Welcome brave filmmakers to the 7th Annual All American High School Film Festival, the premier destination for young filmmakers all over the world! This weekend the bright lights are on you. This weekend you get to show the world what it’s like to look through your lens. This is YOUR festival-- a grand celebration of your amazing talent and creativity!

Over the past seven years, you submitted 7,000+ films representing all 50 states and nations all over the world. These cinematic stories are a testament to your relentless passion, the driving force that propels you to share your stories... Throughout the weekend we will celebrate your work, screening hundreds of films as diverse and talented as the filmmakers who created them. We will connect you with the resources you crave, from unique and relevant panel discussions, to interactive technology displays, to the nation’s largest film school college fair. But perhaps most importantly, we will connect you to each other helping to create a community of shared passions and lifelong relationships.

As our event continues to grow, we work tirelessly to provide you, the filmmaker, with new rewarding experiences that will help launch your careers. And this year is no different. Our Film Invitational continues to grow, with 60 teams participating in 2018, we’ve increased the award pool to over $400,000, added 5 additional theaters for screenings and expanded our panel and workshop sessions. All of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for your unwavering commitment to the craft of filmmaking.

The 2019 Festival also provides you, your parents and your teachers the opportunity to register for several AAHSFF initiatives that we run throughout the year. Are you interested in bringing the AAHSFF team to your school for a custom film presentation? Are you a teacher looking for interactive lesson plans that include student created content from our festivals? Do you think your film program has what it takes to compete in the Film Invitational? If you answered yes to any of these questions then AAHSFF is for you!

It’s important to remember that we are a community of likeminded people here to support one another's work and learn more about filmmaking. Being recognized for your talents is great, but the Festival is about more than winning. The filmmakers, photographers and creatives you meet during the Festival will become your friends, business partners and colleagues. The real victory is that you are committed: Committed to learn and grow; committed to experience and enjoy the vast entertainment and education available. We encourage you to make new friends, meet industry professionals and explore the amazing city of New York. Welcome to AAHSFF 2019!


Andrew Jenks and Tom Oliva

Festival Founders