All of our screening loops are curated to offer a wide selection of the best student films from around the world. Each loop includes a variety of genres, subjects and themes. Screening Loop run times vary from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes. All screenings take place on the 5th and 6th floor of the AMC Empire 25 Theaters in Times Square.


Reserved seating is available for filmmakers whose films will screen at the 2016 AAHSFF. (Please note you still need to purchase tickets for the event.)  Reserved seating is limited to 4 seats per filmmaker. If you would like to reserve seats for your screening, please email Tom Oliva the exact names of each attendee (LIMIT 4) at Be sure to include the name of the filmmaker, screening date, time and theater.

***All other screening loop seating will be on a first-come, first served basis. Theater maximum occupancy varies-- we strongly suggest arriving early to all screenings.***


We recommend searching the page for your name or the director's name using "COMMAND F" on a MAC and "CONTROL F" on a PC. Congratulations to all of the 2016 Official Selections!


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 5, Theater 14

Loop # 1  

Corinne Antonelli, Animation, “Small Fry” Washington, NJ

Dan Lesser, Music Video, “Run”, Irvine, CA

Aaron Field, Comedy, “The Rizzitello Brothers”, Olympia, WA

Harrison Dillingham, Drama, “A Delinquent Man”, New York, NY

Jesse Zhou, Experimental, “Disillusion”, Pembroke Pines, FL

Katie Mlinek, Drama, “Occupied”, Upperco, MD

Jaime Fa'apusa and Jovie Andrews, Middle School, “The Healthy Wrap”, New Zealand

Leo Pfeifer, PSA, “Climate Change”, Seattle, WA

Leo Pfeifer, Documentary, “GeoFORCE: A Journey to Understanding”, Seattle, WA

Andrew Nemets, Comedy, “The Last Hope”, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Mason Cade Packer, Drama, “Eutha-nation”, New Zealand

Piril Baruh, Drama, “MARK”, Turkey

Sammy Lamb, Experimental, “FIGS”, Santa Clarita, CA

Tristan Surman, Drama, “Permanence and Pledge”

Martin Matar, Experimental, “Pard”, Glendale, CA


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 5, Theater 15

Loop # 2

Zhamoyani McMillan, Documentary, “Losing Home”, Bronx, NY

Vladimir Melnikov and Aleksandra Morf, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “The Infected Mind”, Prague

Troy Lustick, Drama, “PRIMARY COLORS”, Nashua, NH

Shreyas Jyotishi and Shannon Maxwell, Animation, “Tall Tales - A Wonderful World”, Johns Creek, GA

Ranjit Koka, Documentary, “Technology and Children”, Frisco, TX

Mehrnaz Tiv, Comedy, “Limb”, Pittsburgh, PA

Christian Smith and Kristin Middleton, Experimental, “Don't Touch That Dial”, Highlands, NJ

Max Wu, Drama, “Hanhan's Summer Diary”, Fremont, CA

Marc Fersko, PSA, “Johnny's Got a Gun”, Staten Island, NY

Cal Etcheverry and Jack Neuhoff, Comedy, “Tourist Trap”, Dallas, TX

Vedantini Lakshminarayanan, Drama, “Lamb Curry”, Ocala, FL


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 5, Theater 16

Screening Loop # 3

Aaron Gove, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “One”, Sunnyvale, CA,

Ben Cooper and Ned Herrington, Drama, “So Help Me”, Washington DC

Cameron Kostopoulos, Experimental, “Yang”, Fort Worth, TX

Daniel Augusto Salazar, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Part of Eternity”, Springville, UT

Emily Kuhlmann, Emily Sagen, Morgan Mathers and Hannah Sheil, Comedy, “No Delivery”, Steilacoom, WA

Ethan Dennis, Documentary, “The Prisoner's Voice”, Tulsa, OK

Grant Jones, Music Video, “Vow – SALES”, Columbus, OH

Jace Smolansky, Middle School, “Abel”, Boca Raton, FL

Jeeyoon Lee, Animation, “American Seoul”, Alexandria, VA

Liam Tangum, Drama, “Matchmaker”, Decatur, GA


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 5, Theater 17

Screening Loop # 4

Lily Lemkau and Jackie Shannon, Documentary, “Surviving More than Just the News”, Wilton, CT

Marta D’Ocon, Drama, “ABROAD”, Miami, FL

Tessa Hill, Experimental, “InPatient”, Canada

Mikayla Bell, Animation, “Awakening”, Franklin, WI

Nathan McBride and Keaton Loudamy, Action Sports, “This is Midway”, Waco, TX

Seth Friedman, Drama, “Match”, Cincinnati, OH

Cory Owen, Documentary, “Cory Owen Documentary”, Mendon, MI

Steven Owens, Music Video, “Static Music Video”, Newbury Park, CA

TJ Noel-Sullivan, Documentary, “Covered”, Hartford, CT

Taher Gawad, Experimental, “Cancun”, Windermere, FL

Justin Wolman and Catalina Cole, Drama, “The Runners”, Pacific Palisades, CA

Kelly Tran, Experimental, “You Will Love Again”, Irwin, PA


Saturday 10:00 AM



Screening Loop # 5

Kelton McCarthy, Drama, “Back to the Start”, Wesley, AR

Liam van Eeden and Jean-Martin Fabre, PSA, “Message in a Bottle”, New Zealand

Devin Arnone, Bella Nilsson and Devon Fernandez, Drama, “Small Things”, Bella Vista, AR

Gray Olson, Documentary, “Visual Effects: The Making Of”, Phoenix, AZ

Harrison Chen, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Phantasmagoric!”, Dallas, TX

Kyle Farscht, Music Video, “Watercolors”, Short Hills, NJ

Matthew Rodgers, Documentary, “No Para Sigue Sigue”, Houston, TX

Max Watkins, Comedy, “The Phone Call”, Commack, NY

Kail Ying, Music Video, “Let's Be Still”, Wall Township, NJ

Trey Carlisle, Cole Kawana, Sebastian Ko and Jordan Seibel, Documentary, “Us & Us”, Studio City, CA

Valentina Povolo, Drama, “Dear Mia”, Los Angeles, CA


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 19

Screening Loop # 6

Simon Geisker, Documentary, “Looking Forward”, Tarrytown, NY

Trey Buis, Lexie Tubell and Christian Arnsparger, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Drift”, Madison, AL

Zachary Weinstein, Animation, “So What If I Couldn't Take It”, New York, NY

Jack Lee, Broadcast Journalism, “Pope Francis's visit to Philadelphia”, Berwyn, PA

Ethan Paisley, Drama, “(dis)connected”, Novato, CA

Anouk Bérubé and Élizabeth Asselin, Love Is Louder, “Sharing Love”, Canada

Cameron Grams, Documentary, “Gear Behind the Goal”, Canyon, AZ

Elizabeth Cautela, Documentary, “Walking with Wheels, the Owen Anketell Story”, Hudson, MA

Isabella Olaguera, Experimental, “Just Like Today”, Deal Park, NJ

Jonathan Mendelson, Animation, “Procrastination”, New York, NY


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 20

Screening Loop # 7

Tristan Markham, Drama, “Flirt”, Severna Park, MD

Tia Pogue, Drama, “What if?”, Westport, CT

Sebastian Cubillejo, Animation, “2187”, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI      

Samuel Pike, Music Video, “The Legend Of P-Wats”, Franklin, WI

Will Twomey, Documentary, "After the Dust has Settled", Sebastopol, CA

Si-Cheng John Zeng, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Mercury on Castle Mountain”, Katy, TX

Zach Bernstein, PSA, “West Broward Smoking PSA”, Davie, FL

Logan Workman, Experimental, “We Are Torn”, Scotts, MI

Lizzy Tolentino, Panic at the Disco, “Victorious Music Video”, Lakeland, FL

Antreise Lacey, Documentary, “Shade”, Colorado, Springs CO

Cameron Olsen, Experimental, “The Communication Medley”, Riverton, UT

David Paris and Colin Tunney, Comedy, “Hold The Crust”, New Providence, NJ

Emily Nelson, Experimental, “The Test”, Dallas, TX


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 21

Screening Loop # 8

Ghabrielle Trotter, Documentary, “Time Forgotten”, Hot Springs, AR

Harrison Allen, Drama, “Meant For More”, Bethel, VT

Jack Campise, Experimental, “Changing Cars”, Columbus, OH

Jason Cordis and Anthony Grybinas, Music Video, “First Dance”, Hercules, CA

Matthew L. Rice, Drama, “Glassmind”, Silver Spring, MD

Nihal Dantluri, Documentary, “Day By Day”, Naperville, IL

Patrick Godino, Comedy, “Thaasophobia”, Newtown, CT

Raine Bracken, Animation, “Creation 101”, Canada    

Sarah Ko, Drama, “Conceal”, Laguna Niguel, CA

Vicram Chatterjee, Music Video, “Youth”, Naperville, IL

Truman Fritz, Drama, “Husband and Wife”, Portland, OR

Marguerite Wolanske, Documentary, “Need to Nurture”, Greenwich, CT


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 22

Screening Loop # 9

Makana Richter, Drama, “Remembering Margo”, Honolulu, HI

Noah Friend, Drama, “Perceber”, Monroe, CT

Samantha Pun, Animation, “Ethereal”, Allen, TX

Kimberly Cardona, PSA, “Addicted”, Perth Amboy, NJ

Miranda Potter, Experimental, “Split Ends”, San Antonio, TX

Patrick Krum, Documentary, "The Art of Farming", East Aurora, NY

Rachel Miller, Documentary, “Walking The Line”, San Antonio, TX

Taylor Moore and Sarah Stiles, Panic at the Disco, “Victorious Music Video”, Prosper, TX

Tessa Germaine, Drama, “Outcast”, Trabuco Canyon, CA

Kyle Naftel, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Visions”, Valencia, CA

Matthew Nadel, Experimental, “Home”, Boca Raton, FL

Maya Rajan, Drama, “Trust”, Deerfield, MA

Riley Weston, Comedy, “Hello Phone”, Holladay, UT


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 23

Screening Loop # 10

Zachariah Baudry, Animation, “Dark Side Waffles”, Franklin, WI

Abigail Tulenko, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Sylvia”, Peapack NJ

Wynter Rhys, Drama, “The Fawn Response”, North Bend, WA

Noah Somer, Comedy, “The Big A”, Studio City, CA

Aidan Hamell, Drama, “Chicken”, Belmont, MA

Paige Miltenberger and Janelle Eley, Music Video, “Colours In The Dark”, Valencia, CA

Tia Mayer, Chris Razniak, Piper Conley, Jayden Gillespie, Thomas Wade and Ceren Fitoz, Drama, “Lola & Elaine”, San Diego, CA

Zachary Letson, PSA, “Abundance”, Irvine, CA

Nicole DelVecchio, Middle School, “Beyond the Screen”, Pittsburgh, PA

Katie Speare, Documentary, “Once Upon a Time in Cambodia”, Studio City, CA

Keira Edgett, Drama, “Some Dolls”, Suwanee, GA     

Lauren Goodman, Documentary, "STAR WARS DAY", Frisco, TX


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 24

Screening Loop # 11

Paige Irene Bruns, Documentary, “Del Couch Music Education Foundation, Punta Gorda, FL

Adam Preskill, Drama, “El Camino”, Los Angeles, CA

Dmitri Dyer, Experimental, “Ormod”, Yorba Linda, CA

Kendall Huff and Rachel Simurda, PSA, “Colorful Canvas”, Laguna Niguel, CA

Mary Aupperle, Comedy, “Sleep”, Savannah, GA

Will Clark and Bradford Beck, Documentary, “Homeless”, Dallas, TX

Lisa Salus (Teacher), PSA, “Get Help Not Guns PSA”, San Diego, CA

Michelle Yu, Documentary, “China's Forgotten Children”, Cresskill, NJ

William Wright and James Carline, Drama, “A Mind In Masquerade”, Washington DC

Paige Seidenschwarz and Ashten Moss, Panic at the Disco, “Victorious Music Video”, Ulm, AR

Dijour Carter, Comedy, “A Moment Ago”, Albany, NY

Dylan DeVol, Music Video, “Shia LaBeouf: A Musical Epic”, Santa Monica, CA

Elad Barak, Documentary, “Sweet Guy”, Israel


Saturday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 25

Screening Loop # 12

Joshua Tirado, Comedy, “Solez for the Souless”, Perth Amboy, NJ

Scarlett Gooch, Documentary, “Somethin' Bout Saturdays”, Hot Springs, AR

Vinny Sacchetti, Drama, “Eyes Still Open”, Baltimore, MD

Eric Schwegman, PSA, “Know the Signs”, Irvine, CA

Elliott Atkinson, Cyrus Ogelle and Bailey Wall, PSA, “Protect Your Hearing”, Seattle WA

Kirsten Kliebenstein, Animation, “Game Over”, Franklin, WI

Luke Snedecor, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Unbowed Mercury”, Granite Bay, CA

Francis Engle, Alec Cameron and Dylan Rohn, Drama, “Johnny's Got A Gun”, San Diego, CA

Cameron Thuman, Documentary, “Rootless: East to West”, Kamas, UT

Aleacia Jensen, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Yearbook: Forever in Print”, Scotch Plains, NJ

Alissa Brasington, Experimental, “Borderline”, Raleigh, NC

Chava DiMaio, Music Video, “Lost Song”, Oceanside, NY

Morgan Goldwich, Love Is Louder, “West Broward Love is Louder PSA”, Pembroke Pines, FL

Teresa Suh and Cole Kawana, Documentary, “Music Saved My Life”, Studio City, CA

Theo Matza, Comedy, “Cover-Up”, New York, NY


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 5, Theater 14

Screening Loop # 13

Piril Baruh, Experimental, “LOCKED”, Turkey

Peyton Thorne, Drama, “Moments”, Prosper, TX

Raine Bracken, Comedy, “Damsels in Distress”, Canada

Jarrett Ho, Documentary, “Gettin' Clips”, Eastlake, CO

Chris Omar, Music Video, “Stalin”, Monroe, NY

Bailey Smart-Zimmerman, Drama, “Like Father Like Son”, Lake Forest Park, WA

Brandon Towns, Comedy, “Continuity”, Chicago, IL

Cate Gillham and Ruby Bowman, Documentary, “On Shaving”, Austin, TX

Charlotte Cooper, Drama, “Rye Bread”, Rye, NY

Samantha Pennell, Documentary, “The Man Behind The Microphone”, Pflugerville, TX

Katherine De Jesus and Kimberly De Jesus, Drama, “Orange”, Miami, FL

Sarah Kern and Riley Bloomer, Experimental, “Reflections”, Radford, VA


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 5, Theater 15

Screening Loop # 14

Adam Burns, Documentary, “The 1%: Crisis in the Great Lakes”, Troy, MI

Andreas Kooi, Experimental,  “The Ditch”, Pasadena CA

Haleigh Mauro and Mikayla Toffler, Drama, “Gifted”, New York, NY

Christian Loffer and Brandon Speights, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Masquerade”, Hickory Creek, TX

Cody McIntyre, Documentary, “From Closed To Open”, Colorado Springs, CO

Gwyneth Bryan, Animation, “Fishing”, Houston, TX

Harley Chamandy, Drama, “Mirage”, Canada

Jack Stewart and Nate Meyer, Comedy, “Fight Night Polite”, Warsaw, IN

Jon Sosidka, Experimental, “The Mask”, Annandale, NJ

Lucy Rinzler-Day, PSA, “It's Your Choice, Not Theirs”, New York, NY

Rhea Lieberman, Documentary, “Tim”, East Setauket, NY

Riley Weston, Experimental, “Fish Punch”, Holladay, UT


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 5, Theater 16

Screening Loop # 15

Alan Moutal, Greg Wolff, Thomas Wade, Christopher Razniak and Carson Fildey, Comedy, “Christopher Walkin”, San Diego, CA

Colter Fellows, Drama, “Match Girl”, Interlochen, MI

Davis Towne, Drama, “Creativity”, Tucson, AZ

Grace Alexander, Justin Binder, Trey Carlisle, Marissa Kugler and Lenny Melamed, PSA, “Bench for All”, Studio City, CA

Jack Fox Baum, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Swimming Pools”, Brooklyn, NY

Kelly Tran, Documentary, “Conflicts of All Ages”, Irwin, PA

Joe Gleason, Comedy, “Lucifer”

Jeanette Fantone, PSA, “Water Wise Rain or Shine”, Carpinteria, CA

Jared Goudsmit and Eli Boshara", Jostens Project Yearbook, “Nihilistic Yearbook Ads”, Kirkwood, MO

Chloe Ming, Henry Hull and Dawn Jansen, Drama, “2/26/16”, New York, NY

Adam Howard and Gillian McFerren, Experimental,  “Pyro”, Valencia, CA

Yuval Avitan and Noa Yaron, Documentary, “Seeds of dream”, Israel

Thomas Kim, Experimental, “Beyond This Oblivion”, Concord, MA

Lauren Loesberg, Experimental, “Wound - A Film Diary”, Warren, NJ

Dalton Powell and Steven Richter, Documentary, “Who's Your Waiter”, Fort Thomas, KY


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 5, Theater 17

Screening Loop # 16

Dane Thomas VanDeVelde, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Recorded Time”, Raleigh, NC

Emily Diamond and Adam Nayak, Experimental, “A Mosaic of Faces”, Portland, OR

Joe Hart, Documentary, “The Blind Rider”, Scottsdale, AZ

Graham Burrell, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Perception”, Coplay, PA

Allen Shieh, Experimental, “Where It Starts”, Columbia, MD

Warren McCombs, Micro, “Sky and Water: As Above, So Below”, Fayetteville, AR

Alice Wade, Micro, “Ducky”, England

Alice Wade, Micro, “Plastic”, England

Alissa Brasington, Documentary, “Teacher Pay in NC”, Raleigh, NC

Boris Vesselinov, Drama, “That Night”, Plano TX

Delaney Alexander, Animation, “Goin' Nuts”, Allen, TX

Deonte Freeman, Action Sports, “Second String”, Perth Amboy, NJ

Howard Kung, Middle School, “Street Racing”, Escondido, CA

Jason Cordis, Documentary, “Takashi Tanemori: One Single Blade”, Hercules, CA

Jacob Langsner, Drama, “Stages”, Las Vegas, NV


Saturday 11:40 AM



Screening Loop # 17

Tristan Surman, Comedy, “A Dying Man Named Steve”

Victoria Burrell, PSA, “Drinking and Driving PSA”, Clover, SC

Kyla Gaddis and Ellie Pond, PSA, “You Don't Deserve it”, Johns Creek, GA

Sophia Berlin, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Take it Back”, Coronado, CA

Rony Portillo, Drama, “The Collective”, New York, NY

Jacqueline Demar Gunter, Documentary, “Shadows”, San Antonio, TX

Emma Siegel, Comedy, “Stalling”, Arlington, VA

Alisa Gao, Animation, “The Red String”, Potomac, MD

Alexia Salingaros, Documentary, “Of Gods and Bells”, San Antonio, TX

Ben Rosenstiel and Shubh Saraswat, Documentary, “Raiders of the Lost Ark: Frame By Frame”,  Fort Thomas, KY

Carson Coronel, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “The Indistinguishable”, New York, NY

Eric Stephenson, Drama, “ROADKILL”, Lakeside, CA

Grace Doyle, Jennie Ross, Jaclyn Goldstein and Sophie Corless, Experimental, “Allumette”, Dallas, TX        

Justin Wolman, Comedy, “Game Day”, Pacific Palisades, CA

Olivia Lyng, Drama, “The First Kiss”, Denmark

Patrick Neafsey, Drama, “Pool (baggage not included)”, Darien, CT

Taylor Stoddard, Comedy, “In the Bleak Midwinter”, Salt Lake City, UT


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 6, Theater 19

Screening Loop # 18

Aidan Hamell, Documentary,  “Panadero: Life of a Galician Bread Man”, Belmont MA

Agustina Biasutto, Luis Tirado, Felipe Vargas and Santiago Triana, Drama, “Mighty”, Weston, FL

Francesca Perticarini, Documentary, “I'm Ghana”, Crystal Lake, IL

Annie Palmer,  Comedy, “Coming Up”, Cambridge, MA

Tessa Oxtoby and Sydney Rudman, Drama, “Repent”, Dallas, TX

Daniel Sorkin, Experimental, “Time and Time Again”, New York, NY

Conor Twohy, Experimental, “Skyscraper”, Cockeysville, MD

Nina Milligan, Documentary, “Skin”, Studio City, CA

Laura Leigh Hicks, PSA, “If You Had Something Beautiful”, Thousand Oaks, CA

Michael Switzer, Experimental, “All In Your Mind”, Yorktown Heights, NY

Paul R Gonzalez ( Meisei), Documentary, “Finding Yourself.”, Salt Lake City, UT

Sophie Huang, Middle School, “Doors”, Overland Park, KS

Adam Preskill, Comedy, “SoundCloud Prodigy”, Los Angeles, CA

Azure Allen, Animation, “The Sea of Stories”  , Conway, SC

Daniel Isaacs, Drama, “Reckoning”, Noblesville, IN


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 6, Theater 20

Screening Loop # 19

Gabriel Kahane, Drama, “Must Be This Tall To Ride”, Forest Hills, NY

Joseph F. Trevino and Ira J. Kasofsky, Music Video, “Favela - Easy Yoke”, McAllen, TX

Elise Tsai, PSA, “She's Basically Perfect”, Saint Paul, MN

Jessica Roman and Sydney Juda, Documentary, “Lolita: The Bathtub Whale”, Weston, FL

Meagen Tajalle, Drama, “Anne”, Seattle, WA

Rozwell Alexander, Kennedy Askew, Aaron Estes and Jake Wuennemann, Experimental, “Gesture”, Cincinnati, OH

Alexis Schneider, PSA, “Warm in Here?”, Dresher, PA

Fez Zafar, Love Is Louder, “Road to Unity”, Clive, IA

Milo Hensley and Sam McCabe, Documentary, “Growing the Rose: Landmines in Cambodia”, Studio City, CA

Thomas Breslin, Ivan Figueredo, Fabien Hussey and Logan Marquez, Drama, “Dark Side of the Screen”, New York, NY

Ji Ho Kwak, Drama, “Duet”, Diamond Bar, CA

Alex Yaniero, Animation, “Shellshocked”, Mooresville, N.C.

Gabriel Gaurano, Julia Elihu, Tia Mayer, Shinwoo Kim and Kalani Newman, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “La Fortezza”, Canyon Crest, CA


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 6, Theater 21

Screening Loop # 20

Raymond Zrike, Experimental, “After Tones”, Houston, TX

Evan Scolnick and Daniel Rub, Music Video, “Real Teacher”, Golden Beach, FL

Alex Alford, Documentary, “Ranger Maker - Win The Day”, Frisco, TX

MLE DeJaco, Experimental, “What No One Sees”, Boca Raton, FL

Elizabeth Cautela, Comedy, “Buffy on the Street”, Hudson, MA

Jackson Carroll, Chris Gobellan, Cameron Potter, Stephen Vowles and Adam Weider, Comedy, “El Diablito”, Dallas, TX

Matthew Nadel, Documentary, “Queer”, Boca Raton, FL

Matthew Nadel, PSA, “Florida Youth Commission's Call to Speak”, Boca Raton, FL

Justin Schimmel, PSA, “One Score for Everything?”, Monroe, NY

Ciani Walker, Drama, “Silence”, Playa Del Rey, CA

David Perez, Phillip Bootsma, Erick Marrero, Gabriel Gonzalez and Chris Vasquez, Broadcast Journalism, “Digital Romance”, Miami, FL

Huw Messie, Drama, “void loop”, Skaneateles, NY


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 6, Theater 22

Screening Loop # 21

Alex Hannah, James Carline and William Wright, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Tread Lightly” Washington, DC

Anne-Marie Bjerre Koch, Drama, “On the Edge”, Denmark

Christopher Boncimino, Animation, “Mount Rushmore”, Freehold, NJ

Evan Draper, PSA, “He'll Find You”, Dunedin, FL

Christopher Ahrendt, Antonio Castellanos and Alejandro Basalo, Documentary, “Proof of Life”, Miami, FL

Lana Bregar, Experimental, “The End”, Germany

Liv Coron, Comedy, “12 Miles In”, Bellevue, WA

Tia Richards, Documentary, “Black Lives Matter: A Movement Not A Moment”, Saint Albans, NY

Luke Landis, Drama, “Pink Lemonade”, New York, NY

Leo Pfeifer, Music Video, “Big Coat”, Seattle, WA

Harrison Allen, Drama, “The Yellow Block, Bethel, VT

Mia Freund and Brecken Ennecking, PSA, “Siri Says No”, Castaic, CA

Callahan Bracken, Experimental, “Afloat”, Canada

Brendan Wilson, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Mine”, Woods Cross, UT

James Carline, Drama, “Silence of the Night”, Washington DC


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 6, Theater 23

Screening Loop # 22

Alexander Guerrero and Alexa Beckford, Love Is Louder, “Not A Stereotype”, Santa Clarita, CA

Maya Suchak, Drama, “Falling”, Albany, NY

Sulayman Ibrahim, Documentary, “Black Ice”, Bronx, NY

Gabe Hostetler and Nathan Casey, Music Video, “Max Taylor - HOT WAX", Plymouth, MN

James Lawyer, Experimental, “Lights”, Scituate, MA

Jared Goudsmit, Micro, “Cards”, St. Louis, MO

Jeeyoon Lee, Micro, “Design-A-Human”, Alexandria, VA

Alexander Edep, Drama, “Wannabe”, Boca Raton, FL

Jordan Cody Brandon, Comedy, “Buckaroo's Late Night Snack”, New York, NY

Luke Heslep, Documentary, “Painting the Valley One Dealer at a Time”, Phoenix, AZ

Shreyas Jyotishi, PSA, “We're Not Gonna Take It”, Johns Creek, GA

Oliver Levi-Malouf, Drama, “A Dinner Party”, Australia

Amira Aboudallah, Experimental, “Wisdom Teeth”, Las Vegas, NV


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 6, Theater 24

Screening Loop # 23

Tom Laufman, Drama, “Bus Line 53”, Israel

Simon Geisker, Documentary, “Discovering Alaska”, Tarrytown, NY

Harrison O’Clair, Drama, “The Last Night of The World”, Woodstock, NY

Hannah Richardson, Music Video, “Get Me Some Zzzz's”, State College, PA

Gregory Foltynowicz and Bennett Barbosa, Experimental, “Creativity is Life”, Park City, UT

Catherine Serianni, PSA, “More Than Meets the Eye: A Child Abuse PSA”, Wakarusa, IN

Stella Baker, Documentary, “Evolution of Immersion”, Key West, FL

Grant Jones, Drama, “Another Night At A Party You Didn't Want To Go To”, Columbus, OH

Jordan Bjorklund, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Trip”, Antioch, CA

Rebecca Uddin, Comedy, “The O-doring Orange”, Campbell, CA

Skyler Sallick, Documentary, “My Brother, The Adventurer”, Westport, CT

Rae Kanoa, Drama, “El Botone”, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Matthew Monteleone and Romeo Yannicelli, Music Video, “Stranger”, Valencia, CA


Saturday 11:40 AM

Floor 6, Theater 25

Screening Loop # 24

Stevie Earnest, Documentary, “"Both" Genders”, Colorado Springs, CO

Nico Page, José Antonio Laguna, José Manuel Toledo, Experimental, “Visiones Abismales - {Abysmal Visions}”, Chile

Miles Darnell, Matt Gonzales, Patrick Griego and Sol Siltala, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “ORB”, Rio Rancho, NM

Tayne Mckinnon, Jahzalia Angel Hollis, Kiyarah Reha-Wiri, William Bower, Tessa Ravenhall and Finnan Ralph, Middle School, “The Plastic Reducers”, New Zealand

Eric Schwartz, Drama, “Driven”, Ossining, NY

Alexander Rodriguez, Drama, “Songs For My Beloved”, Spring Hill, FL

Austin Leih, Documentary, “Denton Coffee Culture”  , Flower Mound, TX

Claire Uygur, Experimental, “Tide”, Greenwich, CT

Cara Hunter, Drama, “Unconscious Skies”, Columbus, GA

Clayton Horwitz, Comedy, “Three's A Mob”, Glenview, IL

Eun Seo (Elly) Choi and Maddy Daum, Documentary, “A Hope for the Future”, Studio City, CA

Landon Dockery, Documentary, “Samaritan Ministries”, Hot Springs, AR


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 5, Theater 14

Screening Loop # 25

Bennett Barbosa, Drama, “Getting By”, Park City, UT

Jack Paradise, Drama, “Dugout”, Tacoma, WA

Maia Vota, Middle School, “One Last Tick”, Burlington, VT

Rachel Fox, Documentary, “Along for the Ride”, Mount Laurel, NJ

Taylor Courtois and Kendall Jackson, Jostens Project Yearbook, “What happens in yearbook stays in yearbook”, Portland, ME

Vivian Lyttle, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Number 8”, Amherst, NH

Kayla Morales, Asra Najeeb, Samantha Castro and Henry Mei, Experimental, “Can't Say A Word”, Brooklyn, NY

Liam Keller, Documentary, “Atlantic City: Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back”, Marlton, NJ

Liam Dirlam, Music Video, “What Possesses You?”, New York, NY

Annie Palmer,  Documentary,  “Irreversible”, Cambridge, MA

Aaron Field, Documentary, “Censorship”

Juliet Buckholdt, Animation, “A Little Love Goes A Long Way”, Ridgeland, MS


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 5, Theater 15

Screening Loop # 26

TJ Gascho, Keith Connor, Andrew Gillies, Carson Fildey and Kalani Newman, Comedy, “Kilohana Man”, San Diego, CA

Chris Gorman and Cameron Kass, Drama, “The Cycle”, Durham, NC

Jackson Slater, Middle School, “The Hitchhiker”, Solon, OH

Oliver Levi-Malouf, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “I Am Alex”, Australia

Tariq S. Harris, Animation, “According to Cox: How to Rap”, Newark, NJ

Vivekae Kim, Documentary, “Divided”, Chicago, IL

Sophia Haber, Emma Kopelowicz and Landon Poon, PSA, “Media Soup”, Studio City, CA

Rubianne Wagner, PSA, “Self Image”, Houston, TX

Shant Kazandjian, Documentary, “Make A Wish, Giving Children Hope”, Mount Laurel, NJ

Shira Moolten, Experimental, “Hardboiled Egg”, Philadelphia, PA

Jack Pacilio and Luke Pacilio, Experimental, “Dreaming in Retrograde”, Westport, CT


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 5, Theater 16

Screening Loop # 27

Katie Garner, Documentary, “Marriage Equality”, Hot Springs, AR

Morgana McKenzie, Drama, “Ellie”, Canada

Nina Sinclaire, Experimental, “Duo”, Portland, OR

Jacob Schermerhorn, Animation, “The Wooden Man”

Austin Leih, Drama, “A Distorted Perspective”, Flower Mound, TX

Azure Allen, Animation, “One day on carver st.”, Conway, SC

Evan Pritchard, Comedy, “Les Milkerables”, Niskayuna, NY

John Chigas, Drama, “The Month of August”, Acton, MA

Leo Pfeifer, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Moving Forward”, Seattle, WA

Max Wu, Documentary, “Park Chung Hee”, Fremont, CA

Nicholas Klesmith, Drama, "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream", Fontana, WI

Sadie Lidji, Experimental, “Heaven, Ashes, Me & You”, Dallas, TX

Tatum Lenberg, Comedy, “Charades”, San Ramon, CA


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 5, Theater 17

Screening Loop # 28

Adnan Zandi, Drama,  “butterflies”, Iran

Camryn Garrett, Documentary, “Underwater”, Bay Shore, NY

David Kim, Experimental, “Work In Progress”, Fullerton, CA

Felix Audelo-Ruiz, Juli Freeman, Elly Hong, Carolina Martinez and Dora Schoenberg, Animation, “The Story Of Three Rings: A Memoir of Dana Schwartz”, Studio City, CA      

Evan Thomas, Music Video, “School.” Fort Collins, CO

Isabel Brown, Gabby Piamonte and Lillian Rose", Drama, “HOV”, Dallas, TX

Je'Jae Cleopatra Daniels, Documentary, “Mx.Enigma”, New York, NY

Krzysztof Madro, Micro, “A New End”, Key West, FL

William Joseph Bennett, Micro, “Checkmate”, Madison, CT

Warren McCombs, Micro, “Ghost Hunters” Fayetteville, AR

Warren McCombs, Micro, “I AM HERE”, Fayetteville, AR

Petyr Xyst, Music Video, “Absolutes”, Seattle, WA

Jacob Langsner, Drama, “Tracks”, Las Vegas, NV

Jackson Hays, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “The Girl in the Barrel (HIV)”, Bountiful UT

Anthony Lagana, Experimental, “The Verses of Gamayun” New Hope, PA

Casey Hall, Experimental, “Dial Tone”, Woodstock, NY


Saturday 3:00 PM



Screening Loop # 29

Cecile Fountain-Jardim, Experimental, “Gazpacho”, Westfield, NJ

Jonas Brønholt Philbert Præstegaard, Drama, “The Fortune Cookie”, Denmark

Charlie Skuy, Drama, “At the Other End”, Canada

Howard Kung, Middle School”, “iBully”, Escondido, CA

Gunner Lawless and Brett Stineman, Documentary, “More than a foster home”, Hot Springs, AR

Gwyneth Moore, Animation, “don't forget”, Burbank, CA

Justin Juntilla, Drama, “Shattered Heaven”, Las Vegas, NV

Nicolas Cardenas-Miller, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “The Guest”, State College, PA

Nihal Dantluri, Mark Emory, Jack Hemmingway, and Nick Green, Comedy, “The Day-Dream Team”, Naperville, IL

Grant Jones, Drama, “Tied Up”, Columbus, OH

Tyler Delargy, Drama, “Don't Mention It”, Bangor, ME

Evan Scolnick and Samuel Willinger, Experimental, “That Day in May”, Golden Beach, FL


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 19

Screening Loop # 30

Ashton Tu, Documentary, “I'm Just Like You”, Canyon Crest, CA

Stefano Montalto, Experimental, “11 de Julio”, Costa Rica

Christina DeConcini, Action Sports, “fishbowl”, Harrison, NY

Ciara Boniface, Drama, “Enter the Depth”, McKinney, TX

Gavin Shields, Documentary, “Are You The Fire... Or Just Another Flame”, Paramus, NJ

Ishan Modi, Drama, “Torn”, Singapore

Jack Campise, Drama, “See You Soon”, Columbus, OH

Justine Chen, Documentary, “Considering Sonder”, San Diego, CA

Kyle Brastrom, Animation, “How to Protect Yourself”, Houston, TX

Lily Weisberg, Drama, “Hudson”, New York, NY

Maya Suchak, Documentary, “Finding Strength”, Albany, NY

Peter Freed, Music Video, “Hurting Girl”, New York, NY      


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 20

Screening Loop # 31

Scott Tinkham, Documentary, “JERRAD”, Burnsville, MN

Mitchell Rickard, Reilly Ellsworth, Michael Benavides, Stephanie Crespo, Kailey Diaz and Ronald Rosales, Animation, “Please Help Me I’m Fine”, Humble, TX

TJ Nitti and Chase Fariss, Drama, “Reconcile”, Key West, FL

Claire Imler, Documentary, “Jackie Krisher: No Limits”, Irvine, CA

Angie Hawes, Comedy, “Bad Rabbit”, Canada

Daniel Kelly and Garrett Shadwick, Music Video, “Home”, Mansfield, TX

Gus Aronson, Experimental, “Valence”, Bronx, NY

John Martyn, Aldi Maraya and Theo Yang, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Hello, World!", Elkridge, MD

Melanie Mulcair O'Donnell, Drama, “Paintbrush”, Ireland


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 21

Screening Loop # 32

Miranda Potter, Drama, “CarolineGurl99”, San Antonio, TX

Morgan Shirk, Documentary, “Producing Hope”, Carmel, CA

TJ Noel-Sullivan, Comedy, “Operation: July 4th”, Hartford, CT

Veronica Polsgrove, Broadcast Journalism, “CHS Haitian Dance Assembly”, Canton, MA

Tarathorn Boonngamanong, Animation, “Eye Escape”, Philadelphia, PA

Lindsey Hunter, Drama, “Silent”, Folsom, CA

Aden Suchak, Documentary “Make It Float”, Albany, NY

Alex Meeth and Ethan Suhr, Drama, “Rocket Kin”, Dousman, WI

Alex Meinhof, Music Video, “fog lake - dog years”, Newbury Park, CA

Christopher Boncimino, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “D-0 Galactic Station”, Freehold, NJ

Cooper Lichacz and Adrian Delcan, Comedy, “The Russian Ninja Reunion”, Orange County, CA

Eamon Kelly, Drama, “REVERB”, Philadelphia PA

Emilia Holt and Marina Weidmann, Documentary, “Cambodia: The Next Generation”, Studio City, CA

Emma Hanan, Documentary, “Sustained”, Sugar Land, TX


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 22

Screening Loop # 33

Elias Rivera Jr., Drama, “Waves”, Chicago, IL

Ellery Marshall, Documentary, “Heightened Senses”, Dallas, TX

Jacqueline Demar Gunter, Drama, “Mikey”, San Antonio, TX

Julien Ohayon, Experimental, “Sanctuary”, Key West, FL

Kanika Vora, Maxine Parr, Sophie Parr, Jimmy Derner and Laura Makeever, Documentary, “Stressed For Success”, Saratoga, CA

Landon Mauricio, Music Video, “Music 101”, Ewa Beach, HI

Rhys Kroehler, Animation, “Some Things Just Can't Be Replaced”, Shoreline, WA

Rosa Berndt, Experimental, “WELL”, German

Kate Gondwe, Documentary, “The Puppet Lady”, Wichita, KS

Skala Leake, Cameron Miller, Avery Davis and Aaron Miller, Drama, “Comeback”, Seattle, WA

So Young Park, Drama, “The Visitation”, Interlochen, MI

Sophie Meszaros, Middle School, “The Jayke Hopa Story”, New Zealand

David LaPorta, Experimental, “Trick Question”, Oceanport, NJ

Bailey Braeseke and Jordyn Fitch, Comedy, “Make This Sketch Great Again”, Hollywood, FL

Bogui Adjorlolo, Comedy, “Tan Lines”, Shoreline, WA


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 23

Screening Loop # 34

Mason Gillespie, Experimental, “Hopeless Lovers”, Midland, GA

Indie DiMartino, Drama, “Big Break”, Saint Augustine, FL

Sergio Vázquez Mora, PSA, “Sugar Addiction”, Houston, TX

Seren Isabella Markovich, PSA, “Look Up”, Cooper City, FL

Sierra Bardfeld, Documentary, My Hero, Davie, FL

Jeffrey Max Wilson, Animation, “Out Of Reach”, Allen, TX

Nicholas Fulton Lavachek, Experimental, “The Dandelion Cortex”, Coronado, CA

Sophie Turok, Documentary, “By The Hour”, Salt Lake City, UT

Steven Nassif, Comedy, “The Making of Death Count”, Santa Clarita, CA

Jason Carman, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Vacuum Wars”, Vacaville CA

Brandon Towns and Daj'za Mitchell, Music Video, “Sherrion - Cliche: The Interlude Prod. by William We$T”, Chicago, IL

Clayton Horwitz, Drama, “The Dreamer”, Glenview, IL


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 24

Screening Loop # 35

Zoë Miller, Experimental, “Le Couteau”, Columbia, SC

Ryan Gagnet, Drama, “Love and Necessity”, Maumee, OH

Lillian Cusumano, Micro, “The Nightmare”, Grosse Pointe Shores MI

Alice Wade, Micro, “Bear Hunt”, England

Vinny Sacchetti, Documentary, “Adelberg”, Baltimore, MD

Joseph Ethan Landis, Music Video, “Liebestraum: A Theme on Love and Dreams”, Sand Springs, OK

Cooper Yeager, Drama, “Lovecast”, Rye, NY

Alec Douglas, Drama,  “The Awakening in Lot 49”, Antioch, CA

Angela He, Animation, “Dreamt”, Oakton VA

Christopher DiMieri, Documentary, “A Chat With The Bravest”, Monroe, NY

Claire Chung, Love Is Louder, “Love is Louder”, Blacksburg, VA

Francisco Cabrera, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Let Go”, Pembroke Pines, FL

Grace Boyd, Comedy, “Bird Brain”, Dallas, TX

Henry Donald, Action Sports, “Mountains for Malawi”, New Zealand

Emma Courtney, Drama, “Empty Space”, Sacramento, CA


Saturday 3:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 25

Screening Loop # 36

Daniel Aklog, Experimental, “Chimera”, Purchase, NY

Mark Cheng, Documentary, “Gone”, East Hampton, NY

Samuel Levy, Drama, “Hide and Seek”, Larchmont, NY

Vera Tikhonova and Grace Richards, PSA, “Search results: skinny”, St. Joseph, MI

Conor Driscoll and Maddie Bohrer, Comedy, “Not So Basic Bitches”, Skaneateles, NY

Alex Gilmour, Drama, “Bored Games”, Dallas, TX

Grace Richards and Vera Tikhonova, Experimental, “Wanderjahr”, Saint Joseph, MI

Ayannah Settle and Lisa Mirzaian, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Senior Year”, Castaic, CA

Blake McGuinness, Drama, “I'll Be Seeing You”, Fresno, CA

Calvin Herbst, Drama, “The Control Room”, Dallas, TX

Collin Gallimore, Documentary, “Little Guy From Nebraska”, Hot Springs, AR

Dylan Santa Cruz, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Exposures”, Los Angeles, CA

Devin Arnone, Action Sports, “AfterLight”, Bella Vista, AR

Gabriel Gaurano, Navin Bose, Kai Czarnowski, Akeel Najimudeen and William Hillard, Drama, “Lost In Blue”, Canyon Crest, CA


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 5, Theater 14  

Screening Loop # 37

Eric Schwegman, Experimental, “Homeland” , Irvine, CA

Enzo Kaletta, Drama, “Out of the Black”, Germany

Vera Tikhonova, Documentary, “An Imperial City, Saint Petersburg”, St. Joseph, MI

Kate Low, Alia Cooper and Brenna Turnbull, Experimental, “Original”, New Zealand

Iver Jensen, Drama, “We Remember Moments”, Norway

Shannon Hoang, Animation, “Soar”, Burbank, CA

Cole Bacani, Drama, “Wherever You Go”, Naperville, IL

John Cowap, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “The Horrible Horror”, Flanders, NJ

Eric Tu, Matt Cope, Frank Shew, Jacob Weiner and Jon Lehrer, Documentary, “Heroin in Stark County”, Canton, OH

Grace Doyle and Jaclyn Goldstein, Experimental, “Ink”, Dallas, TX

Jackson Shipman, Drama, “Noose”, Carlsbad, CA


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 5, Theater 15

Screening Loop # 38

Jacob Thomas and Jacalyn DeFeo, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “The Phonebook of the Dead”, Woodstown, NJ

Jayden Gillespie, Andrew Gillies, Cameron Colleran and Danny Sandler, Drama, “Slide”, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Luke Heslep, Documentary, “On Call”, Phoenix, AZ

Sophia Luna, PSA, “Don't just smile through the pain.”, McAllen, TX

Noah Kane and Ethan Hacker, Comedy, “Pet Peeve”, Bondville, VT

Olivia Kiklica and Nic Rios, Drama, “Cygnus”, Marietta, GA

Alexander Guo, Documentary, “Deerfield Academy: More Than a School”, Cambridge, MA

Alice Wade, Micro, “Death by Wasabi”, England

Andrew Luo, Micro, “REM 1”, Pleasanton, CA

August Graue and Devan Prabhakar,   Experimental,  “Duality”, Dallas TX

Bogui Adjorlolo, Drama, “Sable Mire”, Shoreline, WA

Elizabeth Cautela, Comedy, “The Review Show”, Hudson, MA

Samantha Treiman, PSA, “James O'Neil on Safe Driving”, Newtown, PA

Emma Siegel, Experimental, “Dead”, Arlington, VA

Rhea Lieberman, Drama, “Little Things”, East Setauket, NY


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 5, Theater 16

Screening Loop # 39

Samantha Hom, Experimental, “AnxPressed”, Hackettstown, NJ

Long Tran and Audrey Seda, Drama, “Vast Minority”, Renton, WA

Samuel Levine, Documentary, “What is Love?”, Woodstock, NY

Alexander Rodriguez, Carly Barker and Kyle-Ethan Salazar, Music Video, “LIVE”, Spring Hill, FL

Cameron Thuman, Drama, “Distinction”, Kamas, UT

Jiwan Lee, Comedy, “Screenwriters Are People Too”, South Korea

Sam Ramsey, Comedy, “Working Boy”, Greenville, SC

Jon Sosidka, Experimental, “The Next Move”, Annandale, NJ

Jeff Fan, Drama, “Youth”, Bethesda, MD


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 5, Theater 17

Screening Loop # 40

Sydney Dye and Caroline Murphy, Documentary, “Introducing Americans to America”, Chapel Hill, NC

Evan Draper, Drama, “Seventh Heaven”, Dunedin, FL

Ethan Stoler, Micro, “To Succeed”, Paoli, PA

Miranda Potter, Micro, “An Interview on Divorce”, San Antonio, TX

Alexia Hartogensis, Documentary, “Pre-K”, Greenwich, CT

Camden Landis, Drama, “Vertical”, Fort Defiance, VA

Camron Potter and Noah Corl, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Yearbook VR”, New York, NY

Alexia Salingaros, Drama, “Time Out”, San Antonio, TX

Bernie Torres,  Comedy, “Extraordinary”, Howell, NJ

Jared Rushanan and Ethan Graf, Drama, “Good Faith”, Bedford, MA

Danny Rinaldi, Jake Schwencke, Sergio Scardigno and Conor Gallagher, Comedy, “Chores”, Waldwick, NJ

Georgina Cahill, Animation, “Frankpa”, Greenwich, CT


Saturday 4:40 PM



Screening Loop # 41

Jason Yamamoto, Comedy, “Leave A Message”, Torrance CA

Brianna Seaberg, Drama, “Memories”, North Palm Beach, FL

Desiree Armas, Experimental, “I AM”, Elizabeth, NJ

Alexa Harris and Madison Miraglia, Documentary, “Criminal Confessions”, New Canaan, CT

Jackson Hays, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Height!”, Bountiful, UT

Hannah Bernstein and Kristen Basilio, Comedy, “Blockbuster, Valencia, CA

Nicholas Castorina, Drama, “Ephemeral”, Coppell, TX

Ruhi Mansey, Carolina Baquerizo, Paola Sierra and Adriana Cardenas, PSA, “False Identities”, Coral Springs, FL

Maddie Jones, Animation, “The Magic Motley”, Midlothian, VA

Patrick VanZandt, Drama, “Hazel Night”, Carlsbad, CA


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 6, Theater 19

Screening Loop # 42

Alexandra Rice, Documentary, “TRUTH: Perspectives on Sex Trafficking”, San Diego, CA

Cooper Lichacz and Dylan Shepherd, PSA, “When You Drink and Drive...”, Orange County, CA

Mason Fyfe, Drama, “Absolution”, Jacksonville, FL

Shane Bagwell, Experimental, “I Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am”, Traverse city, MI

Nora Heaphy, PSA, “No Phones On The Road”, New Haven, CT

Sarah Jackson, Daniel Bielechi, Sarah Mansalas and Emiliano Rallo, Drama, “Killing it with Kindness”, New York, NY

Caleb Wild, Comedy, “Confessional”, Wesley Chapel, FL

Samuel Smith, Experimental, “STRING”, Loveland, OH

Cal Etchevery, Drama, “Postmortem”

Nancy Pickett, Documentary, “Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery”, Goldenrod, FL

John De Vito and Julia Elihu, Drama, “The Fastidious Fate of Things That Fly”, Canyon Crest, CA


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 6, Theater 20

Screening Loop # 43

James Elinski, Drama, “Trainman”, Wilcox, PA

Alexis Howard, Kimberly DeJesus and Katherine DeJesus, Broadcast Journalism, “Jorge Ramos vs Donald Trump Controversy”, Miami, FL

Firdavs Yuldashev, Animation, "The End", Key West, FL

Justin Carmouche and Roman Armstrong, Drama, “I'm Starving”, Alexandria , LA

Olivia Monahan, PSA, “Watch Your Words”, Rye, NY

Nika Vahcic and Marko Bicanic, Experimental, "Ana", Croatia

Holton Hockaday, Documentary, "Hello Friends" A Jim Nantz Story ", Houston, TX

Simon Geisker and Maura Gribbins, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Trails End”, Tarrytown, NY

Lauren McKinley and Stella Song, Experimental, “A Dream”, Ridgewood, NJ

Kevin Gaddi, Drama, “Doughboy”, Woodside, NY

Ursa Rahne, Petra Krasevec and Tonja Bjelcevic, Experimental, "Dorian Gray", Slovenia

Jonny Cechony, PJ Hase, Miles Anderson, Cecilia O'Rollins and Jonathan Bowers, Comedy, “Criminal Design”, Seattle, WA

Jackson Mach and Dustin Craigmyle, Drama, “Heroin”, Springfield, MO

Ko-Woon Lena Lee, Documentary, “Seventeen”, Austin TX


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 6, Theater 21

Screening Loop # 44

Jared Peraglia, Pierce Steinberg and Josef Nardi, Drama, “How I Rot”, Cortlandt Manor, NY

Krzysztof Madro, Documentary, “Recollection”, Key West, FL

Maya Rajan, Experimental, “9 Things You Learn Outside The Classroom”, Deerfield, MA

Ryan Howe, Drama, “0:07:37”            

Makayla Hong and Robert Knolla, PSA, “An Act of War”, Roseville, CA

Luke Snedecor, Comedy, “Lemons”, Granite Bay, CA

Noah Maxey, Drama, “The Star of David”, Prosper, TX

Samantha Chenevert, Documentary, “More Alike Than Different”, Hot Springs, AR

Lauryn Henry, Experimental, “IRIDESCENCE”, Somerset, NJ

Maria Belen Garcia, PSA, “With a Hint of Toxic”, Doral, FL


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 6, Theater 22

Screening Loop # 45

Madelyn Lawrence and Jasmin Gonzales, Documentary, “Freedom Is Not Free”, Hot Springs, AR

Angelique Pineda, Comedy, “Only If You Let It”

Quinn M. Fluet, Drama, “A Night on the Town”, Larchmont, NY

Joshua Knoller, Drama, “Talk To Me”, Tarzana, CA

Kathryn Garelli, Experimental, “The New Vocabulary”, Monmouth Beach, NJ

Lucas Rooney, Comedy, “Man Bun”, Cape May, NJ

Jason Cordis, Love Is Louder, “Tuff”, Hercules, CA

Kia G. Mahootian, Documentary, “20 Something”, Brooklyn, NY

Matthew Knowlton, Experimental, “Penance”, San Antonio, TX

Gilbert Giles-Sosa, Music Video, "Endeavor by DoubleDVE”, Houston, TX


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 6, Theater 23

Screening Loop # 46

Hannah Brown, Experimental, “flow”, Key West, FL

Isaac Miller, Documentary, “For Love Of Country”, Hot Springs, AR

Khyler Runnels, Comedy, “Truth Hurts”, Fort Wayne, IN

Christina DeConcini, Experimental, “Hawaii”, Harrison, NY

Daniel Sorkin, Broadcast Journalism, “College: The Next Step”, New York, NY

David Tovar, Comedy, “The Okay-ish Escape”, Las Vegas, NV

Giovanni Tortorici, Drama, “Painted Blue”, Decatur, GA

Alissa Brasington, Drama, “Losing a Loved One”, Raleigh, NC

Avi Abrams, Comedy, “The Best Laid Plans”, Rockville, MD

Christopher Boncimino, Experimental, “Chess”, Freehold, NJ

Annie Palmer,  Experimental,  “Dreaming”, Cambridge, MA

Meagen Tajalle, Documentary, “Raven Rock”, Seattle, WA


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 6, Theater 24

Screening Loop # 47

Michael Stavolone, Documentary, “Abby's Helping Hand”, Broad Brook, CT

Paolo Cesti, Middle School, “Isolation”, Miami, FL

Aster Gorman, Drama, “Crybaby Bridge”, Bloomington, IN

Dean Parker, Drama, “Regret, Loveland, OH

Heather Watson, PSA, “Dick & Willy”, Canada

Hasan Taleb and Anthony Fakhoury, PSA, “Sam”, Peoria, AZ

Anna Kate Benedict, Comedy, “AKBS: Episode One”, Dallas, TX

Austin Leih, Documentary, “Creators Collective: Bell and Oak”, Flower Mound, TX

Davis Towne, Drama, “The Boy Who Couldn't Fly”, Tucson, AZ

Jake Kasperek, Drama, “The Last Job”, Fairport, NY


Saturday 4:40 PM

Floor 6, Theater 25

Screening Loop # 48

Jacque Rabie, Drama, “The Apostate Jonathan”, Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Swope and Merilyn Richardson, Documentary, “Be[you]tiful”, Plano, TX

Allan Weedman, Drama, “Where's Waldo?”, Oceanside CA

Colin Tarnachowicz, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Legacy”, Canada,

Isabella Olaguera, Experimental, “Spell”, Deal Park, NJ

Lucia Macagno, Lea Salpietra, Audrey Sutton, Jose Reyes, Francis Engle, Noah Kalal, Miles Koupal, Alec Yantis and Kendall Huff, PSA, “Magic Button A PSA”, San Diego, CA

Nich Rardin, PSA, “Trans Lives Matters”, Ocala, FL

Alyssa Perales, Panic at the Disco, “Victorious Music Video”, Eagle Pass, TX

Christina Xing, Drama, “Goldfish”, Interlochen, MI



Film Invitational Screening #1


Nature Coast Technical High School


Pine Crest School

White County HS

Perth Amboy

Digital Arts and Cinema Technology HS

Science Leadership Academy 1

Science Leadership Academy 2

Cedar Crest High School


Sunday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 19

Screening Loop # 49

Danny Price and Austin Morrow, Documentary, “The Syrian Question”, Hot Springs, AR

Grant Jones, Drama, “Our Girl”, Columbus, OH

Bailey Huebner, Jostens Project Yearbook, “The Evolution of the DDS Scholar”, Huntersville, NC

Joseph F. Trevino and Andres M. Garza, Drama, “Color”, McAllen, TX

Dustin Tran, Action Sports, “Fountain Valley Spring Sports Promo”, Fountain Valley, CA

Evan Scolnick and Daniel Rub, Comedy, “How to Play Guitar”, Golden Beach, FL

Coco Hua, Iris Guo and Amelia Liu, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Closet”, Chatsworth, CA

Alexander Edep, Documentary, “The Process”, Boca Raton, FL

Delaney McCallum, Experimental, “Year 16”, Seneca, SC

Jared Peraglia, Pierce Steinberg and Josef Nardi, Comedy, “Drive”, Cortlandt Manor, NY

Emily Nelson, Experimental, “Insulin”, Dallas, TX

Anastasia Stewart, Experimental, “Sorry Miss Steinem”, Colleyville, TX

Brett Baxley, Eleyah Slavens, Julia Weber and Kaitlyn West, Drama, “The Fourth”, Springfield, MO

Graham Burrell, Drama, “The Pair and The Pine”, Coplay, PA

Maya Kinkin, Nicole Kim, Tarin North and William Park, Documentary, “Daughters of Cambodia”, Studio City, CA


Sunday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 22

Screening Loop # 50

Paxson Loescher, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Church Street”, Moscow, PA

Nicholas Rodriguez-Fernandez, Matthew Rembold, Justin Jackson, Gonzalo Londono and David

Caserta, Comedy, “Breaking The Tie”, Miami, F

Noah Cosimano-White, Documentary, “The Ebola Project - Examining an Epidemic”, East Aurora, NY

Simon Geisker, Experimental, “The Playground”, Tarrytown, NY

Tyler Delargy, Music Video, “Home”, Bangor, ME

Carina Acosta, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Forgotten”, Tucson, AZ

Colin Dale, Drama, “Up In Flames”, Hingham, MA

Constantine Mickens, Phillip Magin, Nate Goodman, Danny Sandler and Christopher Razniak, Broadcast Journalism, “Best of CCA-TV Season 12”, San Diego, CA

Huw Messie, Experimental, “Bread”, Skaneateles, NY

Ian McQueen, Documentary, “One Step at a Time”, Staten Island, NY

Hunter Williams, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Trust Me”, New Zealand"

Matthew Nadel and Rhodes Evans, Drama, “Runaway”, Boca Raton, FL

Luke Snedecor and Schuyler Yager, Animation, “Alone Together”, Granite Bay, CA

Amanda Gordon, Documentary, “Lovin Lauren”, Lindenhurst, NY


Sunday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 21

Screening Loop # 51

Andrew Nemets, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “A Wasp to a Wasp”, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Colter Fellows, Experimental, “Hope”, Interlochen, MI

Grace Frome, Documentary, “Grief”, Redwood City, CA

Sheldon Zhao, Drama, “Deborah Goes to the Beach”, China

Jordan Bjorklund, PSA, “Last Moments”, Antioch, CA

Antonio Castellanos, David Caserta and Victor Prieto, PSA, “Keep Columbus Clean”, Miami, FL

Stacey Chen, Documentary, “The Glass Ceiling”, Saratoga, CA

Anja Bosovic and Sarah Vardal, Documentary, “Family Without Borders”, Hot Springs, AK

Bradley Miller, Comedy, “Scratch”, Anacortes, WA

Adam Present, Drama, “Magnum Opus”, Summit, NJ

Elizabeth Hook, Drama, “Chimera”, Santa Monica, CA

Francis Engle, Alec Cameron, Miles Koupal, Nichole Castillo, Coster Montes, Jose Reyes and Emelio Ocampo, Documentary, “Dangers of the Bet”, San Diego, CA

Seth Kelman, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Clockwork”, Boca Raton, FL

Kendall Huff, Drama, “Before I Die”, San Diego, CA

Rebecca St. John, Documentary, “Rock Bottom”, Colorado Springs, CO


Sunday 10:00 AM

Floor 6, Theater 20

Super Senior # 1

Gabrielle Banks Giacomo, Super Senior, “MAD.”, Larchmont, NY

Kira Bursky, Super Senior, “Really Looking” Asheville, NC

Tayana Brumaire, Super Senior, “Memories of Us”, Brooklyn, NY

Hadley Hillel, Super Senior, “Ernie”

Kayla Briët, Super Senior, “Smoke That Travels”, La Mirada, CA

Saman Hosseinpuor, Super Senior, “Autumn Leaves”, Iran

Luke Covert, Super Senior, “Julie”, Harrisburg, PA

Marcus Aubin and Nicholas Klesmith, Super Senior, “Five Stars”, Chicago, IL

SUNDAY 12:00 pM




Canyon Crest Academy

Woodrow Wilson HS

West Broward High School

Grace Church School 1

Grace Church School 2

Mythic Bridge

Saint Mary's Hall

Steilacoom High School

The Fieldston School



Sunday 12:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 19

Screening Loop # 52

Sasha Mancuso, Micro, “The Risks”, Woodstock, NY

Alice Wade, Micro, “Funkfest”, England

Carly Hughes, Micro, “Below The Water”, Dunwoody, GA    

Chandler Miller, Micro, “My Story”, Cleveland, GA

Austin Jones, Comedy, “Pablo”, Pacific Palisades, CA

Alexia Salingaros, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Louisa”, San Antonio, TX

Gabriella Cecala, Experimental, “i remember”, Randolph, NJ

Keyan Kazemian and Neema Sadeghi, Experimental, “Rocks”, Irvine, CA

Jonah Goldberg, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Icarian”, Dallas, TX

Ian Moss, Animation, “The Adventures of Sugar and Mopsy”, Sherman Oaks, CA

David Fadul and Ali Rashedi, Documentary, “Money in Politics v. The United States”, Washington, D.C.     

Jonathan Morales, Drama, “Purpose”, Key West, FL

Matthew Nadel, Experimental, “Aftermath of Alice”, Boca Raton, FL

Emma Siegel, Experimental, “1961 Chrysler Imperial”, Arlington, VA

Alec Farmer, Drama, “The Ill-Fated "New York" Ellis”, Golden, CO

Davis Towne, Experimental, “Peas”, Tucson, AZ

Evan O'Brien, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “KATHAROS”, Addison, TX

Annmarie Soba, Documentary, “Livin' the Lies”, Bronx, NY

Aldi Maraya, John Martyn and Theo Yang, Comedy,   “Imagination”, Columbia, MD

Jacob Sugars, Animation, “ReAnimation”, Burbank, CA


Sunday 12:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 22

Screening Loop # 53

Jacqueline Demar Gunter, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Chroma”, San Antonio, TX

Matt Brosey, Drama, “When You Wish Upon A Star”, York, PA

Jesse Goldberg, Anna Grinberg, Rebecca Harooni, Kalani Hildebrand, Claudia Johnson-Stone, and Levi Kessler, Middle School, “Take Notice”, Los Angeles, CA

Kyle-Ethan Salazar, Experimental, “Soda Ritual”, Brooksville, FL

Alexander Rodriguez,  Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Sangre”, Brooksville, FL

Alissa Brasington, Animation, “Tessellate”, Raleigh, NC

Azure Allen, PSA, “The Mask of Conventionalism”, Conway, SC

Claire Dimitriades, PSA, “Animal Testing PSA”, North Hollywood, CA

Logan Workman, PSA, “Dionysus”, Scotts, MI

Patrick Wine, Drama, “Ad Astra”, Enid, OK

David Tay, Horror, “Two Cries Heard in the Night”

Evan Scolnick, Angelyn Escalona, Nicole Barradas and Samuel Willinger, Documentary, “ChillN Nitrogen Ice Cream”, Golden Beach, FL

Anthony Martinez, Danyel De Villiers, Philip Bootsma and Erick Marrero, Broadcast Journalism, “Love United”, Miami, FL

Evan Stafilias, Middle School, "Seventh Grade", Bayside, NY

Clio Gevirtz, Comedy, “Congratulations Abigail”, New York, NY

Brendan Wilson, Comedy, “Missile Strike”, Woods Cross, UT

Albie Smith and Amira Stone, Experimental, “If You Want to Know the Truth”

Hanna Dunakin and Isabella D’Angelo, “Point of No Return”

Elisa Keller and Carmen Perello, Jostens Project Yearbook, “The End of the Beginning”, Frisco, TX

Gwyneth Bryan, Animation, “Odd Ball”, Houston, TX

Benjamin Ades, Documentary, “Domar: To Tame”, New York, NY

Bernie Torres and Noah Powell, Experimental, “Infinitely Weightless”, Howell, NJ    

Brett McLoughlin, Drama, “Drone”, Cockeysville MD


Sunday 12:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 21

Screening Loop # 54

Alex Gilmour, Experimental, “MSG”, Addison, TX

Bridget Galaty, Documentary, “ArtEd”, Denver, CO

Hope Alexander, Comedy, “Squirrel”, Happy Valley, OR

Matthew Rodgers, Drama, “Ana”, Houston, TX

Ava Bloom and Sophia Brusco, Experimental, “Aesthetic Dictionary”, Bronxville NY

Deven Diamantis, Izzy Hendrickson and Hollie Lane, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Through the Years”, Budd Lake, NJ

Calvin Barnum (Teacher), Middle School, “One More Swing”, Eagle Mountain City, UT

Ciara Boniface, Drama, “It's All in the Cosmos”, McKinney, TX

Natasha Kappes, PSA, “The Victim's Voice”, Franklin, WI

Francisco Cabrera and Victor Jorges, PSA, “West Broward Words Hurt”, Pembroke Pines, FL

Raine Bracken, Animation, “Fairytale Fallout”, Canada

Adam Preskill, PSA, “Doctor's Orders”, Los Angeles, CA

Shreyas Jyotishi, PSA, “A Message From Our Sponsor...”, Johns Creek, GA

Cole Boester, PSA, “Quiet”, Rye, NY

Justin Binder, Jordan Brown, Ty Goodrich, Ned Jacobs, Ryan Kim, Chloe Kuelbs, Matthew Steiglitz, Caleb Ullendorff and Savannah Weinstock, Animation, “Tipping Scales”, Los Angeles, CA            

Aurore Bouriot, Jonathan Bowers, Brian Cropp, and Jake Rehfeldt, Music Video, “Voices”, Seattle, WA

Kia G. Mahootian, Documentary, “Multifaceted”, Brooklyn, NY

Ben Ginsburg,  Documentary, “The Sculptor”, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Cara Engh and Kaci Sleeth, Experimental, “The Late Bloomer”, Loxahatchee, FL

Zachary Letson, PSA, “Breaking Point”, Irvine, CA    

Kinly McCaffrey, Documentary, “Running for her life”, Studio City, CA

Collin Cruikshank, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Goatman”, Cleveland, GA

Ivana Noa, Documentary, “Interview with a Director”, Belgium

Adam Paaske, Cathrine Landberg, Cathrine-Isabella Norup and Olivia Glismann, Drama, "Aftermatch", Denmark


Sunday 12:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 20

Super Senior # 2

Taylor Montalto, Super Senior, “Starting Again”, Charlotte, NC

Aly Dawn, Super Senior, “Who am I?” Washington, DC

Hadley Hillel, Super Senior, “Reincarnation Inc.”

Hope Rangel, Super Senior, “Amelia”

Michael Mejia, Super Senior, “Manhunt”, Albany, NY

John General, Super Senior, “A Dialogue with Islam”, Hackettstown, NJ

Joseph Picozzi, Super Senior, “I WANT TO BEAT UP CLARK PETERS”, Los Angeles, CA





Saratoga High School

School Without Walls

Communications HS

Academy for Careers and Television

Monroe Woodbury

Prosper HS 1

Prosper HS 2

Rye Country Day

Westlake High School

Episcopal School of Dallas


Sunday 2:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 19

Screening Loop # 55

Audrey Larson, Drama, “Camping Trip”, Sharon, MA

Scott Larwood, Documentary, “FATHERLAND”, Colorado Springs, CO

Dean Parker, Drama, “Images”, Loveland, OH

Brett Baxley and Kaitlyn West, Experimental, “introverted.” Springfield MO

Janelle Eley, Hannah Bernstein, Jamie Araki and Matt Moseley, PSA, “One Earth, One Chance”, Castaic, CA

Grace Collins, Alex Dorsey, Morgan Follak, Aaron Goldstein, Jami Goldstein, Robby Livingston, Melanie Ourhaan, Sophia Paulick, Emily Sims, Katy Thompson, Claire Turner, Harrison Wilkins, Maleah Wilson, Caison Winslow, Reed Wixon, Elizabeth Wollenburg, Jenna Zellerer, Jostens Project Yearbook, “Yearbooks Save Lives”, Savannah, GA    

Steven LeBoeuf, Panic at the Disco, “Victorious Music Video”, Davie FL

Boris Brenot and Lucas de Thier, Animation, "Grand Finale", Belgium 

Elizabeth Juengling and Brianna Collins, Documentary, “Play it by Ear”, Fort Thomas, KY

Salome Tkebuchava, Drama, “The Theater”, Newton, MA

Alex Hannah, Action Sports, “Point A to Point B”, Washington DC

Malte Buster Risgaard Brænder, Drama, “Just”, Denmark


Sunday 2:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 22

Screening Loop # 56

Zoe Spielman, Documentary, “Long Way to Go”, Brooklyn, NY

August Polite, Drama, “Sand Boy”, Philadelphia, PA

Matthew Nadel, PSA, “It Can Wait”, Boca Raton, FL

Jonah Dobkin, Siobhan Harms, Jasper Macht, Rene, Servin and Aiden Tepper, PSA, “Be Active”, Studio City, CA

Samantha Tracy, Documentary, “The Plant Based Project”, Marlton, NJ

Vinny Sacchetti, Experimental, “For Sale”, Baltimore, MD

Ruby Rae Drake, Drama, “Run, Run Away”, San Francisco, CA

Paola Delgado, Animation, “My Bird Arm”, Napa, CA

Shane Bagwell and Oliver Howell, Music Video, “Lifetime by Connor Macdonald”, Traverse City, MI

Maurielle Mcgarvey, Experimental, “the white room tapes”, Drive, TX

Lucia Macagno, Lea Salpietra, Audrey Sutton, Jose Reyes, Francis Engle, Noah Kalal, Miles Koupal, Alec Yantis and Kendall Huff, PSA, “Internet Safety PSA”, San Diego, CA                

Matthew Monteleone and Jion Kim, PSA, “Parent Involvement”, Valencia, CA

Nikolai Vazquez, PSA, “Online Safety PSA”

Taylor Ross, Drama, “Wake Up Call”, Tulsa, OK

Kevin Gordon, Drama, “Reflections”, Edison, NJ


Sunday 2:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 21

Screening Loop # 57

Eamon Kelly, Documentary, “Joining the Session”

Emmy Platt, Drama, “Balcony Seats”, Cheyenne, WY

Matthew Moniuszko, Comedy, “Bleep”

Gus Aronson, Drama, “the Gift of Loneliness”, Bronx, NY

Katie Speare and Sacha Lin, Music Video, “Astro, Naught”, Studio City, CA

Noah Maxey, Peyton Thorne and Carter Cole, PSA, “College Access PSA”, Prosper, TX       

Hunter Williams, Documentary, “The Ultimate Sacrifice”, New Zealand

Taylor Stoddard, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Keratin”, Salt Lake City, UT

Austin Coombs-Perez, Experimental,  “Point of View”, Culver City, CA

Andres Nuno,  Jostens Project Yearbook, “Time”, Newbury Park, CA

Devin Arnone and Trey Ramm, Action Sports, “Life Line”, Bella Vista, AR

Alexia Salingaros, Drama, “If I Ask”, San Antonio, TX

Caleb Kuhne, Documentary, “More Than a Classroom”, Wilmington, NC

Graham Burrell, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, “Future Focus”, Coplay, PA

Patrick VanZandt, Drama, “Nope”, Carlsbad, CA


Sunday 2:00 PM

Floor 6, Theater 20

Super Senior # 3

Christie Bednarz, Super Senior, “Abandoned”, Natick, MA

Maya Suchak, Super Senior, “Marquis”, Albany, NY

Paty Gomez-Palacio, Super Senior, “Seraphim”, Austin, TX

Paul Ramstad and Sam Vargen, Super Senior, “Choose One”, Martinez, CA

Majestic Tillman, Super Senior, “Guilt Trip”, Albany, NY

Romany Manriquez, Super Senior, “Moon Gypsy”, McAllen, TX

Ruby Rae Drake, Super Senior, “Potato Chips: A Salty Quest for a Flavorful Life”, San Francisco, CA

Saman Hosseinpuor, Super Senior, “Fish”, Iran

Stephen Boyer, Super Senior, “The Search for Starship One”, Pasadena, CA

Jordan Pollak, Super Senior, “Nuts”, Los Angeles, CA

Kira Bursky, Super Senior, “Tree Hugger”, Asheville, NC