Claustrophobic Creativity: 2 Day Shoot & Edit

Sometimes simple is simply...  better. Following in the footsteps of classic one-room Hollywood movies such as, 12 Angry Men, Rear Window and Rope, teams in this competition will have 2 days to shoot and edit a 2 to 4 minute film that is completely shot in one room.

  • Here is how it works:

    • Your team will receive a prompt on Wednesday, August 1st 2019.

    • You will have roughly 10 weeks to write your script, secure actors and determine/secure 1 room would be best for your shoot.

    • You’ll have from 8am on Thursday, October 10th to 4pm Friday, October 11th to shoot and edit your film. (32 Hours)

    • Each team will be given the opportunity to have an editing station (table chairs and power supply) at the F. I. Headquarters at the Sheraton Times Square. You are required to opt in to the HQ by Tuesday, September 4th 2019.

    • Team’s are responsible for providing their own filming and editing equipment.

    • All teams are required to have an adult chaperone/mentor

    • Maximum number of participating teams: 30

    • Size of Team: 3 to 10 students

    • There is a $50 non-refundable processing fee per team member due by June 15th 2019. Team leaders and chaperones do not pay a registration fee.

    • Films will be judged and winners will be announced by Friday, October 19th.

    • All Films will be available on our YouTube page following the announcement of the winners.

    • Prizing: Prize package to be valued at $500 for the winning film (updates to be announced throughout the year)

    • *Festival tickets sold separately*