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AAHSFF University provides classes focused on improving your craft as a filmmaker. Taught by the co-founders of the AAHSFF each 4-week course will focus on a specific aspect of filmmaking. Leveraging our library of over 6,000 student films, the course sessions will feature peer-created content, expert analysis and film deconstruction. The live 60 to 90 minute sessions will take place every Wednesday night starting at 7pm EST. For those of you who can’t make Wednesday at 7pm EST we’ll record every session so you can “attend” class at a more convenient time.


How It Works:

Each session will be hosted on our video conference service that allows for group video and audio discussion, screen sharing and HD video viewing. You can expect robust discussion of each featured topic as well as video tutorials and film deconstruction based on exemplary student films.


Course Options:

  • What’s Up Doc? How to create a documentary that your audience can’t stop talking about.

    • Jan 17th, Jan 24th, Jan 31st, and Feb 7th

    • Identify: Limiting your topic, maintaining an open focus, objectivity

    • Prepare: Research and pre-production, access and trust, style and cinematography

    • Execute: How to best conduct interviews, effectively leverage stock and/or archival footage, what b-roll is best for my film and how can voiceover and narration be used in my doc.

    • Complete: Post-production including logging footage, editing, selecting music, creating a score and premiering your film.


  • Dramas With Depth: Explore a multitude of techniques to take your narrative film to the next level.

    • Feb 14th, Feb 21st, Feb 28th and March 7th

    • Identify: Film as a visual medium

    • Prepare: The show don’t tell principle

    • Execute: Analysis, application and film deconstruction

    • Complete: Empowering your audience through subtext


  • Character and Conflict: Learn how to develop a compelling central conflict plus how to fuel it with just the right characters.

    • April 4th, April 11th, April 18th and April 25th

    • Identify: Creating your central conflict

    • Prepare: Fueling your conflict with opposing characters

    • Execute: Character study, character traits, importance of your own experiences

    • Complete: Keeping the action moving, placing characters in specific situations


Future Courses (Dates TBD)

  • Exploring Experimental: Dig in, get weird and EXPERIMENT!

  • Hitting A Homerun With The Judges: What does it take to become an Official Selection, a Finalist, or a Winner? Our team will break down the essential tips and tricks for success.



4 Weeks - $150

8 Weeks - $275

12 Weeks - $400

That's only $35 a class!


About the instructors:

Tom Oliva is a Co-Founder and Executive Director of the All American High School Film Festival. Tom has worked with young creatives in myriad capacities for over 20 years. His experience as an English, Film, and Creative Writing educator provides him with essential knowledge of both the adaptive and practical skill sets necessary for creative success. Tom’s core strengths are his ability to motivate, communicate, and organize creative individuals ultimately resulting in tangible, entertaining content. Since creating AAHSFF, he has produced content for AT&T, IMAX, CHEGG and others. Tom earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wagner College.


Brian Lindenbaum is a co-founder and the director of operations for the All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF). AAHSFF is the world's largest high school film festival featuring the next generation of talented filmmakers from around the world. Since creating AAHSFF, he has produced content for AT&T, IMAX, CHEGG and others.Prior starting the AAHSFF Brian was the director of development for Andrew Jenks Entertainment (AJE), a full service television and film production company. During his time heading up AJE he produced 2 feature documentaries and an ESPN 30 for 30 short. Brian earned both his undergraduate and MBA from Northeastern University.  

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