All Workshops will be on Sunday October 8th 2017 at the AMC Theaters in Times Square. 

Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

Place: AMC Theater #24

Workshop Title: Film as Visual Music

Host: Chapman University

Workshop Presenter: Michael Kowalski

Many filmmakers and critics have compared film to a form of visual music, with one commentator going as far as declaring that, “Film is the music of images in movement”. In this presentation we will explore how through the art of editing, the orchestration of shots, movies achieve this distinctive “musical” quality. In the process we will reveal how some filmmakers have applied this musical approach to enable their movies to achieve their greatest emotional and dramatic impact.


Presenter Bio:

Michael Kowalski is a Professor and Associate Dean at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. He specializes in the area of post-production and teaches classes in the art and craft of editing and movie sound. He also works as a sound designer on documentary films and has done the complete sound work on such award-winning documentaries as “Lost in La Mancha,” “A Certain Kind of Death,” “Tell Them Who You Are,” “The Scene of the Crime,” and, most recently, “The Bad Kids.” He believes that movies are at their best when sound and picture work together to expressively tell the story.

Time: 10:00am - 11:30am

Place: AMC Theater #20

Workshop Title: Thinking Outside the Frame: An introduction to Live Action VR

Host: New York Film Academy 

Workshop Presenter: Jonathan Whittaker

This 1hr lecture and demonstration will introduce the principles of storytelling in 360 degrees, covering both conceptual and practical concerns.


Presenter Bio:

Jonathan Whittaker, Chair of the Short-term Intensive Programs and Co-chair of the Virtual Reality Department at The New York Film Academy, is a partner and founding member of ManInHat, a New York based production company. With over nineteen years of experience in the film industry, having produced, directed and lensed short films, music videos, live concerts, commercials, TV shows, features, docs, virtual reality experiences and 3D specials, he is never one to shy away from a new challenge. Nissan, Sony Pictures, DirecTV, Gillette, Hyundai and Sports Illustrated are just a few of his clients and collaborators. When he is not on set or in an edit you can usually find him at the head of a lecture hall sharing his thoughts on the art of cinematography and the director’s craft. In addition to being a resident professor at The New York Film Academy he has also given guest lectures all over the globe including the venerable Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Theater Academy and Dar El-Hekma (in KSA).

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm

Place: AMC Theater #24

Workshop Title: Music In Film

Host: Minneapolis College of Art and Design 

Workshop Presenter: Craig Laurence Rice

We will explore the use of music applications in film productions through varied films examples. We will discuss the scope of music’s roles in a film production.   Address some of the following questions. When does a film need music? How to determine the musical approach for your film? How to combine the storytelling language and musical communication? How to determine the right composer for your film?

Along with the growing integration of sound design and music we will discuss the roles. Finishing with a basic discussion of music publishing and licensing issues.

Presenter Bio:

Craig Laurence Rice is an entertainment executive, entrepreneur, educator, award-winning producer and director who is nationally recognized for his distinguished career in the music industry, commercial, television and feature film industries. His credits include Producer for the 90-minute PBS variety show special, “A Prairie Home Companion 30th,” Executive Producer on the nationally syndicated series “Million Dollar Idea,” and Executive Producer as well as Director for the feature length documentary “Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks” for HBO, which was nominated for three Emmy Awards, and a NAACP Image Award.

Rice also has an outstanding career in the music industry serving as Director of Paisley Park Enterprises, Inc. Record executive with MCA records, Artist Manager and Road and Tour Manager for domestic and international musical tours for recording artists including Prince, Bobby Brown, Taj Mahal and Whitney Houston.

He is also on the faculty of McNally Smith College of Music, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has taught at Perpich Center For The Arts High School in Minneapolis.

Time: 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Place: AMC Theater #24

Workshop Title: Finding Your Filmmaking Niche

Host: Blackmagic Design

Workshop Presenter: TBD

Throughout a filmmaker’s career they serve a lot of different roles, sometimes acting as a one-man-band and other times as part of a large team working together to make a project come to life. Whether going at it solo or with a big budget crew, it’s up to each filmmaker to evaluate the different roles that go into making movie magic, and decide for themselves where their passion lies.

Will it be directing or cinematography? What about editing, visual effects or color grading? What aspects of filmmaking are you most interested in and how can you start honing that craft now?

During this workshop, hear from a filmmaking professional about how they found their filmmaking niche and made it into their career.  Go behind the scenes on some of their most recent projects and hear about how they made them come to life. Also, hear about and see some of the filmmaking technology they use as part of their craft.

Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Place: AMC Theater #24

Workshop Title: The Secret of Nines

Host: Prodigy Camp

Workshop Presenter: Rick Stevenson

What is ’the secret’ that only the world’s best young filmmakers know when it comes to making award wining films? What makes their work rise above the pack?  Every year The Prodigy Camp searches the globe for 20 of the world’s top young teen filmmakers.  Every year these young filmmakers make a film in NINE SHORT HOURS at camp largely without make-up, official costumes or props, or budgets.  So why do these little films made by 12-18 year olds consistently beat out larger budgeted shorts made by well- equipped university film school students when it comes to getting into the world’s top film festivals?  Come find out THE SECRET OF NINES and how 20 of the most promising teens filmmakers are selected from around the world every year.  Featuring director/writer/producer and Prodigy Camp director, Rick Stevenson*, and recent Prodigy Campers.

Presenter Bio:

Rick Stevenson has produced, written and/or directed twelve feature films and nearly 100 hours of television. He has worked with Robert Redford, Hugh Grant, Christopher Plummer, Keifer Sutherland, Meg Ryan, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Connelly, Mark Harmon and many others. He has created, hosted, directed, written and produced two television series (50 episodes) Listen and Official Best of Fest presents "The Best Films You've Never Seen". He is founder of The School of Life Project, which is now in ten countries and features 300 kids. He also co-founded The Film School with Tom Skerritt and Stewart Stern and is director of it's annual Prodigy Camp for the 20 most talented young filmmakers in the world. He has won over 40 awards for his work in film, television and commercials. He holds a doctorate from Oxford University, a master's degree from The London School of Economics and a bachelor's degree from Whitman. Rick is married with four children. 

Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Place: AMC Theater #25

Workshop Title: Creating Media that Matters: I See Beyond Body

Host: Ithaca College

Workshop Presenters: Carol Jennings with Ithaca College students Emma Beedenbender, Meredith Husar, Spencer Muhlstock, and Viktoria Schultz 

Using IC (I See) Beyond Body as a case study, we’ll show you how to create media that matters! Attract sponsors and donors, build a fan base, engage celebrities, consult experts, produce interesting content, make friends, have fun, and change the world!

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.17.43 PM.png

Presenter Bio:

As Director of the Park Media Lab Carol guides students and professionals who collaborate on media projects that engage local and international audiences. She oversees The Studio, an incubator for students who want to create content for the entertainment industry, and Park Productions, an award-winning film production company staffed by students.  The Park Media Lab's students, professionals, and alumni advisors have worked together to make features, shorts, commercials, episodic series, museum exhibits, educational media, commercials, and documentaries.  The lab's work has screened at film festivals including Montreal, Oberhausen, and Palm Springs; on broadcast television; at The Walt Disney World's Epcot Center; and at museums, galleries, and nature centers in the U.S., Madagascar and China.  We create content for several sponsored YouTube channels that promote environmental protection, STEM education, and social justice.  Carol has an MFA in film and television production and a MA in cinema studies from New York University and graduated from Cornell University as a double major in English and history.  

Park Productions Website  
The Studio Website