Introduction to Film

Two Sessions (2.5 Hours each)

Session 1: Film Deconstruction and Ideation

  • (Visual Literacy and Film Study)
    • In order to make quality films, you first need to understand the medium, the history, and the classics. Our Deconstruction and Ideation session is designed to enhance the visual literacy skills of students so that they get the most out of any viewing experience while simultaneously inspiring participants to use the medium of film to tell their stories. Throughout the session we will promote the power of motion pictures and the unique and compelling educational opportunities they present.  Students will encounter hyper-relevant topics and themes, explore and analyze cinematic techniques, and engage their higher-level thinking skills to connect the visual and literary elements.
    • Establishing a visual literacy base is vital for any director or cinematographer before shooting his or her first film. Deconstruction and Ideation will first explore the cinematic techniques of some of Hollywood’s most beloved films as well as award-winning films from the AAHSFF archives. This process will include a comprehensive Do’s and Don’ts list based on the AAHSFF archives.
    • Throughout the deconstruction process students will encounter specific techniques that they can use to help make their personal projects successful: Vision and Pre-Production, Pacing, Score and Sound Design, Direction, Character Development, Scriptwriting, Location Scouting, etc.
    • In addition to the application of techniques, students will gain insight into the history of cinema, including key trends and cultural shifts associated with the art form.
    • Students will then make a practical application of their knowledge by adapting relevant techniques as they begin the ideation and pre-production process.
    • Session 1 will conclude with personalized ideation (our team working with participants to help them solidify their project ideas) culminating with an initial outline for their film project.
    • Required Resources: Access to appropriate space, computers, and projector.


Session 2: So, You Want to Make a Movie?

    • Having viewed and judged thousands of student films submitted to The All American High School Film Festival, we bring a wide-array of expertise related to student-produced video content. One of the most common pitfalls we see is a lack of preparation. Aspiring student filmmakers are eager to get a camera in their hands but unaware of the essential elements of pre-production. Every great filmmaker will tell you: a successful film starts with a great plan.
    • Our pre-production session will focus on the step-by-step process of developing a logical and organized plan and preparing yourself and your team to be successful once on location. We will immerse student participants in the various phases of pre-production including: ideation, genre, script development, storyboarding, shot sheet creation, finding actors, the variety of film tasks and responsibilities, location development and more. Our goal is for each student to leave this session with a firm understanding of the importance of the pre-production process and to empower them with the confidence to get started.
    • Significant time will be spent applying the pre-production elements working with available online tools and tutorials.
    • Required Resources: Access to appropriate space, computers, and projector. Additional materials to be furnished by participants (foam boards, index cards, etc.)