Below is a full list of our 2019 Official Selections. This list is organized in alphabetical order. First by category, then by the film title. We strongly suggest you use the find feature on your computer by pressing Command + F (For MAC users) and Control + F (For PC users). After pressing this combination of keys enter the name you are looking for. 

What is an Official Selection? Official Selections are films that will be screened at the 2019 All American High School Film Festival on October 12th and 13th, 2019 at The AMC Theater in Times Square, NYC. Every year we receive thousands of films submitted by young filmmakers throughout the world. All of our Official Selections are the best of the best, and have been selected by our esteemed judges. If your film is selected to screen at the 2019 festival then your film is eligible to be nominated for an award. All award winners and nominees will be announced at the Teen Indie Awards on Sunday October 13th at The Kings Theater in Brooklyn, NY. Want to know more about festival events? Follow us on social @hsfilmfest and check out our event list, Screening Schedule, Planning Guide and our FAQ.

If your film was selected congratulations! If you see any information below that is incorrect please let us know as soon as possible by emailing August 15th is the last day to let us know if there are any spelling errors in this list before we print our festival programs. Plan on coming to the fest to see your film? Get your tickets, find out when your film will be screening and check out our Festival Planning Guide.

If your film was not selected, know this: In our seven years we have never received so many films at such a high level. The competition is tougher every year and this reinforces our belief that the future of film is brighter than ever before and you want to be a part of it.  But stay focused, not getting in is just another moment in your journey. If you really love filmmaking (and we know you do!) the best thing you can do to improve is to attend the festival and soak in all of the resources we bring together... See what other high school students are creating and where the bar is set, attend panels and workshops designed to specifically help you grow, learn what colleges and universities are looking for, explore the latest technology, and most importantly, form relationships with other young filmmakers that share your dreams and who can help you as you develop your skills. Whatever you decide, don’t give up on your passion.

Keep filming. Keep following your dreams!
See you in New York City!

Action Sports

“Beat NAFO", Action Sports by Ethan Miller, Fort Mill, SC

“Cowhide Football Highlight", Action Sports by Joshua Glass, Visalia, CA

“Dedication", Action Sports by Owen Kelly, Decatur, GA

“Doral Academy Baseball", Action Sports by Adriana Barrios, Miami, FL

“Fencing Rhapsody", Action Sports by Brendon Milan-Howells, San Rafael, CA

“Jordan High Football Promo", Action Sports by Abram Iman, Sandy, UT

“KLM @ Ray's MTB", Action Sports by Sienna Gibson, Lake Orion, MI

“Prosper Baseball Playoffs", Action Sports by Jesse Eckstein, Prosper, TX

“Screw All That HD S**t", Action Sports by Brendan Hollis, Winnetka, IL

“Ted Maliga 60 Second Spotlight", Action Sports by Chanel Gordon, Gracie Sisney, and Greyson Owens Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

“The Herd vs Lambert", Action Sports by Landan Mullen, Sugar Hill, GA

“The Movement of Tricking", Action Sports by James Lee, Torrance, CA

“The Sport of Competitive Cycling", Action Sports by Jack Zakrajsek, Lake Geneva, WI

“Underwater Rigor", Action Sports by Lorraine Rinaldi, Greenwich, CT

“What Do You Show Them?", Action Sports by Joshua Glass, Visalia, CA

“Will Forever B-ILL", Action Sports by Ryan Manuud, South Setauket, NY


“Be Free", Adventure/Travel by Zachary Jones, Hubbard, OH

“Carnival", Adventure/Travel by Audrey Anderson and Allie Robinson, Lehi, UT

“Caroline", Adventure/Travel by Abby Peterson, Dallas, TX

“Ciao Tata", Adventure/Travel by Zoe Medranda, Temecula, CA

“England 2019", Adventure/Travel by Isaac Franson, Saratoga Springs, UT

“Galavanting Through Greece", Adventure/Travel by Alexis Grutchfield, Clearwater, FL

“Genesis' Japan Trip", Adventure/Travel by Genesis Cutuc, San Jose, CA

“Haiti", Adventure/Travel by Kate Whiting, Saratoga Springs, UT

“Home Away From Home", Adventure/Travel by Jane McKinley, Ridgewood, NJ

“Istanbul: Home Away From Home", Adventure/Travel by Selin Tiryakioglu, Jacksonville, FL

“Jambo", Adventure/Travel by Lara Rudar

“Las Vegas Travel Video", Adventure/Travel by Christopher Joel Manings, Treasure Island, FL

“LONDON - Unraveled", Adventure/Travel by Deniz Akyurek

“My Biggest Fear", Adventure/Travel by Denisse Monzon, Burbank, CA

“My Orlando Adventure", Adventure/Travel by Mariah Moya, San Juan, TX

“My Trip to Disney World", Adventure/Travel by Arman Khoobehi, New Orleans, LA

“New York, New York", Adventure/Travel by Ryan Schwenn

“Niagara Falls", Adventure/Travel by Jin-Shiuan Wu, Madison, AL

“Oakland", Adventure/Travel by Paul S. Hosemann, Oakland, CA

“One Day in Chengdu", Adventure/Travel by Hao Nicole Zheng, St. Petersburg, FL

“Perspective", Adventure/Travel by Preston Strickland, Highland, UT

“Summer Adventures Through Camera and Drone", Adventure/Travel by Richard Christian Beck, Louisville, KY

“The Great Lakes Project", Adventure/Travel by Rachel Goodman

“Winter Break with Friends and Family", Adventure/Travel by Ari Burns, Deerfield Beach, FL


“Adok", Animation by Nina Moser, Vancouver, Canada

“Axel: Overture", Animation by Max Shoham, Toronto, Canada

“Bitter Figures", Animation by Sebastian Soler, Snellville, GA

“Brick's Path", Animation by Oliver Fredericksen, Carmel Valley, CA

“Clair de Lune", Animation by Katherine Xiang, Brooklyn, NY

“Creation", Animation by Brandon Coffey, Allen, TX

“Crush", Animation by Waree Protprommart, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“D.O.G", Animation by Yinuo Wei, Irvine, CA

“Dear McCracken", Animation by CJ Jobelle, Burbank, CA

“Dollface", Animation by Alex DeRosa, Short Hills, NJ

“Double Cross", Animation by Amiri Scrutchin, Highlands, TX

“Drib n' Guy", Animation by Claire Kim, Houston, TX

“Ebb & Flow", Animation by Corbin Vincent, Soulsbyville, CA

“Facility 003 Episode 1 - Finale", Animation by Ace Kim, Apex, NC

“Forbidden Fruit", Animation by Sophia Rigg

“Golden Opportunity", Animation by Gordon Summitt, Allen, TX

“Grim jr.", Animation by Brooke Aftomis, Allen, TX

“Gunslinger", Animation by Kathryne Garrido, Gastonia, NC

“Hearth", Animation by Max Shoham

“HEISTED", Animation by Katie Moore, Carlsbad, CA

“Hermes", Animation by Ashley Cai, Los Altos Hills, CA

“Holly Hocus Pocus", Animation by Amanda Golla, Humble, TX

“Home", Animation by Tess Nelson, Columbia Heights, MN

“Horizon", Animation by Lance Pospiech and Jason Baker, Modesto, CA

“Humor", Animation by Emily Zullo, Pound Ridge, NY

“Jet Striker", Animation by Tyler Salomon, Kew Gardens, NY

“Joy Ride", Animation by Kymberlee Gonzales

“KEYS", Animation by Oliver Fredericksen, Carmel Valley, CA

“Lancaster & Mary", Animation by Cohen Certenberg, Sugar Land, TX

“Let Your Imagination Fly", Animation by Helen Yong, Lexington, KY

“Letting Go", Animation by Lizbeth Rodriguez

“Living Spectrum", Animation by Kimberly Navarrete, Mayra Lares, and Litzy Hernandez, San Jose, CA

“Lost and Found", Animation by Ben Kraft, Easton, PA

“Margo", Animation by Amelia Maxham, Libby Slaughter, Ben Clark, Summers Worthington, Johnny Krosby-Groner, Jhael J. Rasheed, Victoria Stiefvater, Conrad Heins, Nicholas Tennery, and Jago Gould

“Mending", Animation by Natalie Piszcz, Lilly Parker, Meera Gandhi, and Sarah Wimbish

“Mixed Feelings", Animation by Jose Luis Fernandez, Miami, FL

“Out Like a Light", Animation by Lauren St. Paul, Houston, TX

“Outside", Animation by Emma Evanson and Patricia Baena, Ladera Ranch, CA

“Papaver", Animation by Tammy Hoang and Bonnie Yuen, Vancouver

“Pass or Perish", Animation by Jose Luis Fernandez, Miami, FL

“Perfeggtion", Animation by Ethan Chene, Jacksonville, FL

“Phones Are Our Buds", Animation by Nikki Behjat, Las Vegas, NV

“Pirate Nauts", Animation by Edmundo Estrada, Sanger, CA

“Ravioli", Animation by Jesse Banda, Humble, TX

“Sea of Spires", Animation by Alice Li, Allen, TX

“SELF", Animation by Gwen Scott, Denver, CO

“Sketchy", Animation by Faith C. Nana, Celina, TX

“Soaring", Animation by Pier Paolo Piccoli, New York, NY

“Stargazer", Animation by Kat Garrido, Gastonia, NC

“Surfs Up", Animation by Caleb Kravitz, Saint Petersburg, FL

“Tattwo", Animation by Emma Nebeker, Austin, TX

“Tearless", Animation by Lauren Kim,Oradell, NJ

“Ted Ted Teddy Bear", Animation by Nicholas Nguyen, Davenport, IA

“The Acquisition", Animation by Bryanna Gavino, Manteca, CA

“The Alien, The Space Hamster And The Burrito", Animation by Arielle Sinicin, Marlboro, NJ

“The Jenkins Christmas Special", Animation by Liam Norman, Arlington, VA

“The Lonely Stoplight", Animation by Howard Kung, Escondido, CA

“The Monarch Of The Street", Animation by Sebastián Jaime, Reynosa, Mexico

“The Red Yarn", Animation by Emma Craig, Celina, TX

“Touch", Animation by Zoey Byers, Mercer Island, WA

“Two-Headed Calf", Animation by V. M. Eller, Laredo, TX

“Weird Nightmare", Animation by Jose Rodriguez, Mcallen, TX

“Whalefall", Animation by Angie Yang and Cheryl Wang, Saratoga, CA

“Write and Wrong", Animation by Brandon Sridhar Krish and Devon Krish, Los Gatos, CA

“You Reap What You Sow", Animation by Jacob Updyke

Broadcast Journalism: Broadcast TV Highlights

“AV Sixty Second Spotlight: Aatif Khan", Broadcast Journalism: Broadcast TV Highlights by Noah Bryan and Sara Rushing, Broken Arrow, OK

“BAHS Pulse Highlights", Broadcast Journalism: Broadcast TV Highlights by Mason Eversole, Broken Arrow, OK

“Best of The Ridge", Broadcast Journalism: Broadcast TV Highlights by Allie Robinson and Audrey Anderson, Lehi, UT

“Broken Arrow High School GMBA Highlight", Broadcast Journalism: Broadcast TV Highlights by Annika Bush, Broken Arrow, OK 

“Howland Maximum Media Sports - Basketball Highlights", Broadcast Journalism: Broadcast TV Highlights by Issac Bellew, Warren, OH

“Ranger TV Highlights", Broadcast Journalism: Broadcast TV Highlights by Joshua Glass, Visalia, CA

Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story

“A Special Bond", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Molly Stineman

“Arc Broward Pageant", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Alexis Bernstein, Miami, FL

“BAHS Indoor Percussion Spotlight", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Noah Bryan and Sara Rushing, Broken Arrow, OK

“BioMed", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Kali Markowski

“Carol Heiss-Jenkins Profile", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Marissa Ulchaker, Rocky River, OH

“CCA-TV: Climate Protest", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Melanie An, Zoe Sandberg Smith, Robin Tete, Ryan Niedernhofer, and Victoria Smitham, San Diego, CA

“Connecting with People", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Sanya Salehi

“Diwal - Festival of Lights", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Kishan Viswanathan, West Jordan, UT

“Domestic Violence", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Ashlyn Vauble and Kennasyn Ray, Springfield, MO

“Emily Shultz 60 Second Spotlight", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Virginia Kaseman, Tulsa, OK 

“Ethan Gaunard: Class President", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Alexander Someillan, Miami, FL

“Fabio Naranjo Feature", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Sebastian Ibarra, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Facing The Future", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Michelle Lewis, Hannah Martin, and Sara Snelson, Springfield, MO

“Flex Oaklawn", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Sydney Blount

“Irreplaceable", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Hannah Martin, Springfield, MO

“Just Dance... You’ll be Okay", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Liz Moerman

“Lion Heart Book Store", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Sebastian Ibarra, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Makerspace", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Dylan Lao, Sugar Hill, GA

“Me Too", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Kamryn Climer and John Craigmyle, Springfield, MO

“Nora Hindrum-Larsen", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Sasha Agarwal and Addison Pearman, Springfield, MO

“One in a Million", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Collins Dunn and Jacob Thomasson, Cleveland, GA

“Retro And Reuse", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Emma Brown, Springfield, MO

“Roger King", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Alexander Sharp and Elijah Conaway, Springfield, MO

“The Feast", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Shelby Tiernan

“The Magic of 3D Printing", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Cameon Wade

“The Permanent Side of Tattoos", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Gladis Hernandez and Katie Saiko, Springfield, MO

“The Poetry of Hip-Hop", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Max Friedman, East Setauket, NY

“The Untold Story of Being Homeless During The Winter", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Mariah Oke-Thomas and Zoe Hamilton, Springfield, MO

“The Wagner Triplets", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Kaylee Sun, Kayla Helms, Michael Lee, and Mariah Oke-Thomas, Springfield, MO

“Umbrella Sky Project", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Thomas Pozo, Miami, FL

“Victory For Kids", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Alexander Someillan and Lukas Guerra, Miami, FL

“Walking for Water", Broadcast Journalism: Feature Story by Miles Fesler, Carlsbad, CA

Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature

“Copper Hills Swim Team", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Kishan Viswanathan and Cameron Schmidt, West Jordan, UT

“Crushing It", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by TJ Hourigan and Morgan Kane, Millis, MA

“Denny Does Diving", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Kelly Dunne and Luke Farlie, Davie, FL

“District Wide Pep Rally", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Molly Stineman

“Dual Quarterback System", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Andrew Wells and Jianna Giovannetti, Broken Arrow, OK 

“Gabrielle Amado", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Anajulia Morales, Doral, FL

“Legacy Football", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Lily Brown and Katelin Ulmer, Greenwich, CT

“Lightning Lacrosse", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Jae Yoon Cha, Irvine, CA

“Muay Thai", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Alex Nunez, Gilbert, AZ

“NSU University School Basketball Championship News Package", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Alison Kutler

“Running Blind", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Jacob Kau, Robert Moragrega, Alexander Goena, Axel Mendler, and Joel Gomez, San Diego, CA

“WCHS Volleyball - Never Say Never", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Ryan Kerley, Cleveland, GA

“ZoJocks", Broadcast Journalism: Sports Feature by Joseph Fernandez and Steven Lee, Miami, FL


“Our Book", Comedy by Lucas Boniface, Salt Lake City, UT

“6TEEN", Comedy by Fabricio Almeida and Jeyler Zabala, Miami, FL

“88 Words Per Minute", Comedy by Brian Hume, Independence, OR

“A Good Explanation", Comedy by Ryan Leshock and Erin Kuehner, Naperville, IL

“Ape", Comedy by Jared Goudsmit, Kirkwood, MO

“Beyond the Pages", Comedy by Kaelyn Choi and Stephen Conrad

“Blackmail", Comedy by Noah Hecht, Ryan Curcio, and Max Miesen, Encinitas, CA

“Clown", Comedy by Keeley Giblin

“Clueless Ryan", Comedy by Sam Sexton, Santa Monica, CA

“Cody Isn’t Cool", Comedy by Maddy Wade, Purcellville, VA

“Crime That Pays", Comedy by Nicholas Danner, Los Angeles, CA

“CTRL+P", Comedy by Henry Van Zytveld, Chicago, IL

“Cultivate", Comedy by Alex Baglio, New York, NY

“Demeanor", Comedy by Anajulia Morales and Nicolas Miguel, Miami, FL

“Dinner Date", Comedy by Phoebe Yung, Florham Park, NJ

“Dirkgesh", Comedy by Adam Mehdi, Lewisville, TX

“Fare and Square", Comedy by Ryan Jachetta

“First Time 2: The Second First Time", Comedy by Aryan Gupta, Jacksonville, FL

“Fortune Favours", Comedy by Lily Cantor, Jacksonville, FL

“Game Show", Comedy by Siri Ketha, Irving, TX

“Gerald", Comedy by Gabe Castrillon and Antonio Ivarra

“Get Lit or Die Trying", Comedy by Gopal Bala, Allen, TX

“Goodbye Tom: The End of an Era", Comedy by John Barnes, Arlington, VA

“Gregg", Comedy by Aaron Gallegos, Glenview, IL

“Ground Beef", Comedy by Enoch Leung, Suwanee, GA

“Handle with Care", Comedy by Carolina Lajara and Emely Rodriguez

“Happy's Depressed!", Comedy by Eamonn Murphy, Canada

“HERO", Comedy by Joseph Bailey, Oakland, CA

“Hopes and Dreams", Comedy by Josh Ceranic, Lakeland, FL

“Hot", Comedy by Sheela Vasan, Dallas, TX

“Hothead", Comedy by Chris Lohmeyer, Irvine, CA

“How To Change The World In Nine Months", Comedy by Brooklynn Weger, Cleburne, TX

“Husband Calling Contest of 1986", Comedy by Dylan Guss, Porter Ranch, CA

“Internet Sins", Comedy by Antonio Ivarra

“It's Gif", Comedy by Hudson Price

“Lady Killer", Comedy by Scott Convery, Flower Mound, TX

“Le Rendez-vous", Comedy by Maggie Mudge

“Love at Last Sight", Comedy by Tatum Garvey

“Miguel", Comedy by Kaleb Rodriguez, Jacksonville, FL

“Mom", Comedy by Nicole Bahar

“Now Hiring", Comedy by Jack Matthews and Max Weikel, Austin, TX

“Open Mic", Comedy by Brendan Hickey and Peter Brown

“PARKING LOT", Comedy by Jack Nordstrom

“Payback", Comedy by Josh Bowen, Lakeland, FL

“Pormposal", Comedy by Oskar Hirte and Olivia Mason, Stratham, NH

“Prius Poker", Comedy by Riley Scott, Tom Stiel, Jake Berman, and Jack Anthenelli, Solana Beach, CA

“Redwood High", Comedy by Sylvia Colt-Lacayo, Oakland, CA

“Slow Dance", Comedy by Nick Pollack, Chandler, AZ

“Sour Business", Comedy by Connor Karst, Ballwin, MO

“Stage Fright", Comedy by Albert Levine, Sebastopol, CA

“Suburban Soaps", Comedy by Rebecca Miller, Wilmette, IL

“Superposition", Comedy by Andrew Gerstenblatt, Barrington, RI

“Surprise", Comedy by Lindsay Ellis, Bellingham, WA

“T.I.M.", Comedy by Adrian Delcan

“Takeout", Comedy by Brendan Hickey, Rachel Warshaw, and Claire Kilkenny, Seattle, WA

“The Abduction", Comedy by Lex Garcia, Arlington, VA

“The Birds", Comedy by Braeden Donnelly, Randolph, NJ

“The Biscuit", Comedy by Elena Mateo and Melissa Acosta, San Jose, CA

“The Dent", Comedy by Michael Costa and Huda Khan, Tustin, CA

“The Final Film", Comedy by Daniel Madigan, Avon, CT

“The Genocide Project", Comedy by Rachel Goodman

“The Great Escape", Comedy by Aaron Gallegos, Glenview, IL

“The Interrogation", Comedy by Ben Pacheco, Brentwood, CA

“The Last Sicilian", Comedy by Zachary Maxwell

“The Lost Boy", Comedy by Brendan Egan, West Roxbury, MA

“The New Kid", Comedy by Jake Primak, Huntington Woods, MI

“The Odd Family", Comedy by Payton Kim, Julianna Sabile, and Reese Abbott, Fullerton, CA

“The Perfect Girl", Comedy by Jack Cohenour, Blaine, WA

“The Quest", Comedy by Sage Croft, Windermere, FL

“THE RIDE", Comedy by Aquiles Barreto and Isabella De La Grana, Miami, FL

“The Rookie", Comedy by Keven Hernandez and Ezra Landeros, McAllen, TX

“The Sad Life of Jack Swain", Comedy by Max Friedman, East Setauket, NY

“The World Within Vincent", Comedy by Braden Swope, CA

“Two Hogs and a Pig", Comedy by Sam Kellman

“We Killed Carl!", Comedy by Luca Csathy, Danny Applebaum, James Wilkey and Reed Martin, San Diego, CA

“What the Buc?", Comedy by Scott Convery, Flower Mound, TX

“Wonder Bread", Comedy by Max Lerner, Paradise Valley, AZ

“Yellow Fever", Comedy by Michelle Liang, Dallas, TX

“You're Invited", Comedy by Cayleigh Pine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


“75 Years of Silence", Documentary by Benjamin Mack-Jackson, Clermont, FL

“80 pounds", Documentary by Hadley McPhee

“A Beating Heart", Documentary by Jan Di Sapone, St. Augustine, FL

“A Life Cut Down, A Legacy Lives On", Documentary by Nora Swidey, Newton, MA

“A Passover Story", Documentary by John Barnes, Arlington, VA

“A Place In This World", Documentary by Zane Riemer, Chappaqua, NY

“A Shot in the Dark", Documentary by Riley Yen, Yorba Linda, CA

“A Significant Step Forward: The Tragedy and Triumph of the Equal Pay Act", Documentary by Kaisal Shah and Madeline Price, Shaker Heights, OH

“A Story Of Regret", Documentary by Colin Wang, Irvine, CA

“A Vida é Bela.", Documentary by Madison Donovan and Autumn O'Connell, Millis, MA

“American Born Confused Desi", Documentary by Anvita Gurung, San Diego, CA

“Americans are Immigrants", Documentary by Danielle Amir-Lobel, Elinor Amir-Lobel, and Shane Foley, La Jolla, CA

“Another Day, Another Dollar", Documentary by Joselin Barbosa, Mia Heard, and Laken Haggard, Dallas, Texas

“Anxiety", Documentary by Chloe Kiriluk, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Artist in Progress", Documentary by Emily McNeill and Kera McGovern, Colts Neck, NJ

“Ascent", Documentary by Reed Martin, Noah Hecht, Max Mereminsky, Max Miesen, Riley Scott, and Gabe Yung, Carlsbad, CA

“Avoidable Trauma", Documentary by Olivia Absey-Allen, Frances Freais, and Caitlin Sheen

“BEYOND THE 38TH", Documentary by Hayden J. Epperley, Euless, TX

“Beyond the Wall", Documentary by Mia Nelson and Zoe Redlich

“Breaking the Silence", Documentary by Richards Nimbley

“Buried Under Scripture", Documentary by Max Grabl

“By Leading the Way", Documentary by Elliana Karris, Las Vegas, NV

“Camp Kenedy: An American Concentration Camp", Documentary by Jolie Mead

“Chords2Cure Documentary: Climb Beyond These Lines", Documentary by Elijah Ezralow, Los Angeles, CA

“Christina's Compton", Documentary by Molly Ribbeck and Alex Skidmore, Houston, TX

“Coffee for the People", Documentary by Jewoo Lee

“Dancing on Black and White", Documentary by John Li, Metuchen, NJ

“", Documentary by Jeremy Zhang, Alyssa Yau, Sean Patel, Lauren Kim, and Jonathan Liu, Plano, TX

“Dependent", Documentary by Drake Presto, San Diego, CA

“Descendants of Tosni", Documentary by Steven Pu, Philadelphia, PA

“Detour", Documentary by Grant Kaufman, Boulder, CO

“Dreaming", Documentary by Sage Nelsen

“Every Hatter Matters", Documentary by Yoni Azulay, Horsham, PA

“Expectations", Documentary by Abby Navin, Manchester, VT

“Exposure: The Problem of Teen Sexual Assault", Documentary by Jordan Pettiford, Ryo Sato, Yurika Kinjo, and Gabriel Santos-Martins, Alpharetta, GA

“F*G", Documentary by Keeton Holder, Lees Summit, MO

“Facially Honest", Documentary by Sarah Hazlette, Prosper, TX

“Fighting the Fight", Documentary by Brooks Bell

“Finding X", Documentary by Ryan Cheverino, McDonough, GA

“Friendship Park", Documentary by Casey Kim, Justin Park, and Landon Poon

“From AIDS to Advice: LGBTQ+ Seniors Tell Their Stories", Documentary by Sophie Kim

“Gendercide: IN THE MODERN WORLD", Documentary by Andrea Mendoza, Karen Chavez, and Guadalupe Roman, Dallas, TX

“Gift of Hope", Documentary by Jaclyn Menendez and Andrea Garrido, Doral, FL

“Girl on Court 打篮球的小女孩", Documentary by Ruoshui Liu, Beijing, China

“Girls = STEM?", Documentary by David Yang, Gilbert, AZ

“Gray Areas", Documentary by Kat Swander and Jack Safir

“Guatemalans and Their Government", Documentary by Daniel Novokov and Walt Schoen

“H.O.P.E.", Documentary by Elizabeth Kalinowsky

“Have Hope", Documentary by Ricardo De Oliveira, Rodrigo Hiller, and Anthony Bordone, Hialeah, FL

“Head Above Water", Documentary by Max Rogoff, Irvine, CA

“Heroes of the Sea", Documentary by Landon Rowles, Franklin, TN

“Hibakusha", Documentary by Adler Moss and John Schaefer, Valley Center, KS

“High Lonesome Sound", Documentary by Charlie Overman, Lexington, KY

“His Unspoken Expression", Documentary by Joshua Ben-Shoshan

“Hold the Sun in Your Hands: The Erika Jacoby Story", Documentary by Talia Abel, Xenia Bernal, Ian Kim, Alejandro Moses, Hank Schoen, India Spencer, Eva Suissa, and Michael Zambrano

“Homosexuality in America: The Fight for Equality", Documentary by Michelle Lewis and Sara Snelson, Springfield, MO

“I'm Human Too", Documentary by Jonathan Landeros

“I'm Not Afraid", Documentary by Lily Yang, Mabel Xiong, and Ivy Zhang

“Identidad Perdida", Documentary by Anahi De Los Reyes, Jennifer Narvaez, and Emely Romo, Dallas, TX

“Illustrating History", Documentary by Eli Golding, Baltimore, MD

“In Search of Meaning", Documentary by Skyler Sulby, Yardley, PA

“Internet Reconnaissance", Documentary by Kennedy G. Smith, Woodbridge, VA

“Just for Now", Documentary by Donelle DaSilva, Kew Gardens, NY

“Korea and Collectivism", Documentary by Young Bin Park, Seoul, South Korea

“Kung Fu Joe", Documentary by Doria Focareta and Violet Wright, Pittsburgh, PA

“Labyrinth", Documentary by Malen Cuturic, Andre Holland, Brendan Ours, Sam Marshall, Kyle Sminchak, James Welch, and Colin Donovan, Lakewood, OH

“Las Madres Perdidas (The Lost Mothers)", Documentary by Anna Katz

“Last Dance at the Cocoanut Grove", Documentary by Charles Shi, Joey Huang, Aidan Goldenberg-Hart, Eli Protas, and Daniel Greigg, Potomac, MD

“LGBTQ Inclusion in the United Methodist Church”, Documentary by Charlie Nichols, Washington, DC

“Life at a Japanese High School", Documentary by Ethan Chu, Irvine, CA

“Life on the Ropes", Documentary by Taeho Choe, Bellevue, WA

“Life Rolls On", Documentary by Nepal Arslan

“Life Worth Living", Documentary by Valerie Black, Millis, MA

“Little Portraits", Documentary by Bianca Maiocchi, Los Angeles, CA

“Live For Today", Documentary by Jacob Young, Franklin, WI

“Live Like Oaks", Documentary by Sophia Georgas, Greenwich, CT

“Lively", Documentary by Dylan Smith

“Living With Dyslexia", Documentary by Kate Larson, Prosper, TX

“Lost in the Media", Documentary by Maya Budhrani, Jade Young, and Nohemi Torres, Dallas, TX

“Luke Chacko: The Little Kid with a Big Voice", Documentary by Victoria Chikaoneka, Arlington, TX

“Madre e Hija", Documentary by Kacey Kim and Chance Walker, Studio City, CA

“Makeup by Lila", Documentary by Gigi Jervis and Piper Van Wagenen, Darien, CT

“María", Documentary by Megan Winkelmann, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“Maya", Documentary by Rebecca Anton, East Elmhurst, NY

“Mayan Dreams Through Education", Documentary by Joy Ho and Alexandra Poe

“Mi Granito de Arena (My Little Grain of Sand)", Documentary by Gracie Sandman

“Misconceptions: A Mini Documentary About Human Trafficking", Documentary by Michelle Lewis, Springfield, MO

“My Child's Right Hand", Documentary by Consuelo Perez, Lluliana Delgado, and Anyssa Diaz, Dallas, TX

“My Name is Hannah", Documentary by Madeline Pudelka, Millis, MA

“My New Family Tree", Documentary by Grace Krsul-Sullivan, Bridgman, MI

“mY sToRy", Documentary by Raven Horton, Dacula, GA

“Never Too Late", Documentary by Brittney Hicks

“New Normal”, Documentary by Grace McDevitt, Wilton, CT

“Opstanak", Documentary by Henry Platt, New York, NY

“Ordained to Train", Documentary by Gavin Trisler

“Panua: Partners in Hope", Documentary by Ella Grace Rodriguez, Maitland, FL

“Parallel Worlds", Documentary by Eve Peters, Stony Brook, NY

“People of Xizhou", Documentary by Yijie Zhao, Wanting Yang, Hongyu Pan, and Yangfan Ying

“Period Poverty", Documentary by Vasny Martinez, Charlize Randle, and Mariana Rios, Dallas, TX

“Perry's Journey", Documentary by Kevin Garcia, Colin Bae, Sanam Azai, Rohan Khehar, and Timothy Zhang, San Diego, CA

“Peter Daniels: A Child Survivor of Theresienstadt", Documentary by Alexandra Ankai, Fiona Fortunato, Theo Heron, Keila McCabe, Idalis McZeal, and Anahy Portillo

“Phanzii", Documentary by Sydney Villacortabuer, Jacksonville, Fl

“Prescott Circus", Documentary by Micheal Herrera, Brilliant Williams, and Josh Hill

“Pursuit of Happiness", Documentary by Gabriella Zhou, Alisa Li, Nick Wang, and Steven Zeng

“Raised On Croquettas", Documentary by David Perez, Miami, FL

“Raising Heroes", Documentary by Cecilia Duncan, Greenwich, CT

“Remember", Documentary by Christian Flore, Dewitt, MI

“Rhythms of Africa", Documentary by Enrique Ros and Chyanne Flores, Pembroke Pines, FL

“River Photography", Documentary by River Farrell

“Road to Recovery", Documentary by Carly Campbell

“Ruthie", Documentary by Finn Gatins, Beverly Hills, CA

“Salute Military Golf Association", Documentary by Alexander Crocker and Alyssa Wang, Chevy Chase, MD

“Sanctuary", Documentary by Neil Dogra, Mequon, WI

“Sanguine", Documentary by Cade Langsdon

“Second Heaven: A Refugee's Story", Documentary by Sadie Curdts, Denver, CO

“Sex Trafficking: The Modern Slave", Documentary by Giuliana Alcaraz, Josie Ibarra, and Kristen Herrera, Dallas, TX

“Shaadi (Wedding)", Documentary by Anoushka Singhania

“Shooting the War", Documentary by Luna Ubide Holmes, New York City, NY

“Skateboarding", Documentary by Ricky Rodriguez

“Socially Stressed", Documentary by Olivia Themistocles and Madison Schofield

“SOMNIUM", Documentary by Camila Celaya, Carolina Herrera, and Leilani Peña, Miami, FL

“Soviet Semites", Documentary by David Abramson

“Stolen Girlhood", Documentary by Gabriela Hernandez, Tarniesha Floyd, and Leslie Lemus, Dallas, TX

“Stronger than Steel", Documentary by Jacob Pincus, Beachwood, OH

“Student's First", Documentary by Sophie Reis and Sebastian Ibarra, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Success is Not a Straight Lane", Documentary by Ella Green and Isabel Ames, Greenbrae, CA

“Suicide Prevention", Documentary by Julie Garcia

“Take Action", Documentary by Kayla Ginyard

“The 100th Game", Documentary by Hailey Havron

“The American Challenge", Documentary by Cameron Broadway, Madison, MS

“The Art Coach", Documentary by Michael Garlatti, Edison, NJ

“The Artisans", Documentary by Cindy Bao, Fiona Jiang, Ethan Shao, David Tang, Tony Teng, Rey Yu, Jesse Zhang, and Annie Zhou, New Haven, CT

“The Best Job in the World", Documentary by Sofia Jaakola and Moa Villasmil, Ludvika, Sweden

“The Blacker the Berry", Documentary by Taylor Fields and Camille Wilson

“The Blinded Side", Documentary by Hailey Saga, Norwalk, CA

“The Camera", Documentary by Alexander Someillan, Miami, FL

“The Classroom", Documentary by Nichole Castelli, Norman Garcia, Trinity Decker, Julia Salmon, Gio Rodriguez, Tamia Rodriguez, TJ Carter, Marcus Huff, Tyler Williams, and Joseph Guy, Sewell, NJ

“The Evolution of the Internet", Documentary by Esha Charles, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“The Gatekeeper", Documentary by Daniella Tocco, Eastchester, NY

“The Gift of Healing", Documentary by Mary Summerlin

“The Great Die Off", Documentary by Aidan Mulvihill, Cole Flashner, Axel Orzano, and Kyrie Mbonu, Kent, CT

“The Meal", Documentary by Taylor Teusch and Oadhan Lynch, New York City, NY

“The Montford Point Marines: A Carroll Braxton Story", Documentary by Shane Fordham, Philadelphia, PA

“The Power of a Voice", Documentary by Prabhnoor Kaur, Newtown, PA

“The Power of Storytelling", Documentary by Richard Christian Beck, Louisville, KY

“The Spirit of Liberty", Documentary by Imogen Shearmur and Annabel Zimmer

“The Time Is Now", Documentary by Hadassah Nix, Colorado Springs, CO

“The Waves of Music", Documentary by Vivian Zhan, Jerry Zhang, and Alisa Li

“The Workshop", Documentary by Sydney Madison

“Til I Come Home", Documentary by Chloe Shelton, Salem, VA

“Tina's Story", Documentary by Sophie Zawadzki, Cleveland Heights, OH

“To Infinity and Beyond", Documentary by Melanie An, San Diego, CA

“Tomodachi", Documentary by Grant Hall, Phoenix, AZ

“Tribunes Feminines", Documentary by Sophie Laurence, Cambridge, MA

“Two Rivers", Documentary by Owen Tacy, Kent, CT

“Uncaged: Women Behind Bars", Documentary by Giuliana Alcaraz, Josie Ibarra, and Kristen Herrera, Dallas, TX

“Unplugged", Documentary by Abigail Dickinson

“Unspoken Evolution of the Massai", Documentary by Lily Annenberg, Santa Monica, CA

“Unveiled", Documentary by Sofia Bajwa, Sugar Land, TX

“Voice of America: Edward R. Murrow and the Triumph of Investigative Journalism Over Tragedies", Documentary by Parker Beverly, Pensacola, FL

“We Keep Talking", Documentary by Samuel Jakobi and Tyshon Bailey

“We The People: The Mystery Behind Underrepresentation", Documentary by Cassandra Hernandez, Victoria Puente, and Maria Lopez, Dallas, TX

“Wengshan's Children", Documentary by Yiqing Xing, Pomfret, CT

“What Is Love?", Documentary by Sophia Pangalos, Littleton, CO

“When Worlds Collide", Documentary by Nico Ray, Prosper, TX

“Who is Paola Flores?", Documentary by Silvia Miranda

“Why The Education System Is Not 'One-Size-Fits-All’", Documentary by Erin Miller and Isabel Mora, Winter Park, FL

“Womanhood", Documentary by Rebecca Li, Ludvika, Sweden

“Wonderfully and Contentedly Lost", Documentary by Chelsea Yang, Matei Raam, and Gabriella Zhou, Hattingen, Germany

“Your Name is Britney", Documentary by Britney Bautista, Lake Hopatcong, NJ


“28:20", Drama by Ethan Soo, Skokie, IL

“1073 MILES", Drama by Madison Rambowski, Hamburg, NJ

“5.2 Miles Between Whittier and Amalfi", Drama by Roxy Sorkin

“59 Seconds", Drama by Ryan Beard, Tee Dickinson, Cody Feiner, Bryan Guzman, and Howman Pagola

“8 Hours", Drama by Carson McKinnon

“A Bloody War", Drama by Yinuo "Willow" Cai, Los Angeles, CA

“A Breach in the Wall", Drama by Frank Gu and Evelyn Sun, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“A Chance to Talk", Drama by Kara Mestanas, Sedona Salb, and Paul Cosby, Arnold, MD

“A Girl Named May", Drama by Sarah Conroy and Gaby Dollahite, Madison, CT

“A Life of Memories", Drama by James Carr and Sarbik Saha

“A Long Ways Away", Drama by Ren Collantes, Elinor Weber, and Ethan Chu, Santa Ana, CA

“A New Spring", Drama by Javier Alatorre,

“A Rose Colored Filter", Drama by Max Rosenblum, Palo Alto, CA

“A Step", Drama by Baggio Jiang and Ray Qian, Culver, IN

“A Wake Up Call", Drama by Alex Dekelbaum, Plano, TX

“Accepted", Drama by Emma Gillian, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Across the Street", Drama by Caden H. Hollander

“Affliction", Drama by Victor Martinez, Cedar Park, TX

“After", Drama by Jack Tynan, Northville, MI

“After Dark", Drama by Isaiah Gomez, Perth Amboy, NJ

“After the Beep", Drama by Kyle Farscht and Jessica Yeager, Short Hills, NJ

“Aftermath", Drama by Daniel Gonzalez

“Alex", Drama by Wilson Jones, San Antonio, TX

“All Nighter", Drama by Ricardo Martiarena, Weston, FL

“Alone", Drama by Skyler Sulby, Yardley, PA

“Amor del Bueno (Real Love)", Drama by Brendon Milan-Howells, San Rafael, CA

“Arietta", Drama by Justin Pauley, Jacksonville, FL

“Ava", Drama by Grace Musser

“Bait", Drama by Sophie Gilmour

“Big Talk", Drama by Lily Wellington, Mount Vernon, NY

“Bingo", Drama by Amira Aboudallah and Jacob Hebdon, Las Vegas, NV

“Blue", Drama by Clarissa Lam, Olivia Dorrance, Sophie Frey, Sasha Green, Liz Tril, and Kayla Wong, Oakland, CA

“Boy", Drama by Marley Aguirre, Ava Sofia Settoon, Tyler Jones, and Gabriel Yung, San Diego, CA

“Breath of Air", Drama by Max Rosenblum, Palo Alto, CA

“Brothers' Bounty", Drama by Alexander Tolerico

“Bubblehead", Drama by Vigga Wagner

“But for The Birds on The Roof", Drama by Abby Sparks and Destiny Hernandez, Deer Park, TX

“Bygones", Drama by Theo Shakes, Auckland, New Zealand

“Cardboard Castles", Drama by Isabelle Leonard, Kyle Patton, Wyatt Johnston, Victoria Page, and Corbin Breaux, Nolensville, TN

“Chaos is a Boy Named Charlie", Drama by Brady Dunne and Sydney Fisher, Arlington, VA

“Checkmate", Drama by Dominic Cary, Lawrenceville, GA

“Chicago Undercover", Drama by Mateen Missaghi, Vaughan, Canada

“Close from Afar", Drama by Grace Gallagher

“Color of My Soul", Drama by Tshego "Tee" Makoatsane, Jeremy Miranda, and Malik Steele, New York, NY

“Supplementary", Drama by Kelly Yu, New Orleans, LA

“Con Artist", Drama by Raphael Edwards and Emmet Wickham-Decter, Boston, MA

“Consideration", Drama by Chase Cutarelli

“Contention", Drama by John Li, Metuchen, NJ

“Curtains", Drama by Yoni Azulay, Horsham, PA

“Danni and Alyssa", Drama by Nishika Agarwal, New Providence, NJ

“DAYS", Drama by Sebastian Hou, Portola Valley, CA

“Denim", Drama by MaKayla Hoover, Dallas, TX

“Dissociation", Drama by Jasmine Edwards, Houston, TX

“Distance", Drama by Sebastian Zufelt

“DIVEtheband", Drama by Kallie Coombs, Las Cruces, NM

“Do Me Right/Wrong", Drama by Annie Fleisch, Manalapan, NJ

“Do the Math", Drama by Ian Linn

“Doodles", Drama by Anadia Jaghai

“Dose of Reality", Drama by Vincent Paz, Steven Lanier, and Mauricio Alarcon, Arlington, VA

“Ephemeral", Drama by Beth Polito

“Everything Under the Sun", Drama by Tra My Anderson, Richmond, VA

“Faded", Drama by Rebecca Chiafullo, Jackson, NJ

“Faith", Drama by Samantha Billotte, Spring Hill, FL

“Fear Itself", Drama by Jackson Singhal and Sarbik Saha

“Fire Trials", Drama by Jules Brown, Glenview, IL

“Fireflies", Drama by Grace Calvert, Bethesda, MD

“Flower Talk", Drama by Alyssa Dean, Plano, TX

“For Her", Drama by Sean Rubin, Potomac, MD

“Form 4473", Drama by Yash Kadadi, Atlanta, GA

“FORTE", Drama by Will Nordstrom

“Forte", Drama by Ella A Molkenthin, Newton, NJ

“Free Like Ava", Drama by Sebastian Domenech, Vernon Hills, IL

“Freedom Abridged", Drama by Nabeel Raza, Roanoke, VA

“Freewheel", Drama by Hollis Rosenkranz, Lakeland, FL

“Friend.exe", Drama by Daniel Larva, Coppell, TX

“Generation P", Drama by Daniel LeFevre and Michael Cueto, Los Angeles, CA

“Gilded Waters", Drama by Grace Musser, Alexandria, VA

“Glass Mirrors", Drama by Lucca Dohr, Los Angeles, CA

“Goodbye Napolini's", Drama by Vaughn Battista, Tinton Falls, NJ

“Ground Control", Drama by Quinn Fluet, Mamaroneck, NY

“Halfway Gone", Drama by Dylan Marzke and Sky Stockton, St. Joseph, MI

“Harper's First Kiss", Drama by Haley Pine, Barrington, RI

“Heart Strings", Drama by Kaleb Laidman, Stoney Creek, Canada

“Hindsight", Drama by Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh, Strabane, United Kingdom

“Hourglass", Drama by Izabela Vidovic, Glendale, CA

“How to Say Goodbye", Drama by Luke Montgomery and Ethan Montgomery, Westminster, CA

“Hung by a Thread", Drama by Greg Lee and Jack Kendall, Santa Monica, CA

“I'm Fine", Drama by Lauren Fisher, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“Images", Drama by Nolan Hieu Trifunovic, Northridge, CA

“In Time", Drama by Amelie Favre, India Griffin, Kira Cooper, Reese Jameson, and Rio Bitterroot

“Infallible", Drama by Emma Evans, Fort Worth, TX

“Inner Dogma", Drama by Joel Marquess, Bothell, WA

“Inside and Out", Drama by Austin Segal, Basking Ridge, NJ

“Introspection", Drama by Dominic Pak, Isabella Bond, Avery Pluma, and Eemai Holt, San Bernardino, CA

“It Can Be Your Love", Drama by Prince Kumar, Patna, India

“Jamais Vu", Drama by Nicholas J. Burry, Saratoga, CA

“Jonah and Julie", Drama by Grace Gallagher

“Juniper", Drama by Quinn Kokotailo, Vancouver, Canada

“Just Relax", Drama by Lorraine Rinaldi and Roxanne Kassapidis, Greenwich, CT

“Keeping Eachother Out", Drama by Tristin Hoffman, Vista, CA

“Kids Say Hello", Drama by Eric Schlesinger and Jack Michie, Naperville, IL

“KIN", Drama by Luke McGee

“Last Words", Drama by Tia Wren, Lawrenceville, GA

“Let There Be Light", Drama by Charles Weinstein, Newton, MA

“Lost and Found", Drama by Arjun Purohit, Ann Arbor, MI

“Love, Jim", Drama by Eleanor De Fer, Wilmette, IL

“Lovesick", Drama by Amanda Lee, Frisco, TX

“Lunar Function", Drama by Julia Brukx, Fairfax, VA

“Luz de Vela (Candlelight)", Drama by Apar Chand, Christopher Luciano, Jamantaye Moss, Lesly Tacoaman, and Gabriela Zafra, New York, NY

“Man's Best Friend", Drama by Jack Michie

“Me & Michael", Drama by Bayleigh Elliott

“Melodramatic", Drama by Sydney Villacortabuer, Jacksonville, FL

“Memories", Drama by Calvin Kertzman, Sag Harbor, NY

“Midwest", Drama by Robbie Gonyea, Savannah, GA

“Miguelito", Drama by Steven Uribe

“Monochrome", Drama by Trinity Hearns, Detroit, MI

“More To Life", Drama by Josh Bowen, Lakeland, FL

“My Last Adventure", Drama by Braxdon Cannon and Gillian Johannesen, Fort Worth, TX

“My Reality", Drama by Emma Evans

“MYSELF", Drama by Paul Cosby, Arnold, MD

“NAOMI", Drama by Daniela Aaron, Highland, UT

“NATAS", Drama by John Kim, Dublin, CA

“Nightcall", Drama by Hailey Rizk, Erin Brennan, and Minju Hong, Rochester Hills, MI

“Not a Stranger", Drama by Eva Erhardt and Kaylee Patterson, Tampa, FL

“Old Man Richard", Drama by Joe Smith III, Denver, CO

“One Day Till Tomorrow", Drama by Maggie Budzyna, Los Angeles, CA

“One O'Clock Sharp", Drama by Eve Robitshek, Traverse City, MI

“Origami", Drama by Byron Chang, Shawnigan Lake, Canada

“Ouroboros", Drama by Ashley Xu, Palo Alto, CA

“Out of Tune", Drama by Justin Pauley

“Portraits", Drama by Anthony Hsu, Taipei, Taiwan

“Pressed", Drama by Nicolas Romero, Washington, DC

“Pride and Parity", Drama by Charles Posey, Houston, TX

“Prudence Past", Drama by Emma Revenaugh, St. Paul, MN

“Rabbit Hole", Drama by Connor Tipton

“Ranked", Drama by Ashlee Reed, Georgetown, TX

“Recuperation", Drama by Cameron Glavin, Evanston, IL

“Reece", Drama by Dusan Brown, Studio City, CA

“REJECT", Drama by John Barnes, Arlington, VA

“Reminiscing", Drama by Phinehas Yoon, Alhambra, CA

“Reset", Drama by Clay Bennett, Auburndale, FL

“Responsibility", Drama by Mehmet Ali Avci

“Roman Happiness", Drama by Francesco Di Cesare, Salvatore Grossi, and Federico Trifiletti, Rome, Italy

“Same Blood", Drama by Malcolm Grover

“Scales", Drama by Kyle Farscht, Short Hills, NJ

“School Night", Drama by Benny Rendell, New Paltz, NY

“See MOre", Drama by Adriana Barrios, Aquiles Barreto, Cesar Sanchez, and Ryan Da Silva, Miami, FL

“Shame", Drama by Taylor Richardson

“Shattered Dreams", Drama by Wayne Acuff, Prosper, TX

“Sisyrinchium", Drama by Miyuki Tokaji, Japan

“Sixteen", Drama by Sabrina Gies, Dallas, TX

“Sleepwalking", Drama by Derek Delson, Great Neck, NY

“Smile", Drama by Julia Dent, Madison, MS

“Sneakerhead", Drama by Eli Canter, Larchmont, NY

“Song for Summer", Drama by Adam Yarish, Winnipeg, Canada

“Sons and Daughters", Drama by Catherine Sawyer, Bryson City, NC

“Sound of Desperation", Drama by Phinehas Yoon, Alhambra, CA

“Springfield Publishers", Drama by Jackson Singhal and Jack Genender, Dallas, TX

“STARR", Drama by Charlie Norton, Bridgewater, MA

“Stars", Drama by Morgan Delaney Williams, Coral Springs, FL

“Sticky", Drama by Amy Beesley-Gilman, Leah Hall, and Vivienne Blouin, Arlington, VA

“Strings", Drama by Nepal Arslan, San Diego, CA

“Stuck", Drama by Azalea Danes, Alex Grant, Victoria Lee, and Jack Miles

“Tabula Rasa", Drama by Brian Powers, Placentia, CA

“Tardy Terror", Drama by Abby Glass and Ximena Canales, Arlington, TX

“Terminal Happiness", Drama by Alyssa Young, Emma Evans, Alex Dekelbaum, Lexi Davis, Noelle Pastor, Meredith Smith, Sarah Ventimiglia, and Sophie Ventimiglia, Plano, TX

“The Art of Our Odds", Drama by Kris Marx, Pembroke Pines, FL

“The Best Best Friend", Drama by Ashley Kramer, Jacksonville, FL

“The Blessed Burden", Drama by Joy Gao

“The Burdens They Carry", Drama by Alyssa Andrews, San Diego, CA

“The Composer", Drama by Eli Berliner and Samuel Goldston, New York City, NY

“The Game of Life", Drama by Noah Frech, Ethan Chu, and René Tetter, Santa Ana, CA

“The Garden Store", Drama by Rose Knopper, Denver, CO

“The Ghost Goes West", Drama by Mark Cohen, Red Bluff, CA

“The Ghost of Elsewhere", Drama by Joey Carrier, Kingsport, TN

“The Grounded Astronaut", Drama by Monimar Mancillas, Charlotte, NC

“The Hammer of Thor", Drama by Hugo Long, Northcote, Australia

“The Lonely Kind of Love", Drama by Makaylah Tupua, Sandy, UT

“The Lost Treasure", Drama by Cole Goco, Arlington, VA

“The Mantra", Drama by Keane Wijeratne, Prosper, TX

“The Masterpiece", Drama by Bryan Lee and Jeffrey Liang

“The Perfect Gift", Drama by Ryan Mickey, Harrison City, PA

“The Pitchroom", Drama by Persia Fardad-Finn, Calabasas, CA

“The Red Die", Drama by Andrew Stevens, Atlanta, GA

“The Road Not Taken", Drama by Eva Erhardt, Frankie McCarty-Brown, and Noah Terrell, Tampa, FL

“The Rule of Fours", Drama by Max Rogoff, Conrad Holzman and Megan Sun, Irvine, CA

“The Sound of Silence", Drama by Nepal Arslan

“The Tower", Drama by Sadie Edney, Vancouver, Canada

“Tigerlillies", Drama by Alexa May, Dallas, TX

“Tongue Tied", Drama by Noelle White and David Mansour, Weehawken, NJ

“True Sight", Drama by Bryce Knick, Roanoke, VA

“Turnover", Drama by Jakob Branham, Vancouver, Canada

“Unconscious”, Drama by SKKAM Productions (Julianna Sabile, Tiffany Kao, Payton Kim, Reese Abbott, Korbin Mikkelsen), Fullerton, CA

“Underwater", Drama by Eleanor De Fer, Wilmette, IL

“Unhappy Medium", Drama by Anna Prince, Allen, TX

“UNIKUM", Drama by Anna van Deurs, Svendborg, Denmark

“Unseen", Drama by Elaine Sello

“Until We Speak Again", Drama by Taylor Maisterra and Brandon Neely, Ozark, MO

“Up The Hill", Drama by Sanya Salehi

“Voices", Drama by Benjamin "Benny" Apodaca, Thornton, CO

“Voyage", Drama by Ben Peterson and Amanda Chan, Mountain View, CA

“Wallflower", Drama by Emily Stalbird, Chatham, NJ

“Wanderer", Drama by Reid Burton, Roanoke, VA

“We All Have It", Drama by Morgen Ludwig, Carmel, IN

“Welcome Home", Drama by Andrew Neal, Oswego, IL

“Where Loyalty Lies", Drama by Alize Akturk

“WILL", Drama by Brandon Hill

“Worn", Drama by Finty Milton, Houston, TX

“Yo-Yo", Drama by Xin "Scarlett" Wang, Pittsfield, MA

“You're the One", Drama by Lily Landau, Calabasas, CA

“Your American Brother", Drama by Aamuro Kanda, Longmont, CO


“(De)Caffeinated", Experimental by Eileen Marshall and Emma Estes, Bronxville, NY

“24/7", Experimental by Hannah Weatherford

“A Renaissance", Experimental by Riley Dune Levine, Blauvelt, NY

“A Sensation", Experimental by Kyle Farscht

“An Awakening Spring", Experimental by Kenny Horn

“An-Xity", Experimental by Matilda Washington, Cleveland, OH

“Black Hole", Experimental by Azalea Hudson, Claremont, NH

“BLUR", Experimental by Kate Wojeck, Erdenheim, PA

“Breathing Underwater", Experimental by Cameron Rudin, Houston, TX

“Brilliant Motion", Experimental by Lily Bleyer, Woonsocket, RI

“Bury a Friend", Experimental by Alyssa Pfeifer, Lees Summit, MO

“Dead Melon", Experimental by Grace Smith, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Dear America", Experimental by Molly E. Smith and Sage Croft

“Dimension", Experimental by Katherine Franklin

“Disdain", Experimental by Spencer Strickland, Freeville, NY

“Don't Tell Them", Experimental by Jessica Herlitz, Dallas, TX

“Egavas", Experimental by Lina Horn, La Canada, CA

“Exit Interview", Experimental by Olivia Schroder, Indianapolis, IN

“Fake It To Play It", Experimental by Keane Wijeratne, Prosper, TX

“Fall of Faith", Experimental by Jessica Wallihan and Julia York, Huntington Beach, CA

“Fallen Angel", Experimental by Will Bako

“Fight or Flight", Experimental by Matthew Stewart, West Hills, CA

“Film Here Now", Experimental by Sam Levine

“Get It Together", Experimental by Mikey Hardesty, Highlands Ranch, CO

“H2O", Experimental by Roxanne Kassapidis, Greenwich, CT

“headspace", Experimental by May-Lynn Le, Irvine, CA

“Hive Mind", Experimental by Soundilou Cissko

“Homesick or (Las Lagrimas de la Nostalgia)", Experimental by Paolo Cesti, Miami, FL

“Honey, Baby, Doll", Experimental by Kate von Mende

“How to Make a Movie", Experimental by Gabe Schmidt, Loveland, OH

“Isn't it Funny?", Experimental by Lé-Anne Johnson, White Plains, NY

“Karoshi", Experimental by Kyle Lee, Clarkston, MI

“Lascivious", Experimental by Adam Dill, Loveland, CO

“Latin American Dances at VROCC", Experimental by Adriana Arguijo Gutierrez

“Le Quartíer Des Vers", Experimental by Benjamin Katz, Encino, CA

“Let Me Go", Experimental by Jasmin Gonzales

“Like a Fish in Water", Experimental by Zachary Routh, Austin, TX

“Memorial Day Parade 2018", Experimental by Adriana Arguijo Gutierrez

“Mirrors", Experimental by Thomas Rubino, Thornwood, NY

“Monday Morning", Experimental by Sophie Huang, Overland Park, KS

“Movements, Moments", Experimental by Ashley Novo, Staten Island, NY

“Nothing Gold Can Stay", Experimental by Tyler Harding, Commerce, MI

“Nothing to be Done", Experimental by Jules Brown, Glenview, IL

“Optic Noise", Experimental by Eli Berliner, New York City, NY

“Phosphorescence", Experimental by Emily Arce, South River, NJ

“Playas de Tijuana", Experimental by Sophie Kim

“Pretty French", Experimental by Travis Sherwood, Edgewater, FL

“Pushed", Experimental by James Turner, Philadelphia, PA

“Questions Every Girl Asks", Experimental by Lily Brown and Katelin Ulmer, Greenwich, CT

“Royal - Luminosity", Experimental by Amanda Clark, North Brunswick, NJ

“Seeing in Color", Experimental by Allison DeWitt, Cincinnati, OH

“Sequoia", Experimental by Ethan Geiger, Denver, CO

“Severance", Experimental by Zoe Kuehn

“Sight", Experimental by Joseph Masterman, Reisterstown, MD

“Skin", Experimental by Erin Brennan, Beverly Hills, MI

“Skin I'm In", Experimental by Breanna Roberts and Savannah Worth

“Slip From Memory", Experimental by Emily Arce, South River, NJ

“Snail and Salt", Experimental by Olivia Yu, Natick, MA

“So in a Way, Thank You", Experimental by Eve Robitshek, Traverse City, MI

“Starfish", Experimental by Sarah Williams, Los Angeles, CA

“Static", Experimental by Naomi Buccieri and Rachel Keefe, Old Greenwich, CT

“Stop Requested", Experimental by Nicholas Philomeno, New York, NY

“The Astral Project", Experimental by Natalie Christensen, Richmond, VA

“The Giant and the Moon", Experimental by Max Shoham, Toronto, Canada

“The Grassy Null", Experimental by Jacob Pfeffermann, Santa Cruz, CA

“The Red Wave Trailer", Experimental by Marlee Draper, Cumming, GA

“The Story of You", Experimental by Nico Hinojosa and May Ramirez, McAllen, TX

“There is No Rest...", Experimental by Erin Polich, Hailey Kalsky, and Destiney Williamson, Davidson, NC

“This Is The Game", Experimental by James Lachlan McClellan, Norfolk, VA

“TIMELESS | A Hong Kong Time-lapse Film", Experimental by Faith Lee, Hong Kong

“Uniusques Olivis", Experimental by Taylor Maris, Dallas, TX

“Unmasked", Experimental by Olivia Dalfino

“Vanity", Experimental by Weronika Wolińska, Julia Chyla, and Joanna Piech, Krośnice, Poland

“Western Reggae", Experimental by Sophia Bolivar, Miami, FL


“A Not So Scary Story", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Nick Sherman, Anaheim, CA

“Achromatic", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Charles Zehner, Santa Ana, CA

“All We Are", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Anson Ye, Macomb, MI

“Ascetic", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Gopal Bala, Allen, TX

“Blooming Spirit", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Max Rosenblum, Palo Alto, CA

“Campfire", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Riley Neal, Madison, AL

“Catharsis", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Josh Ceranic, Lakeland, FL

“Centennial Files", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Evelyn Stephens, Vancouver, Canada

“Cleansing", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Nicolas Cardenas-Miller, and Nicholas Cole, State College, PA

“Counting With Mr. Gorf", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Spencer Strickland, Freeville, NY

“Crazy", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Joe Smith III, Denver, CO

“Creep", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Arianna Prieto, and Keila Govea-Perez, North Miami, FL

“Delivery Service", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Moses Botaka and Tavian Carter, Lexington, KY

“Dock 24", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Nicholas Danner, Los Angeles, CA

“Eighteen", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Nguyen Ho, Lawrenceville, GA

“Fatigue", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Justin Nguyen and Henry Bohrer, San Jose, CA

“Feed Me", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Colin Bae, Kevin Garcia, Sanam Azai, Sofia Anderson, and Quincy Tanner-Smith, San Diego, CA

“GORILLA", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Arnold Shin, South Korea

“Half Life (Or The Partial Life of Alex)", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Erin Harrington, Fairfield, CT

“High School Horror", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Catherine Crabtree, Dallas, TX

“How To: Be A Man", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Ben Senior, Aaron Razi, and Ella Friedman, Winnetka, IL

“In Your Dreams", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Abby Brown, Lakeland, FL

“Insomniac", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Cameron Lipp

“Intruder", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Thomas Horan, Hoboken, NJ

“Iterum", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Melia Velez, Woodbridge, NJ

“Jeremy Marilyn", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Kallie Coombs, Las Cruces, NM

“Lock Up", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Rainni Moran, Weehawken, NJ

“Lurk", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Harry Song, Rockville, MD

“Magician's Granddaughter", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Alexia Hartogensis, Greenwich, CT

“Manipulation", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Diego Carlos, and Donovan Staab, Fort Thomas, KY

“Negativland", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Troy Schulz, Olympia, WA

“No Laughing Matter", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Max Losson, Lakeland, FL

“Oh Tranquil Shapeless Colorful Cliffside", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Declan M. Kramer, San Diego, CA

“Paradox", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Jaclyn Vu and Liam Pinson, Fullerton, CA

“Parallel", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Xingyu (Janny) Hu and Luke Heald, Shanghai, China

“Paranoia", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Derek Borja and Miranda Nicusanti, Orange, CA

“POISON IVY", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Emre Kucuk, New York City, NY

“Questborne", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Frank Gravagna, Sayreville, NJ

“Reflection", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Jeff Wang, Amber Zhao, Billy Zhou, and Angel Tao

“Reflecto", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Riley Scott, Max Miesen, Gabe Yung, and Kevin Garcia, Solana Beach, CA

“Remnant", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Jonny Vorreas and Noah Perez, NJ

“Ritual", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Sondre Masvie, Oslo, Norway

“Run!", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Sarah Arnsparger, Madison, AL

“Scion", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Isaiah Fernandez

“SELENE", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Jack Kendall, Greg Lee, and Thomas Valencia, Santa Monica, CA

“Shoes", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Henry Platt, New York, NY

“Spiked", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Luna Ubide Holmes, East Elmhurst, NY

“Squared Away", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Nicolas Cardenas-Miller, State College, PA

“Stalker", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Brett Helms

“Static”, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Jackson Little

“The Clown Statue", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Angel James, Glenside, PA

“The Forager", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Victor Xia, Lynnwood, WA

“The Ravaged in the Winter", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Jacob Kau, Rohan Khehar, Colin Bae, James Wilkey, and Max Mereminsky, San Diego, CA

“The Remington Woods", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Nate Stillion, Fullerton, CA

“The Rush", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Isaiah Fernandez

“The Woods", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Dawson Stowman, and Luke Hamilton, Arlington, TN

“This House Has Eyes", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Theo Taplitz, Los Angeles, CA

“Trust Me, I Know", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Noah Reilly, Sugar Hill, GA

“Windshear", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Connor Siegfreid, Denver, CO

“Withered Rose", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Zoe Henry, Saint Petersburg, FL

Micro Movie

“A Long Way Home", Micro Movie by Ben Peterson, Mountain View, CA

“Abandoned", Micro Movie by Max Kang, Englewood, NJ

“Christ the Redeemer", Micro Movie by Tommy Shenefield, Arlington, MA

“Donut", Micro Movie by Joseph Tetlow, Nic Wiley, Alex Sharp, and Zoë Hamilton, Springfield, MO

“eulogy", Micro Movie by Tyler Vo, Dedham, MA

“Handgun", Micro Movie by Zack Hosein, Jacob Reese, Chris Reyes, and Adam Ricci, Sugar Hill, GA

“Here", Micro Movie by Knia Robinson and Debra Adamolekun, Lakeland, TN

“Him", Micro Movie by John Rodriguez, Mcallen, TX

“I NEED A DOLLAR", Micro Movie by Richards Nimbley

“If Found, Do Not Open", Micro Movie by Adriana Barrios, Clarissa Bullos, Iris Savatovsky, Marcelo Villar-Ojito, Isabella Gotera, and Ricardo De Oliveira, Miami, FL

“Ignore Them", Micro Movie by Enzo Goodrich, Lincoln, MA

“In Plain Sight", Micro Movie by Matthew Keleher, Pembroke Pines, FL

“INFANT 9", Micro Movie by Jesse Lu, Monte Sereno, CA

“Just Ask", Micro Movie by Alexandra Meyer and Chloe Reder

“Kick Me!", Micro Movie by Chloe Reder and Robbie Healy, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“Like Father, Like Son", Micro Movie by Kate Larson, Prosper, TX

“Metamorphic", Micro Movie by Jessica Leckart, Harrison, NY

“Modern Problems", Micro Movie by Noah Cohen, Wyndmoor, PA

“Nurses for Newborns", Micro Movie by Jared Goudsmit, Kirkwood, MO

“ONE", Micro Movie by Jai Kulkarni and Timothy Yang, Nashua, NH

“Reach", Micro Movie by Ryan Manuud, South Setauket, NY

“Rules for Girls - Adidas Spec Commercial", Micro Movie by Molly E. Smith, Clermont, FL

“Rush", Micro Movie by Emma Scharf and Paul Boranian

“Serendipity", Micro Movie by Malvina Clavering and Amelie Funk, Santa Barbara, CA

“Shattered", Micro Movie by Nelson Rios, Spring Hill, FL

“Shoot Your Shot", Micro Movie by Joshua Cho, Pacific Grove, CA

“Snap", Micro Movie by Mateo Silver and Caitlin O'Connor, Verona, WI

“Space Oddity", Micro Movie by Paolo Cesti, Miami, FL

“The Executioner Will Play Himself", Micro Movie by Erin Harrington, Fairfield, CT

“The Heist", Micro Movie by Josh Blackwood and Josh Napier, Sugar Hill, GA

“Visit Mom", Micro Movie by Emma Pearlman, New York, NY

Middle School

“A Remote Romance", Middle School by Isabella Masrouga

“Behind the Scene", Middle School by Anne Chawla, Jeanne Marie Landry, and Mae Mae Landry, New Orleans, LA

“BRCA2: My Mom's Story", Middle School by Josh Kelsky, Plantation, FL

“Digging for Gold", Middle School by Lily Gibbons, New York City, NY

“‘Drop the Guillotine' - by Peach Pit", Middle School by Isabella Masrouga, North Hollywood, CA

“Heroes Around Me: Ma and Pa", Middle School by John Burns

“Hey, Siri", Middle School by Noa Nasoff, New Orleans, LA

“Kick Scooter", Middle School by Yiannis Petsas and Kostas Petsas

“No Palm Oil", Middle School by Honor Giardini

“Pathway to Heroism", Middle School by Sabrina Layman, Huntersville, NC

“PSA: Protect Student Athletes", Middle School by Reagan Deterville and Elizabeth Elliot, New Orleans, LA

“Single Player", Middle School by Isabella Masrouga

“The Butcher Shop", Middle School by Ella McKeon

“The Great Valentine's Day Rivalry", Middle School by Jaxon Moore, Bloomington, IN

“Training Wheels", Middle School by Morgan Vanderlaan, Ocala, FL

“UnHEARD", Middle School by Kian Doughty, Portland, OR

“We Didn't Start The Fire!", Middle School by Afreen Kapoor, India

“What Quiet People Talk About", Middle School by Gabbi Blythe, Fayetteville, NY

Music Video

“Ain't No Fun When The Rabbit Got The Gun", Music Video by Dusan Brown, Studio City, CA

“AJ SAMMY - Late Night Cruise (Official Music Video)", Music Video by David Toolan, Allentown, PA

“All for Nothing", Music Video by Sema Madahar, Millburn, NJ

“Be My Baby", Music Video by Caroline Bennett, Wilmette, IL

“Beautiful Mistake", Music Video by Rebecca Chiafullo and Lianne Richards, Jackson, NJ

“Black Girls Fly 2", Music Video by Tez Smith, Minneapolis, MN

“Broken Beauties - The Simple Parade", Music Video by Mikey Hardesty, Highlands Ranch, CO

“Butterflies", Music Video by Christopher Kam

“Can't U See", Music Video by Annabelle Sutton and Sam Wood, Highland, UT

“Cane Shuga", Music Video by Aidan McGlone, Golden Valley, MN

“Carry On", Music Video by Abby Hancock, Madison, AL

“Chaptown, USA", Music Video by Claire Lee, Isabelle Leonard, and Skye Dupree, Mt. Juliet, TN

“Cold", Music Video by Zach Boone

“Dang!", Music Video by Zoe Castaneda, Prosper, TX

“Dark Jedi", Music Video by Noah Hudson-Peralta, Clinton Township, MI

“Dreamcatcher", Music Video by Isaiah Fernandez

“Drive", Music Video by Natallie Garst and Katrina Johnson, Prosper, TX

“Everything's Fine, I'm Fine", Music Video by Remi Alex and Sarah Arnsparger, Madison, AL

“Feel Like", Music Video by Noah Perez, South River, NJ

“Find What You're Looking For", Music Video by Lulu Chouha, Morganville, NJ

“Flowers", Music Video by Ziarah Carrillo, Madison, AL

“Fred Mercure", Music Video by Eric Park, Tustin, CA

“GREEN", Music Video by Lucienne Nghiem and Riley Ely, Midlothian, VA

“Hollywood", Music Video by Alyssa Capitini and Justin Denaro, Freehold, NJ

“Homebody", Music Video by Corbin Dallin, Springville, UT

“House of the Rising Sun Cover", Music Video by Ben Ephraim, Annandale, VA

“I Won't Mind", Music Video by Mei Ling Marzonie

“Insidious", Music Video by Jake Levin and Caiden Jackson, Prosper, TX

“Judas", Music Video by Aviel Bolesa, Woodbridge, NJ

“Love is All We Got", Music Video by Maddie Lausted, Brendan Hickey, and Lily Tatge, Seattle, WA

“Love Me Wrong", Music Video by Abigail Hancock and Christian Arnsparger, Madison, AL

“Lucas Thomas - Solo", Music Video by Sebastian Domenech, Vernon Hills, IL

“Masquerade", Music Video by Brogan Thomas and Kaja Wakefield, Overland Park, KS

“Miko Foy - Wasted Time", Music Video by Grey Smoley, Aventura, FL

“Modern Mcfly x Vic Summer Anthem", Music Video by Nelson Rios, Spring Hill, FL

“Monkey Man", Music Video by Theo Taplitz, Los Angeles, CA

“Nature Boy", Music Video by Olin Pritchard

“Never Leave You Lonely", Music Video by Sydney Villacortabuer, Jacksonville, FL

“Neverending Mess", Music Video by Rebecca Chiafullo and Lianne Richards, Jackson, NJ

“Nobody", Music Video by Grayson Waggoner, Madison, AL

“O Solitude", Music Video by Grace Boyd, Dallas, TX

“Paper Grass", Music Video by Caleb Miller, Blue Springs, MO

“Pieces Music Video", Music Video by Enrique Ros, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Push", Music Video by Noah Hudson-Peralta, Clinton Township, MI

“Puzzled", Music Video by Alyssa Dann

“Senseless", Music Video by Alani Morales, Sergio Rivera, and Isabella Gonzalez, Spring Hill, FL

“She's My Baby", Music Video by Ethan Rothschild, Morganville, NJ

“Tech Way", Music Video by Max DeRoin, Hernando Beach, FL

“That Moment When", Music Video by Ivie Obeto and Clinese Newbell, Nashville, TN

“The Score - Money Run Low (Kinetic Typography)", Music Video by Rahul Kajjam, Portland, OR

“Therapy Session", Music Video by Brenden Moorehead and Mitch Chapman, Highlands Ranch, CO

“Trampoline", Music Video by Bianca Cole and Khloe Wilson, Spring Hill, FL

“Trenches 2 Riches", Music Video by Tez Smith and Mustafa Martin, Minneapolis, MN

“WAFFLEJAX MorningSun Prod. Yondo", Music Video by Adrian Ochoa, Spring Hill, FL

“We Don't Talk", Music Video by Roxy Sorkin

“Where are my friends", Music Video by Ella Hinds, Kensington, MD

“You Are My Rock", Music Video by Sophie Genovese-Mester


“2:11", PSA by Xander Monge, Providence, RI

“#keepitclean", PSA by Riley Scott, Jake Berman, Tom Stiel, and Jack Anthenelli, Solana Beach, CA

“Arrive Alive", PSA by Madelyn O'Halloran, Winter Haven, FL

“Baggu, The Reusable Bag", PSA by Georgia Lamb, Prosper, TX

“Baking in the Bathroom PSA", PSA by Tyler Harding

“Be Yourself", PSA by Ciara Lyons, Lauderhill, FL

“Behind The Message", PSA by Nathan Lively, Midlothian, VA

“Boys Will Be Boys", PSA by Angelina Velis, Dallas, TX

“Break the Silence", PSA by Liz Moerman, Irvine, CA

“Careful Crossing the Street", PSA by Maya Zalewski, New York, NY

“Chase Your Passion", PSA by Cameon Wade

“Chris", PSA by Ryan Mickey, Harrison City, PA

“Dear Bully", PSA by Arman Maula and Ryan Kerley

“Don't Anger the Grim Reaper", PSA by Luna Ubide Holmes, New York City, NY

“Don't Light It Up", PSA by Abby Bright and Grace Joo

“Every Second, Every Day", PSA by Samantha Billotte, Spring Hill, FL

“Fallen", PSA by Shane Lavner, Clarksville, MD

“If I Die in a School Shooting...", PSA by Aaron Gallegos, Natalie Kahan, and James Scott, Glenview, IL

“Influence", PSA by Amanda Nigro, Huntington Beach, CA

“It Will Be", PSA by Madison Strachan

“Juul", PSA by Carter Gray

“Keep Texas Beautiful", PSA by Braxdon Cannon and Kiersten Hart, Fort Worth, TX

“Left Behind", PSA by Sabrina Turner and Meilin Morefield, Euless, TX

“Masculinity", PSA by Lukas Guerra, Miami, FL

“Mother Nature", PSA by Shannon Miller and Sophie Genovese-Mester, Morganville, NJ

“Never Forget How to Love", PSA by Maya Radmall and Beth Bagley, Lehi, UT

“Party's Over", PSA by Catherine Cao, Centereach, NY

“Plant Based for the Planet", PSA by Jinnie Mannion

“Plant PSA", PSA by Daniel Flores, Laredo, TX

“Pop Up", PSA by Ryan Schwenn

“Reduce, Renew, Recycle", PSA by Kevin Reyes and Victor Arechavaleta, Miami, FL

“Retro Recycling", PSA by Meilin Morefield and Sabrina Turner, Colleyville, TX

“Signs Can Be Subtle", PSA by Stamatia Angelides, Allyson Chan, and Jacquelyn Chin, Staten Island, NY

“Sincerely, Corpus", PSA by Cara DeGaish, Portland, TX

“SUFFERING IN SILENCE", PSA by Ellis Pizzo, Glastonbury, CT

“Symphony of Distraction", PSA by Noah Hudson-Peralta, Shane Verkest, and Jack Braithwaite, Clinton Township, MI

“The Future Is Now", PSA by Georgia Ferguson, Kate Murray, and Daniella Tocco, Old Greenwich, CT

“The Healing - Eppic", PSA by Mikey Hardesty, Highlands Ranch, CO

“The Treacherous Voyage", PSA by Jackson Seagraves

“This is Not a PSA", PSA by Delana Lewis, Panorama City, CA

“Tillman the Turtle", PSA by Ethan Miller and Isaac Palmer, Fort Mill, SC

“Toy Car", PSA by Alexandra O'Neil

“Was that Drink Worth Your Last Breath?", PSA by Noah Hudson-Peralta, Clinton Township, MI

“We Are The Villains", PSA by Kim Perez

“We Can Save Our Home", PSA by Noah Cohen, Wyndmoor, PA

“Word Association", PSA by Ziarah Carrillo, Madison, AL


“Balance", Tutorial by Emma Gillian, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Hot Cocoa Crispies", Tutorial by Alexis Grutchfield, Clearwater, FL

“How to Combine Fingers on Touch ID", Tutorial by JaQuaylon Taylor, Darcy Barnfield-Jones, and Jamie Tobar, Sugar Hill, GA

“How to Glow up", Tutorial by Alivia D'Andrea, Glendora, CA

“How to Make Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in a Mug", Tutorial by Melanie An, Campbell Moore, Diego Dominguez, Jacob Kau, and Rohan Kehar, San Diego, CA

“How to Properly Change the Oil in Your Car", Tutorial by Henry Davis, St. Petersburg, FL

“How To: The Dolly Zoom", Tutorial by Tim Bohrman, Stormville, NY

“Life Hacks", Tutorial by Ashleigh Jachles, Coral Springs, FL

“PC vs Console", Tutorial by Ian Trent and Cooper Williams, Sugar Hill, GA

“Video Star Effect How To Tutorial", Tutorial by Evelyn Perales, Laredo, TX

Vlog Life

“How To Be 18", Vlog Life by Tünde Paule, Weaverville, NC

“Lulu", Vlog Life by Lulu Chouha, Morganville, NJ

“STN Seattle 2019", Vlog Life by Sai Prahasa Vuda and Abigail Weiler, Springfield, MO

“T", Vlog Life by Joshua White