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We are now accepting submissions for the 2018 Festival! We can't wait to see your amazing films. It's FREE to submit until April 15th 2018. 

Need a cool new profile pic? Did one of our photogs snap a photo of you on the IMAX Blue Carpet? Just want to relive an amazing weekend?! You can find more photos from #hsfilmfest2017 on our Facebook page! If you are a representative for a press outlet and are looking for press photos representing AAHSFF please contact Brian@aahsff.com, thank you!

2017 Winners & Finalists

All 2017 winners & finalists have been announced! The buttons below will take you to all of the winers and finalists for our film festival, including the Film Invitational, or Photog Fest. Click the video below to watch our Winning Films Youtube Playlsit. Congratulations! 

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Highlights from All-American High School Film Festival 2016