AAHSFF Roadshow

Our Mission:

We aim to transform the way students interact with the visual/media arts. More than ever before, students need to understand visual literacy techniques. Our organization is focused on this need and committed to offering a variety of opportunities for students to transition from passive to active viewers in order to get the most out of any visual experience.

Digital literacy is a vital skill for every student. Students are more engaged than ever before with digital content. Unfortunately many lack the basic skills they need to successfully process, navigate and contribute to the digital world. Although we are immersed in visual language, few of us stop to consider exactly how it works or how we might master it. We need to learn to identify, read, and understand images – to become literate in visual language – in order to communicate successfully in our increasingly image-saturated culture.

Through our traveling Roadshow students will encounter hyper-relevant topics and themes, explore and analyze cinematic techniques, and engage their higher-level thinking skills to connect the visual and literary elements.


Our Program:

Our film screenings are designed to promote the power of motion pictures and the unique and compelling educational opportunities they present. Throughout the program, students will encounter hyper-relevant topics and themes, explore and analyze cinematic techniques, and engage their higher-level thinking skills to connect the visual and literary elements.  

Our films come from students all over the world. The students are as diverse as the content they create and each film provides ample inspiration for stimulating discussion.

Simply put: our program will restore your faith in the powerful voices of the next generation and invite you to experience their unique perspectives on life, love, culture, and coming of age in an ever-changing world.

Program Format:

We will prepare a 90-minute screening program utilizing peer-created content from our library of over 3,000 student films.

Throughout the screening we will elicit student commentary on specific topics presented by the films. Topics will include (but are certainly not limited to): Direction; Screenwriting; Cinematography; Shots and Angles; Sound and Score; Editing; Pacing; After Effects; Production; Theme; Conflict; Setting; Character; Symbols; Dialogue; Figurative Language; Flashback; etc.

In addition to these topics, our commentary will also promote: Filmmaking: an immersive education; The importance of a positive work ethic; using media to create social change; phases of production; and from hometown to Hollywood.

 Sampling of Our Films:

Paradigm (Drama) - The winner of Best Film 2013 offers a compassionate look at two children struggling to come to grips with their parent’s divorce.  The film is both intimate and reflective ultimately illuminating the strength, optimism, and closeness of the siblings.  Cinematic Highlights Include: Captivating performances from the actors, outstanding cinematography, and an original score that sets the perfect emotional tone.

Vacation (Experimental) - is a heartwarming, optimistic portrayal of two siblings struggling with homelessness.  Despite their meager existence the two are full of love and life, ultimately giving the small treasures they possess to others in need.  Cinematic Highlights Include: Cinematography, Teen Performances, Original Score, Plot Development, And Positive Themes.

Losing Luke (Documentary) - This film is truly one-of-a-kind.  Shocking even our most-seasoned celebrity judges, Losing Luke tells the story of Katie, the first transgender student to ever graduate from an Oklahoma high school.  But that isn’t the only surprise, and the director is careful to reveal the empowering story in perfectly executed layers.  Cinematic Highlights Include: Mixed-media (animation), personal interviews, and story structure.

Dear 13 Yr. Old Me (PSA) - This powerful public service announcement addresses the overwhelming insecurities many adolescents face.  Female teens, now older and wiser, offer honest, straightforward advice to their younger selves-- revealing the struggles they faced and the beauty that was there all along.  Cinematic Highlights Include: High Production Value, Development and Organization, Promotion of Social Cause.

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