Here at AAHSFF, we are proud to support our talented alumni as you continue to pursue your passion for film. We created this page as a place where you can share recent developments, post projects, and connect with other young filmmakers interested in your every move. So let's share and connect and build a family tree we can all be proud of!

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WHO: Veronica Malesinski 

AAHSFF HISTORY: 2014 AAHSFF Official Selection, Documentary "Golec uOrkiestra" 

UPDATE: Veronica is working with several other young filmmakers on a film this summer set in Dillon valley, montana. 

WHO: Stephen Boyer

AAHSFF HISTORY: Stephen won best overall film and best comedy at the 2013 aahsff. 

UPDATE: Stephen just finished the trailer for his upcoming film "The search for starship one". 

Who: Leah Galant

AAHSFF History: Leah has been the AAHSFF Volunteer coordinator since 2013. you can thank her for all of the smiling, enthusiastic faces in the yellow staff t-shirts at the festival. 

Update: Leah is a Documentary Studies major at Ithaca College and is currently raising funds to finish a feature documentary called "the provider". 

Who: Doug Keeling

AAHSFF History: 2013 Official Selection, 2013 Nomination for best comedy

UPDate: My sister and I recently co-created a PSA-style comedy web series called Danny's Choice.

Danny is an average Milwaukee 5th grader in 1993 who is always running into peer pressure from his 3 best friends Jimmy, Billy, and Zach. In the midst of a tough decision, what choice will he make? Whether it's drugs or girls, Danny has to make the right choice. Join him on his journey.

You can ask Danny questions and meet the gang at

WHO: Kris theorin

AAHSFF History: 2015 Best Special Effects Winner, and Finalist for Best Overall Film, Best Drama, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing

Update: Kris and his brother were just chosen by LEGO to create a pilot for a series of short videos teaching kids about stop motion animation. For more info. visit: 

In addition to this, his latest film "Alien Communications" is playing at the Borrego Film Festival in California in January.

Update: April 15th 2015, Kira's film "Tree Hugger" was fully funded, shot and has been accepted into The Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France. CONGRATULATIONS kira! 

Who: Kira Bursky

AAHSFF History: 2014 Winner of Best Overall Film, 5 time finalist nominee and performed her song "Warm Rush" live at the 2014 Opening Night Party. 

Current Project: Tree Hugger

About the project in Kira's words: 

Tree Hugger is a film about Clara, a wide-eyed, innocent, freshman high school student encountering the social pressures of dating, friendship, and sexual expectations. Her best friend Cody has a crush on her, but is dismayed when Clara becomes involved with the cute, popular senior Leo.

Paralleling her life's reality and her desire for Leo's attention, Clara also lives in her own magical world that she created with Cody. By simply shutting her eyes, she can escape reality.

Her fantasy world slowly transforms into a darker and dangerous place as her real life is confronted with imposing threats. She comes to grips with her changed worlds when she realizes that her self-worth does not come from the affirmations of others but from herself. In the end, there is someone she can speak with and trust. Cody has always been there for her.