So you want to go to Film School... Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate with film students all over the country and get a first hand view of the experience?  Film School 101 to the rescue! Our new blog is here to help you navigate the film school universe straight from the source. We'll be posting super relevant info and answering all of your burning questions. So stop in to get the 411 on film school.  We'll be here, ready to answer whatever questions you have!

Q:  What is the best way to light my film on a budget?

A: Ithaca College Senior Leah Galant answers this question in the below video. 


Q: What is the best advice you can give me regarding building my portfolio to apply to film school?

A: Ithaca College Senior Haley Stearns answers this question in the below video. 

Q:  Tiffany - I know that being a film production major usually means having a really intense workload. That said, is it still plausible to double major in another area and not collapse from exhaustion?

A: It is definitely possible to double major in two related fields. Having had the thought of double majoring as a first-year student and seeing my journalism friends double major in an outside field, double majoring is completely do-able, provided that the two fields of study have flexible and overlapping course requirements. With a major such as film studies where projects outweigh exam grades, the time to graduate with a double major is plausible if the second area of study is in a related field or is within the same undergraduate degree (i.e. both majors lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree or both lead to a Bachelor of Science degree). In the liberal arts field, the availability for numerous electives provide an outlet to explore other interests and pursue a second major due to the flexibility of the majors offered. If you are interested in pursuing a double major, I would decide early on in your college experience and speak with an academic counselor to lay out the requirements for both majors over the course of four years. 

-Sara Kim - Ithaca College 2017


By Leah Galant

My name is Leah and I’m one of the interns for the All-American High School Film Festival! Right now I’m a Senior (how did I get that old) studying documentary film production at Ithaca College in the good ‘ole state of New York. Only 4 short years ago I was in high school, making movies just like you! I remember being nervous and excited to embark on my next adventure: film school. But where was I to go? So many options… Liberal Arts? Conservatories? Boston? New York? California?

As you can see, I was pretty overwhelmed, perhaps a familiar feeling for some of you. That’s where we come in- myself and other friendly interns are here to alleviate your worries and bestow some of our collegiate knowledge on our fellow filmmakers.

Don’t be fooled though- we, too are still figuring everything out and preparing for the next phase: “The real world”  (panic ensued) But you guys and gals don’t need to think about that yet…..

In high school, I would have loved to talk with college students and get the 411 on what film school was really like. Each week, we will tell you about our experiences in hopes that some of your burning questions will be answered. Think of us as your personal film school gurus- there to guide you through the realm of college.

With that said, feel free to drop in and let us know what you want answers on, whether it be making movies or making friends. Remember, we are here for YOU.

Make sure to check out our blog next week and hear advice from our other interns!

Happy Filmmaking,


-Leah Galant is senior Documentary Studies and Production major from Westchester, NY. Her passions include social justice work and creating documentaries for change. 

You can reach her at

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