Editing Challenge: 1 Day Edit

This is your opportunity to work as a post-production story producer and editor. For this competition, you’ll be reworking pre-existing video content and turning it into your own unique story. 10 weeks prior to the on-site competition in New York City you (or your team) will be provided with watermarked professional film content. You will use the 10 weeks of pre-production to preview and study the content in order to create a unique story. You can also use the pre-production period to create voiceovers, gather music and sound FX, and work on title cards, animations, etc. Once you arrive in New York City, you will make your plan a reality in the edit bay.

  • How It Works:

    • You’ll have 8 hours (8am to 4pm) on Friday, October 11th to edit together a 2 to 4 minute film.

    • You will have the option to edit at the F. I. Headquarters at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel or edit on your own. You are required to opt in to the HQ by Tuesday, September 4th 2019.

    • Your pre-production (approximately 10 weeks) will include drafting the story concept based on the provided footage and creative brief so that you are ready to edit once you arrive in NYC.

    • On August 1st, you’ll receive watermarked links to all of the competition footage as well as a full creative brief outlining the contents original use including: details about the overall concept, content of specific scenes and helpful thematic elements. Because the footage has no dialogue, you’ll have the opportunity to help shape the story and tone via voiceover and music.

    • Maximum number of participating teams: 30

    • Size of Team: 1 to 4 students

    • Team’s are responsible for providing their own editing equipment.

    • All teams are required to have an adult chaperone/mentor

    • To secure your team's participation in this competition there is a $100 non-refundable processing fee due by June 15th 2019. Team leaders and chaperones do not pay a registration fee.

    • Films will be judged and winners will be announced by Friday, October 19th.

    • All Films will be available on our YouTube page following the announcement of the winners.

    • Prizing: Prize package to be valued at $500 for the winning film (updates to be announced throughout the year)

    • *Festival tickets sold separately*