About VPRC:

The All American High School Film Festival is the premier destination for talented high school filmmakers all over the world. But what about the teachers working in the trenches to help bring these student projects to life? What’s available to these invaluable professionals? Turns out, not much… So we created the Video Production Resource Community, a destination for video production teachers seeking resources and community! Not only are we opening up our vault of nearly 7,000 student films, but we are coupling them with professionally written lesson plans ready for classroom use. We feel one of the best tools a teacher can have is relevant, peer-created content.

We also recognize that many questions arise while producing student films. For this, VPRC offers you two invaluable resources: the ability to communicate with other Video Production teachers throughout the country and monthly opportunities to ask industry professionals questions. On top of these great resources we are also offering exclusive festival perks like early registration and teacher networking events. Plus the opportunity for VPRC teachers to compete for our annual VPRC Educator of the Year Award with a $1,000 cash prize!

Benefits of Membership

  • Interactive lesson plans based on student-created content

  • Members Only Facebook Group for dialogue with other video educators

  • Educator networking event at AAHSFF (Starting in 2017)

  • Quarterly “ask the pro” virtual round table

  • Exclusive Teacher of the year award ($1,000 Cash Award starting in 2017)

  • September Kick off kit (Includes a poster and other fun marketing materials)

  • Priority registration for Film Invitational


Membership Period: September 2017 to September 2018


Annual Membership

Membership: $299 - 30 Interactive lesson plans based on student-created content + all benefits listed below

Annual Renewal Fee: $149 - 12  NEW interactive lesson plans based on student-created content + all benefits listed below



Description and Benefits of Lesson Plans:

Interactive lesson plans based on student-created content:

We’ve created three tiers of lesson plans designed to help your students grow from active viewers to screenwriters to competent and capable filmmakers. Let’s take a look at how it all comes together!

It’s no secret: Students love viewing video content. But how do you get them engaged? How do you get them to see more? How can you, the educator, enhance the experience beyond passive viewing? AAHSFF to the rescue!

Our initial lessons are designed to inspire your students to tell their stories through the medium of film while simultaneously enhancing their visual literacy skills. Each of our interactive lesson plans is designed to engage your students in the world of video production with equal parts entertainment, analysis, and application. Perhaps most importantly, our curriculum provides quality, hyper-relevant, peer-created content that represents the diverse themes, topics and genres that most resonate with your students.

Engagement Is Key (Tier 1):

  • Start with quality, hyper-relevant, peer-created content.

    • Center lessons on student-produced films.

    • Make it equal parts entertainment, analysis and application.

    • Incorporate topics and themes that resonate with your students.

    • Keep the content and genres diverse.

    • Choose films that show not tell.

    • Seamlessly incorporate essential visual literacy skills to help students see more.

    • Allow students to apply what they have learned with real-world results.

So you’ve watched some exemplary student films… you’re feeling inspired… you’re thinking: I can do this!  It’s time to tell your story. It’s time to show the world what it’s like to look through your lens! Our next batch of lessons looks closer at crafting stories that will move your audience and leave a lasting impression. Once again, we’ll model the power of story using high-quality peer films that illuminate various aspects of the screenwriting process. These lessons will include ample opportunity for application including activities that foster individual creativity and story creation.

Story is Everything (Tier 2):

  • Give your audience a story they can’t shake.

    • You want to move, affect and change your audience.

    • Focus on what you know and your life experiences.

    • Start with careful ideation and a thematic focus.

    • Center your story on the basic three act structure: Set-Up, Conflict, and Resolution.

    • Create dynamic characters that evolve throughout the film.

    • Use secondary characters to illuminate the main character.

    • Listen to real conversations to help craft realistic dialogue.

    • Plan surprises for the audience with symbols, plot twists, and manipulations of time.

Our final batch of lessons explore the elements of film and how they can be used to amplify story and further engage the audience. This is tricky territory as it’s easy to overdo it, but don’t fret: we’ve got great student films that will show you the way! Students will analyze a variety of film techniques as they continue to build their own pre-production plans. From casting actors to rack focus-- we’ve got you covered!

Perfecting the Package (Tier 3):

  • Using the elements of film to make your project the best it can be!

    • Keep your pacing crisp with calculated cuts.

    • Breathe life into your story with creative cinematography.

    • Enhance mood and atmosphere with a complimentary score.

    • Choose the most ideal and achievable authentic locations.

    • Find professional, adult actors eager to work with you.

    • Discover the power of a well-planned voiceover.

    • Be prepared for the challenges of capturing audio.

    • Consider a variety of techniques: parallel editing, depth of field, framing, and many more!


Description of Other Benefits

Members Only Facebook Group for dialogue with other video educators:

  • A friendly online space to dialogue with fellow video production teachers about your most pressing questions. Share stories, tips and tricks, helpful resources, special events and more. Chances are someone in our community has the answer (or at least a shoulder you can cry on!).

Exclusive educator networking event at AAHSFF (Starting in 2017):

  • Join colleagues from around the world at our exclusive VPRC networking event. This private reception will provide you with a chance connect with other video production educators to share your experiences and brainstorm new ideas.

Exclusive, quarterly online film competitions for your students:

  • Unique competitions that are designed to compliment VPRC lesson plans. Boost your curriculum with a tangible end product as you compete with other programs all over the world. And yes, there will be prizes!

Monthly “ask the pro” virtual round table:

  • We’ll bring together our industry friends to help answer your questions. Simple, straight-forward resources straight from the field.

Exclusive Teacher of the year award ($1,000 Cash Award starting in 2017):

  • Each year, AAHSFF will honor one outstanding VPRC member and reward them with a $1,000 cash prize. We know how hard you work, and now everyone else will too!

September Kick off kit (Includes a poster and other fun marketing materials):

  • Posters, stickers and other fun stuff to get the year started and bring AAHSFF and VPRC to your classroom.

Priority registration for Film Invitational:

  • Get in on our most popular initiative with Priority Registration. VPRC members will be offered exclusive, early registration for the Film Invitational.