Looking for a way to network with industry insiders, build your resume, and be a part of the future of film? AAHSFF is now seeking volunteers for the 2019 festival. The 2018 All American High School Film Festival was an amazing success, thanks in large part to our 50+ dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers! 

If you'd like to volunteer for the 2019 Festival please fill out the form below. The festival will take place in NYC from October 11th - 13th. You can sign up to volunteer for one day or the entire event.  Please let us know if you have any special skills that we should consider when processing your application. We look forward to making 2019 bigger and better in every way!

*You must have graduated high school to volunteer for the festival. 2019 Festival participants are not permitted, meaning that if you have a film as an Official Selection in this year's festival you can not be a volunteer. *

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We require that you have graduated high school to volunteer at AAHSFF.