AAHSFF has partnered with Soundfood Audio to provide you, student filmmakers, with royalty free music to use in your films. That's right we now have a library of hundreds of songs for you to choose from. 

Soundfood Audio is a creative full service post production audio agency that works one-on-one with clients to create the best possible audio experience. With expertise in film, television, video game, advertisements, and immersive content. Soundfood’s Manhattan based team prides itself on their New York roots and culture of constantly challenging the norm. Soundfood Audio’s relentless pursuit of excellence and audio evolution is combined with a highly talented staff of innovators and industry professionals that put us on the forefront of the music and pro audio industries.

Knowing when to utilize the right talent, put them in a position to succeed, to flourish, and to do what they do best as creative individuals is one aspect of play at the core of our culture. We take pride in employing everything at our disposal to enhance our client’s project and make lives easier for our client musicians, producers, brands, filmmakers, animators, artists and other creatives. Soundfood Audio’s collective of award winning composers offers full service audio capabilities including music and score composition, audio mixing and mastering, dialogue editing, sound design and foley, sound effect design and editing, licensing, music production, VST design, full service packages and more. They offers a robust roster of extremely talented artists that will deliver stellar results, on time and in budget.

Soundfood Audio is proud to partner with the All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF) and to have the opportunity to empower so many young creatives to harness their artistic ambitions. AAHSFF is an event that offers an opportunity for these students to achieve their dreams and take the first step in their exciting careers. The team at Soundfood Audio creates customized professional audio for major names such as Volksbank, London Fashion Week, Step One Theatre Project, The Unseen and more. They are equally excited to leverage that expertise to breath life into the vision of up and coming filmmakers from around the world. Their team will be present at the AMC Theatre in Time Square to offer a truly immersive experience and share their passion for audio in person with the next generation of great minds.

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Chill Lodge is a full production studio serving the TV, film, commercial and music industry worldwide. With over 30 years in the business, we supply the expertise to accommodate all your audio and visual needs. The inspirational facility and staff are laid back yet professional, creating an environment ideal for producing high quality projects of all styles and genres.

Head over to their site to download free tracks for your film!  chilllodge.com