved from the frozen river that consumed her parents. Now, after a lifetime of experiencing visions of others’ pain and suffering, thirteen year old Jan hopes to intervene on fate and prevent a murder.

4. "Wake Up" an Experimental Film by Brian Ferenchik, Hilliard, OH

Film Synopsis: A boy wakes up everyday into a world over saturated by technology and the media, when he comes to the realization he must escape from the cycle.

5. "Swords into Ploughshares" a Documentary by Max Cho, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: A haunting look at one of the United States’ darkest historical moments, the Secret War on Laos. A powerful graphic style brings home the shocking details of a countryside covered with unexploded bombs. Cho puts a human face on this ongoing tragedy as he celebrates the initiative of the Laotian people, while also asking viewers to consider their role in eradicating bombs.

6. "147" a Drama by J.R. Bellavia, Monmouth Beach, NJ

Film Synopsis: A young girl writes about the atrocities committed all around her until one of them hits very close to home.

7. "Stanley" a Drama by Jamie Lipman, Calabasas, CA

Film Synopsis: A high school student tries to break out of his controlled, sterile life.

8. "The Dogmatic" a Documentary by Lance Oppenheim, Southwest Ranches, FL

Film Synopsis: An overly-zealous animal rescue group takes the law into their own hands by stealing jilted dogs from abusive owners.

9. "Alexis Wolfe - Commit ft. EB3 & Nate Selassie" a Music Video by Brandon Bernier, Santa Clarita, CA

Film Synopsis: An Original Song by Alexis Wolfe.

10. "Rick" a Documentary by Patrick VanZandt, Carlsbad, CA

Film Synopsis: Rick is a campus supervisor at Carlsbad High School who proves that you don't need a lot of money to make yourself and others happy. He is an inspiration to many kids at Carlsbad High and will continue to be as long as he works there.

10am Screening

1. "Buster was a Man" a Comedy by Adam McArthur, Everett, WA

Film Synopsis: Buster, a simple man, lives a repetitive and simple life. However, as he draws pictures one day, he loses his notebook. The narrator in his head, as well as Buster, spin out of control together.

2. "While You Were" an Experimental Film by James Tralie, Fort Washington, PA

Film Synopsis: A typical teenager distracted by technology misses out on the world around him. From the simple pleasures of the world around, to an all out alien invasion, you never know what you are missing when you are distracted by technological temptations.

3. "Drowning in Plastic" a PSA by Riley Doyle, Greenwich, CT

Film Synopsis: A 16 ounce choice can change the fate of the world.

4. "Welcome to Guatemala" a Documentary by Lee Tsapatsaris, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: This documentary details the events and experiences of the teenagers involved in the student-run organization MAD4kids as they work with charities based in Guatemala to help those in need and make a difference.

5. "With My Eyes Closed" a Music Video by Lindsay Will, Springdale, AR

Film Synopsis: The music video to Lindsay Will's "With My Eyes Closed"

6. "My Robot and I" a Drama by Daniela Arguello, Weston, FL

Film Synopsis: Sam, an 10 year-old boy creates a robot to defeat the bully of the neighborhood.

7. "Notice Me" an Alli Simpson Music Video by Kelli Sullivan, Avon Park, FL

Film Synopsis: A girl is trying to get her crush to notice her by running through different obstacles and in the end, he finally notices her.

8. "We're Okay" a Drama by Kira Bursky, Weaverville, NC

Film Synopsis: A fantasy drama about teen depression and sexuality. Delilah has decided to kill herself on her 18 birthday, but her friend Lena surprises her with a birthday party. We see how Delilah is truly feeling in her stop motion animated circus world mind.

9. "Breakfast" an Animation by Harrison Chen and Cole Gerthoffer, Dallas, TX

Film Synopsis: Breakfast gets it's revenge!

10. "Cancer Sucks" a F Cancer Custom Category Film by Isabella Matejka, Rogers, MN

Film Synopsis: Taylor was diagnosed when she was three years old. She narrates her story over footage of her CT scan.


11am Screening

1. "Candy Crush" a Drama by Luc Alper-Leroux, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Film Synopsis: Three friends play a game of Candy land and discover how they feel about each other.

2. "Hope" a Music Video by Adam McArthur, Everett, WA

Film Synopsis: A music video for the song 'Hope'.

3. "Golec uOrkiestra 2014 USA Tour" a Documentary by Veronica Malesinski, Glenview, IL

Film Synopsis: A foreign language documentary (Polish) revolving around Golec uOrkiestra's 2014 USA Tour. Golec uOrkiestra is a famous Polish folk-rock group.

4. "An Interloping Dream" a Drama by Claudine Brantley, Westport, CT

Film Synopsis: Half a year after graduating from college, Sven-- a young writer--begins to experience harsh episodes of dysphoria and confusion. As the occurrences become worse, Sven struggles with hypnotic voices and deepening thoughts of suicide. Desperate for a solution to his troubles, he seeks out medical attention and soon discovers he is suffering from a blossoming case of Schizophrenia.

5. "Basilica de Santiago Apostol (Church of St. James)" an Experimental Film by Mitchell Richmond, Draper, UT

Film Synopsis: A Video postcard From Nata, Panama.

6. "The Lingering War" a Documentary by Delilah Napier, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: In The Lingering War, Delilah Napier takes an historic look at the effects of the Secret War in Laos. Its citizens, most born decades after the war ended, confront unexploded bombs on a daily basis. First-person interviews with Vietnam War veteran Lee Thorn, activist and whistle-blower Fred Branfman, as well as representatives of NGOs in Laos paint a picture of the emotional and physical toll inflicted by war.

7. "I am a Girl" a PSA by Maddie Church and Katie Hill, Greenwich, CT

Film Synopsis: "Women have to harness their power - it's absolutely true. It's just learning not to take the first no." - Cher Find out why being girl is more powerful than ever.

8. "Don't Blink" a Horror by Benjamin Butler, Arlington, TX

Film Synopsis: Under the influence of drugs, reality, sanity, and even life itself begins to slip away.

9. "Please Come Again" a Comedy by Rose Kelso, Stony Brook, NY

Film Synopsis: A dark comedy in which a man desperately searches for a Thanksgiving turkey to appease his family's dietary restrictions, but succumbs to desperation and does only the worse.

10. "Girly" a Drama by Kira Bursky, Weaverville, NC

Film Synopsis: A girl struggles to make the most of the last few moments with her lover, while trying to figure out whether or not his love for her is forever.


2pm Screening 

1. "Generations of the Shoah: The Regina and Abraham Tauber Stories" a Documentary by Ben and Adam Danzger, Tenafly, NJ

Film Synopsis: Regina Sznajderman and Abraham Tauber knew each other as young children in Poland. World War II and the Nazi invasion sent them each on an arduous journey. After the war, they were reunited and married. They moved to the United States, built a family, a business, and a new life.

2. "Far Away" a Drama by Ethan Chapman, Wellesley Hills, MA

Film Synopsis: A young girl travels to camp with her imaginary friend. She remembers a childhood friend who moved away.

3. "L'Amoureuse" an Experimental Film by Cal Etcheverry, Dallas, TX

Film Synopsis: A boy visits a local cafe. As he is sitting at the table he reminisces about his ex-girlfriend. Eventually he realizes his loneliness, and he discovers he truly loves her and misses her dearly. This film is based on the French poem, "L'amoureuse", by Paul Eluard.

4. "Don't Open the Closet" a Horror by Benjamin Butler, Arlington, TX

Film Synopsis: Jason finally gets partnered up with his crush for a lab, but when he releases a mysterious chemical, everything goes wrong.

5. "The Story of a Bow Hunter" a Documentary by Kyler McCormick, Lake Zurich, IL

Film Synopsis: We traveled to Michigan to experience a day in the life of a bowhunter.

6. "Beautiful Creature" a Music Video by Kira Bursky, Weaverville, NC

Film Synopsis: Should she join the pack of sexualized girls, or should she resist the kiss? A girl struggles during a game of spin the bottle to embrace her sexuality in Miss Whimsy's music video "Beautiful Creature."

7. "Jody's Space" a Drama by Jordan Pollak, East Setauket, NY

Film Synopsis: Jody's Space is the story of a young girl who has trouble coming to terms with the fact that her mother has left her and her father. Jody uses her imagination to hide from the truth.

8. "Fish" a Comedy by Gabriel Perez, Plant City, FL/Spain

Film Synopsis: New to high school, Jared struggles to understand the dynamics of his new environment, and like many teenage boys, he's out to get the girl.


3pm Screening

1. "Hello From Malaysia" a Drama by Kira Bursky, Weaverville, NC

Film Synopsis: Aiman has just moved from Malaysia to the U.S. and finds it hard to fit in with the cultural differences.

2. "City of Tears" a Documentary by Siddhant Joshi, Delhi, India

Film Synopsis: Migrant laborers in India face many cruel realities. Still, many leave their home villages in search of better opportunities in developed areas such as Delhi.

3. "Because of You" a Drama by Josh Jackson, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: Bullying is a worldwide epidemic, but it only takes one person to make a difference.

4. "Cent Vingt" a Comedy by Mathieu Pere Authon la Plaine, Essonne, France

Film Synopsis: Vincent is a man of twenty years, his life is punctuated by his routine. Every day, the same steps in the same order on the same music, until his colleague swapped his squeaky chair for a stool.

5. "Indecisions" a Music Video by Hope Alexander, Happy Valley, OR

Film Synopsis: Any first high school love can be hard. Better watch your step.

6. "Resilince for Veterans I, II, III" a Drama by Brook Peters, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: Resilience For Veterans I, II, III crossing eras and conflicts, to reach out to veterans and show to them and others just a glimpse of some of the many stories that need to be shared and are going unseen.

7. "The Dare" a Horror by Graham Burrell, Coplay, PA

Film Synopsis: Two friends are dared to spend a night in a creepy local funeral home, but when the undertaker unexpectedly arrives, things begin to go downhill.

8. "Anything and Everything" an Experimental Film by Ruth Everett, Mapleton, UT

Film Synopsis: A small little abstract poem.

9. "Quicksand" a Documentary by Lance Oppenheim, Southwest Ranches, FL

Film Synopsis: An elderly gentleman attempts to retrieve forgotten memories while battling the progression and regression of the cycles of life.


4pm Screening

1. "A Teen's Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism" a Documentary by Alexandra Jackman, Westfield, NJ

Film Synopsis: A Teen's Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism is a primer on how individuals can better relate to those with Autism. The goal of the film is to help typically developing teens learn about Autism and thus increase acceptance of their autistic peers.

2. "Black Rock Creek" a Drama by Malone Lumarda, Monrovia, CA

Film Synopsis: A young girl takes a mystical walk along beautiful Black Rock Creek.

3. "Invisible" a Comedy by Danielle Stolz, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: Jealous over the attention her best friend receives, a plain girl plots to make her attractive friend tbecome invisible. But her actions yield unexpected results.

4. "Warm Rush" a Music Video by Kira Bursky, Weaverville, NC

Film Synopsis: Miss Whimsy's song "Warm Rush" brings us on a journey to discover how Miss Whimsy turned into a volcano. 

5. "Hysteria" a Horror by Henry DaCosta, Setauket, NY ***

Film Synopsis: Nick is a new detective on his first assignment, the disappearance of a cop. When he finds what happened he discovers the truth about society and what can't be taught in training. Nick tries to fix the evil, but soon learns that he is no better.

6. "Pirouette" An Experimental by Mia Krumerman, Santa Rosa, CA

Film Synopsis: A young girl discovers a music box holds more than just jewelry.

7. "Pick your Poison" a Drama by Cal Etcheverry, Dallas, TX

Film Synopsis: A father is a total alcoholic, and he constantly comes home from work late and drunk. The son soon threatens to abandon him if he continues to drink, so the father promises to quit. After successfully being sober for several days the father is eventually tempted to begin drinking again. His decision will not only affect his life but the life and fate of his son.

***This film contains content that is not suitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised.

10am Screening

1. "The Talk" a Comedy by Hadley Hillel, Seattle, WA

Film Synopsis: A couple tells their teenage son that they are getting a divorce. Things quickly escalate as they start arguing over who gets custody of the family chihuahua.

2. "Notice Me" an Alli Simpson Music Video by Rachel Shay, Brightwood, OR

Film Synopsis: A girl searches for the missing half of her broken heart. She finds the missing half but is surprised with what it reveals.

3. "Plan It for the Planet" a Documentary by Emily Hall, Washington, DC

Film Synopsis: Washington Latin Public Charter School's Environmental Club discusses the journey they took to create the club and promote healthy, organic eating.

4. "The Call of Farqunglu" an Animation by Kris Theorin, Landenberg, PA

Film Synopsis: An H.P. Lovecraft parody. In Arkham, MA, the Cult of Farqunglu gathers to unleash an ancient evil onto the world. A group of plucky investigators fight to stop them. But even if they win, will they be prepared to face the wrath of civil litigation? A film using stop motion animation and Legos.

5. "Retreat" a Drama by Kris Theorin, Landenberg, PA

Film Synopsis: It is the middle of the American Civil War. Soldiers on both sides have seen things that will haunt them for the rest of their days. However, two Union soldiers are more concerned with what is waiting for them back home. Together by chance in the same regiment, they find themselves clashing with more than just their common enemy.

6. "Prom?" a Documentary by Alicia Oluhara, Santa Barbara, CA

Film Synopsis: A documentary about students asking their dates to prom.

7. "Hope in Tomorrow" a PSA by Logan Collins, Giuliana Petrocelli and Brandon Silberman, Simi Valley, CA

Film Synopsis: This film encourages suicidal individuals to find hope in tomorrow by seeking help and reflecting upon the positives around them.

8. "F Cancer PSA" a F Cancer Custom Category Film by Addison Dlott, Natick, MA

Film Synopsis: A PSA on a girl's failing attempt to make plans with her friends while grabbling with the effects of cancer on her family.

9. "The Completionist" an Experimental Film by Stephen Pace, Sayville, NY

Film Synopsis: A visual interpretation of the desire to complete.

10. "Heavenly" a Drama by Caroline Palsi and Samantha Mustari, Brielle, NJ

Film Synopsis: Marissa Keaton deals with the effects of sexual assault in her everyday life.


11am Screening

1. "Offseason" an Action Sports film by Jackson Tisi, Wilson, WY

Film Synopsis: This film is focused on how two skiers of varying ages play off of each other through media all ski season and learn from each other by biking in the off-season. Andrew and Daniel both ride for some of the same companies when it comes to skiing so this bike combination was bound to happen. While being over double Daniel's age, Andrew still finds ways to learn form the youth and Daniel naturally looks up to Andrew as a mentor. Enjoy their off-season!

2. "Utopia" an Experimental Film by Jonah Haber, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Film Synopsis: An abstract film created to show beauty in the world.

3. "Timeless" a Drama by Jeremy Bonwick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Film Synopsis: After the death of her brother, Sophie is left alone and isolated, constantly questioning life and time. Her best friend tries to help her, but her only hope in understanding her loss is in the form of her brother's memory...

4. "Wail of the Broadman" an Animation by Dylan Sparano, Valley Village, CA

Film Synopsis: A broad man strives for a narrow life.

5. "Vaillance Hésitent" an Experimental Film by Connor Ryan and Greg Merkel, Grantham, PA

Film Synopsis: Vaillance Hésitent, french for Hesitant Valor, is a film about a duel of epic proportions between a young squire and an enraged woodsman 

6. "A Sticky Situation" a Comedy by Ernesto Dimperio and JC Castro, Burbank, CA

Film Synopsis: A boy accidentally glues a pair of guns to his hands and when he tries to get help to remove them, everyone thinks he is a criminal trying to rob them. In the end he never manages to get the guns unstuck from his hands, but comes to terms with it after finding a support group of people who also have objects stuck to their hands.

7. "Silver Lining" a Documentary by Emily Webster, Lynn, MA

Film Synopsis: Most people believe that foster care is a terrible thing to be involved with. In this film, a teenage girl explains her experiences with foster care and how it affected her life.

8. "Make the Switch" a PSA by Gabrielle Giacomo, Larchmont, NY

Film Synopsis: This PSA encourages the viewers to "make the switch" to cut down on their consumption of sugary beverages and switch to the healthier alternative, a glass of water.

9. "Listen" a Drama by Christina Xing, Birmingham, AL

Film Synopsis: A young man discovers a talent that lies deep inside him. Will it be enough to keep his world from failing apart?


2pm Screening

1. "Ratchet" a Music Video by Searci Moore, Hot Springs, AR

Film Synopsis: My video is a parody of the song Royals by Lorde and it is describing the lives of african americans.

2. "Pip the Cup" an Animation by Adam McArthur, Everett, WA

Film Synopsis: Pip, a Styrofoam cup, discovers the harsh realities of his infinite life after he is tossed away by his owner.

3. "Zooming In, Zooming Ahead" a Documentary by Elizabeth Lane, Skaneateles, NY

Film Synopsis: This documentary is about the 'Zooming In, Zooming Ahead' grant that the Skaneateles Education Foundation awarded Skaneateles High School to fund a new video production lab. The grant was significant, and it will benefit middle and high school students.

4. "Backfired" a Drama by Bronsen Bloom and Seth Kelman, Boca Raton, FL

Film Synopsis: A seemingly average day goes awry when an apparently normal hit goes wrong for one hitman.

5. "James" an Experimental Film by Jonah Haber, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Film Synopsis: James is bored in class when he begins to daydream. He can't control his thoughts as they turn from upbeat and positive to dark and regretful.

6. "Courageous Persuaders" a PSA by Tara Minaee, Elliot Rivera Rodríguez, and Nicole Rivera Rodríguez Guilford, CT

Film Synopsis: A PSA warning audiences about the dangers of underage drinking.

7. "For My Beloved" a Horror by Jamal Reed, Anchorage, AK

Film Synopsis: For My Beloved is a silent, black & white, psychological thriller that is heavily driven by its original score. On the surface, it portrays itself to be something of lust and desire but soon reveals its underlying ugliness for all to endure.

8. "Sophie's Tree" an Experimental Film by Max Galassi, Newtown, CT

Film Synopsis: A girl visits the innocence of her childhood by channeling the memories she shared with a girl her subconscious mind created to warn her about the themes and conditions of adulthood. She struggles to let go of the security of her youth and longs for her departed vulnerability.

9. "Consequences" a Drama by Devon Gulati and Connor Leech, Bentonville, AR

Film Synopsis: An emotional, impactful, drinking and driving film.


3pm Screening

1. "Unconditional" an Experimental Film by Drew Chura, Prospect, CT

Film Synopsis: A young girl deals with the absence of her father through a stuffed bear he gave her.

2. "Burning" a Drama by Ben Sulzberger, Ames, IA

Film Synopsis: Momma was rage-crying like she did a lot that summer, communists, women doctors, Baptists all evil. It's time to burn the Baptist Church she said. Sounded bad to my little sister and me.', this is how Dennis Ross' poem 'Burn the Church', which this film is adapted from, begins. Set in 1958 during a period of rapid change and perfect families, one boy, in the face of the complexities of his mother's 'rage-crying' must step up and protect his sister from the brunt of her ferocity, safeguard the church from his mother's clutches and save his 'momma' from herself.

3. "Hate Crimes PSA" a PSA by Romeo Yannicelli, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: Our video is a PSA that covers the reasons people commit hate crimes.

4. "Bretscher 5" an Action Sports Film by James Bretscher, Knoxville, TN

Film Synopsis: This is a video of the Bretscher 5.The video consists of five siblings each doing unique sports and accomplishing goals.

5. "Eat to Live or Eat to Die?" a Documentary by Mariam Sanchez, Chula Vista, CA

Film Synopsis: Most of us know what Diabetes is, but do you know what Dialysis is? In this documentary, two students go out to form their community more on what Dialysis is, in order to prevent others from living a life connected to a machine.

6. "Zombie PSA" a Comedy by Robert Crisp, Springdale, AR

Film Synopsis: This short political ad takes a humorous approach to serious topics.

7. "The Silent Night Story" a Comedy by Andrew Nemets, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Film Synopsis: An extended trailer for a rockumentary about a struggling singer-songwriter and his band.

8. "Solitude" an Experimental Film by Adam McArthur, Everett, WA

Film Synopsis: The last man on earth struggles to cope with a life of complete solitude.

9. "Le'Jon: Outspoken" a Documentary by Dafne Alonso, Fort Worth, TX

Film Synopsis: A vignette highlighting the talents of an upcoming dancer and choreographer Le'Jon Gonzalez. He talks about dancing and how it has inspired his life. Le'Jon performs two dances for us a hip-hop and a Latin dance called Bachata.

10. "Goodbye" a Drama by Alicia Oluhara, Santa Barbara, CA

Film Synopsis: A short drama about a sick girl trying to live her life the best that she can.

11. "Aftermath" a Drama by Lucas Dudley and Emma Bradford, Sacramento, CA

Film Synopsis: My film does have a climax but the story does not end in a typical way. This film is not supposed to be easy to watch, I made it to show a man's life crumbling after returning from war.


4pm Screening

1. "Coming Together" a Documentary by Catalina Parra, Houston, Texas

Film Synopsis: A short documentary about multi-ethnicity. As the country grows and more generations develop, there are more and more families that have more than one ethnicity surrounding them. This documentary explores those and hopes to celebrate multiethnicity. The director of this film is half Chinese, a quarter Colombian and a quarter Caucasian. She tells part of her story here and wants to show to the audience that multi-ethnicity will enrich the world.

2. "The Sound Effect" a Comedy by Elias Goldman, Huntington, NY

Film Synopsis: Obstructions project. Must be in sound booth, must use blue lighting, must use orange traffic cone and must use dialogue "por que?"

3. "These Are the Thougts" a Drama by Claire Wiles, Castaic, CA

Film Synopsis: A young college student makes the biggest decision of his life, but he isn't the only one affected by it.

4. "Fear" an Experimental Film by Ernesto Dimperio and JC Castro, Burbank, CA

Film Synopsis: A boy struggles with his deepest darkest fears inside a nightmare until he realizes it's just a stupid dream.

5. "Godbox" a Horror by Joachim Crisostomo, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: A hacker comes across a mysterious link on the the deep web which leads to the arrival of an artifact with unknown properties.

6. "Creation" an Experimental Film by Rona Akbari, Jacksonville, FL

Film Synopsis: This is an experimental art film exploring themes of identity, teen angst, and youth coming-of-age. Non-linear narrative, playful color filters, and deliberately shaky shots allow for the mood to immerse the film. Often times media is created for the sole purpose of entertaining a mass audience. I wanted to challenge this stereotype.

7. "Abraham" an Experimental Film by Claudine Brantley, Westport, CT ***

Film Synopsis: A young man discovers an apparent suicide while in a state park.

8. "The Skating Dead (Ballad of a Zombie Skater)" a Drama by Mitchell Richmond, El Paso, TX

Film Synopsis: A Short look into Shane dobbs's life after he was bitten by a zombie.

9. "Open the Door" a PSA by Emma Bloom, Trey Carlisle, Dora Palmer, Harrison Shea, Sofia Servin, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: A PSA encouraging viewers to be the first to act on behalf of bullied peers. Produced by the Righteous Conversations Project, a collaboration of Holocaust survivors and teens.

10. "Asbury Lanes" a Documentary by Jacob Vernick, Ocean, NJ

Film Synopsis: This is a short documentary about Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ and the threat of eminent domain that is always looming.

11. "For Now" a Drama by Stephen Rosado, Edison, NJ

Film Synopsis: Two teenage boys struggle to have a relationship due to their homophobic environment and personal identity issues.

***This film contains content that is not suitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised.

10am Screening

1. "Incarnate" an Action Sports Film by Jackson Tisi, Wilson, WY

Film Synopsis: Incarnate is a short action sports piece meant to inspire. Using the voice of Alan Watts and the talent of my 15 year old ski prodigy of a younger brother, I wanted to show that anything is possible with determination and passion.

2. "Broke and Famous" a Drama by John General, Hackettstown, NJ

Film Synopsis: A young man no longer finds the satisfaction in air drumming anymore. In search of a real drum set with no money, he sets to the streets with a cardboard box drum set, but something magical about the boxes makes him a viral hit around the world.

3. "Innocent Adult" a Comedy by Cyrus Keefer, Dallas, TX

Film Synopsis: When two strangers meet on a park bench one Saturday afternoon, only trouble ensues.

4. "Just a Dream" an Experimental Film by Fiona Kibblewhite, Radnor, PA

Film Synopsis: A young girl struggles with the reality of domestic violence.

5. "Progression" a PSA by Kiera Pitts, Longmont, CO

Film Synopsis: A PSA encouraging the public to continue fighting for women's rights and to prevent regression.

6. "Screen Protection: A Bullying Story" a Documentary by Hope Alexander, Happy Valley, OR

Film Synopsis: After a brutal cyberbullying attack on one of their classmates, the Digital Media class at the Sabin-Schellenberg Technical Center decide to do something about it. Follow the students as they uncover the ugly side of the internet and how no one is protected by a computer screen.

7. "Preservative Disunion" a Drama by Strack Azar, Greenville, MS

Film Synopsis: A history teacher lectures his class on the dangers of "disenfranchising terminology". An excerpt from a short film entitled "The Divine Right of Malcolm Quinn".

8. "Miles Away" an Animation by Lily Lizotte, Los Angeles, CA

Film Synopsis: The journey of a girl through her imagination to escape her abusive home life.

9. "Broadcast Profile: Jared Moons" a Documentary by Rachel Wang, Oviedo, FL

Film Synopsis: An inspiring story of Jared Moons and his long distance relationship with his boyfriend, Chris.

10. "Martin Johnson" a Music Video by Devon Gulati, Connor Leech Bentonville, AR

Film Synopsis: A feature film on a local guitarist, Martin Johnson. This undiscovered talent has remarkable skill and a very unique style.

11. "7 Minutes" a Drama by Avery Schroeder, Stevenson Ranch, CA

Film Synopsis: Four best friends decided to play what they think will be a harmless game of 7 minutes in heaven.

12. "For Those Who Don't Believe" an Experimental Film by Emily Yue, Guilford, CT

Film Synopsis: We all get older and lose the magic of being kids. Sometimes all we wan't to do is get back to believing. We can.


11am Screening

1. "Troubled Skies" an Animation by Devin Eggleston, Spanish Fork, UT

Film Synopsis: Tim takes a trip.

2. "Art Ventures" a Drama by Justin Fargiano, Bethel, CT

Film Synopsis: This is a short story of what I expected my art camp (CCY) to be.

3. "Waking Up In Space" a Music Video by Hannah Skelton and Josh Oberlander, Cleveland, GA

Film Synopsis: This music video depicts what an individual sees as his life flashes before his eyes.

4. "The Missing Piece" a Drama by Sean Breitkreutz, Rock Hill, SC

Film Synopsis: Young Marlin forms an unlikely relationship with a man of many missing pieces.

5. "University School Crew" a Documentary by Ariel Desler and Luke Foreman, Plantation, FL

Film Synopsis: A documentary about the history of Crew at University School, as well as the origins of crew and how it became popular amongst High School students.

6. "Share Our Stories: David" a PSA by Maxine Malekmher, Hannah Berookhim, Nikki Nickfardjam, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: High school students tell Holocaust survivors' stories. Produced as part of the Righteous Conversations Project, a collaboration of Holocaust survivors and teens.

7. "Geometric God" an Experimental Film by Manuel Valdes, North Miami, FL

Film Synopsis: A young man feels heartbroken after a girl doesn't show up to their planned get-together. After, he goes up on a rooftop to sing his frustrations away.

8. "The Joint" a Comedy by Phillip Schoen, Victor, ID 

Film Synopsis: After a mother finds a joint in her sons room, a warped confrontation ensues.

9. "Unreal" a Drama by Andrea Essenfeld and Mitchell Beinfest, Hollywood, FL

Film Synopsis: A young married couple struggles to come to grips with the loss of their five-year old daughter.


2pm Screening

1. "Dreams that Transcend All Boundaries" a Drama by Lixing Chu, Longmont, CO

Film Synopsis: Two sets of people reach for connections to their dreams, left unfulfilled in two universes.

2. "Thoughts" an Experimental Film by Ben Chiu, Irvine, CA

Film Synopsis: "Thoughts" is a film about thoughts.

3. "Every 15 Minutes PSA" a PSA by Teryn Brown, Valencia, CA

Film Synopsis: Every 15 Minutes someone in the United States dies in an alcohol- related traffic collision.

4. "Anywhere But Here" a Drama by Alexander Shultz, Austin, TX

Film Synopsis: Ethan, a high school student, has an intense crush on his classmate Samantha. Thinking about her constantly has, for reasons unexplained, makes him appear in her house. Confused and desperate to get out, Ethan avoids Samantha's family but is spotted by her senile grandmother. He gets trapped in her room, and hides in her closet, and witnesses Samantha's difficulty dealing with a relative with dementia. Ethan escapes, but is unexpected power brings him back to the grandmother's room that night. He takes pity on the lonely and dying grandmother, and uses his ability to take her to visit her childhood home.

5. "Legacies of War" a Documentary by Hana Kateman, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: Koji Everard and Hana Kateman’s film, Legacies of War, looks at the aftermath of the Secret War on Laos, and particularly the millions of unexploded bombs that daily affect its citizens. Interviews with bomb removal experts explore the challenging task of clearing the land, as well as the role of women in this effort. Other interviewees include those providing services to the maimed and injured, as well as the injured survivors themselves.

6. "Great" a Drama by Ally Hirsch and Patric Verrone, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: Jay, a teenager obsessed with F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby' discovers the girl of his dreams at a party. He vows to win her heart and outshine her "gorilla" of a boyfriend in this fun and heartfelt update of the classic '20s story.


3pm Screening

1. "Seven and Up" a Drama by Logan McElroy, Augusta, GA

Film Synopsis: A determined boy does whatever he can to complete a jigsaw puzzle after being intimidated by his friend. When reaching the end of the puzzle, he discovers that a piece is missing. Frantically searching for it, he makes an unexpected decision to solve his problem.

2. "Empire State of Mind" a Documentary by Maddie Church, Jordan Cohen, and Claren Hesburgh, Greenwich, CT

Film Synopsis: 10 people. 10 stories. 1 city.

3. "Cadence" a Drama by Markus Lim, Honolulu, HI

Film Synopsis: Peter is a music theory major who gets the opportunity to compose a piece for a state performance, devoting all of his time and effort to the piece he creates. Peter presents his score, but due to the situation of his commission, his place is stolen. It is only through his friends that he is able to discover his passions by seeing his composition come to life, amplifying what was once just a score to a beautiful portrayal of his dreams.

4. "Payphone" a Comedy by Hunter Lane, York, PA

Film Synopsis: A non-conformist high schooler who swears by communication through strict payphone usage attempts to wade his way through the hectics of Homecoming day.

5. "Pop Pop's Trail" an Experimental Film by Emily Brubaker, Virginia Beach, VA

Film Synopsis: The film follows a young boy and his best friend as they amble through a rural landscape, resulting in an unexpected and touching tribute to a lost loved one.

6. "Tomorrow's Time Machine" a Drama by Cole Bacani, Naperville, IL

Film Synopsis: The pictures we take become time machines, holding onto memories forever as they fade away inside of us. When time around us seems to freeze and we are stuck living in the past, sometimes a single picture is powerful enough to make us move on, because pictures can remind us of so many things.

7. "Shoeless" a PSA by Natalia Moscoso, National City, CA

Film Synopsis: As a young boy, my grandfather grew up having no shoes and had to wear his sister's shoes to school. He grew tired of all the teasing so at the age of eight, he decided to get a job and buy his own shoes.

8. "Zawadi Ndogo (Small Gift)" a Documentary by Margaret Corn, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: “Zawadi Ndogo,” a short documentary, features the effects the small gifts microfinance organizations extend have on the lives of women in sub-Saharan Africa. Microfinance, also referred to as microcredit, is a banking strategy developed by Muhammad Yunus designed to provide funds to entrepreneurs in developing countries who lack access to credit. The documentary specifically follows the journey of one specific organization, Zawadi by Youth, a student-run group in Bronx, New York, as its members travel to Malawi, Boston, and more in the hope of fostering a sense of advocacy designed to inspire the younger generation to change the world, one loan at a time.

9. "Sleepless" a Drama by Nikko Tonolete, Ozone Park, NY

Film Synopsis: This short story follows a day in a teen's life in which he struggles whether or not to act upon his morals. The Protagonist remains nameless throughout the film to symbolize that we too struggle to choose the right decisions in our lives.

10. "Wilford" a Drama by Alexander Reid, Miami beach, FL

Film Synopsis: Wilford is a middle aged man facing financial and emotional instability. After a night in which he swallowed a few too many pills, he is woken up on his couch by his home phone, with the caller ID as "Anonymous."

11. "Quintessence" an Experimental Film by Lucas Bugbee and Leilani Ingold, Saugus, CA

Film Synopsis: A boy uses his imagination to become one with nature, despite his physical limitations.


4pm Screening 

1. "Antoinette" a Drama by Mackie Bryson-Bucci, Vancouver, BC

Film Synopsis: Alex lives in the childish world of imagination with his stuffed bear, Fluffy. When Antoinette, the sultry young French woman moves into Alex's home, he finds himself instantly in love. Alex pulls out all the stops to show his love to Antoinette. Along the way, Alex learns valuable lessons about life and love.

2. "Bradenton" an Action Sports Film by Manuel Valdez, North Miami, FL

Film Synopsis: A few Miami skateboarders got their boards and their camera and headed out to Bradenton, FL for a weekend to skate the Riverwalk Skatepark.

3. "Jhovanny the Movie" a Documentary by Jhovanny Bisono, New York, NY

Film Synopsis: Jhovanny has wrestled with himself since the first grade, whether it was to be perfect at whatever he did, or battling with depression. This film examines, hope in the face of sorrow - and the courage it takes to live a happy life.

4. "A Screw Loose" a Drama by Steven Raia, Freehold, NJ

Film Synopsis: A set builder in a theater production enamored with the lead actress accidentally swallows a screw during construction, causing the set to collapse during a performance.

5. "Facade" an Experimental Film by Abbey Sacks, Kirkland, WA

Film Synopsis: An experimental film that explores the many masks we wear throughout our lives.

6. "Absolutely Beautiful" a Drama by Gil Rivera, Brooklyn, NY

Film Synopsis: A lonesome, quiet boy writes short poems about girls in his class he finds beautiful.

7. "Mental Health PSA" a PSA by Mahal Sourgose, Santa Clarita, CA

Film Synopsis: Don't let your Mental Health problems silence you.

8. "Betty's Window" a Comedy by Lauren Baker, Prosper, TX

Film Synopsis: When six precocious children engage in a harmless game of baseball, mischief seems inevitable. The baseball sails through a window. Glass shatters. Silence falls. Who will tell dad?

9. "The Choice is Yours" a PSA by Neema Sadeghi, Irvine, CA

Film Synopsis: A public service announcement about how one choice can influence the rest of one's life. The video gets the message across in a simple and straightforward way.

10. "Once Upon a Childhood" a Documentary by Sarah Mcallister, Studio City, CA

Film Synopsis: A war that ended decades ago continues to impact children and families in Laos every day. We meet children and teens who have been maimed when setting off unexploded bombs, and families devastated when parents lose limbs and are unable to provide for their children. Experts and educators weigh in on how to address this vital issue now and in the future.

11. "Lost River Trails" a Documentary by Justyna Kurbiel, Baltimore, MD

Film Synopsis: There's a park in West Virginia that I go to with the whole family each year. It's a place where we can all calm down and slow down are lives. The area has a certain tranquility that I can't find in my own home. Through this video I wanted to take that feeling back, to keep it all year.