Alex Silberberg - Paralysed









Cal Etcheverry - Pick your Poison

Caroline Palsi - Heavenly

Christina Xing - Listen

Claire Wiles - These Are the Thougts

Claudine Brantley - An Interloping Dream

Cole Bacani - Tomorrow's Time Machine

Colin Davy - The Trumpet

Connor O'Keefe - Recolections

Daniela Arguello - My Robot and I

Daniella Arguello - Reverie

Danny Urkov - Only the Brave

Danny Urkov - Merging Lives

Devon Gulati - Consequences

Ellie Goldman - Not the Same

Emily Yue - To Infinity

Ethan Chapman - Far Away

Ethan Seneker - Huckleberry Delight

Gabrielle Giacomo - In Time

Georgina Salter - A Hike in my Shoes

Gil Rivera - Absolutely Beautiful

Gino Valarao - Horizon Perspective

Gus Leagre - Away

Itai Lev - Who Was Charlemenge?

J.R. Bellavia - 147

Jamie Lipman - Stanley

Jeremy Bonwick - Timeless

John General - Broke and Famous

Jordan Pollack - Jody's Sapce

Jordan Portugal - The Social Butterfly

Josh Jackson - Because of You

Joshua Ovalle - Two and a Quarter Minutes

Joshua Ovalle - Minimum Max

Justin Fargiano - Art Ventures

Kathryn McCarthy - Violets are Blue

Kira Bursky - We're Okay

Kira Bursky - Girly

Kira Bursky - Hello From Malaysia

Kris Theorin - Retreat

Kristin Dolan - Fading

Lixing Chu - Dreams that Transcend All Boundaries

Logan McElroy - Seven and Up

Luc Alper-Leroux - Candy Crush

Lucas Dudley - Aftermath

Malone Lumarda - Black Rock Creek

Marc Ramos - TRAIN

Maria Alvarez - The Waiting Game

Maria Alvarez - Carrie's Wish

Markus Lim - Cadence

Maxime Croyal - Deux euros et 24 centimes

Miles Warren - Falling

Mirella Cardoso - While We Wait

Mitchell Richmond - The Skating Dead (Ballad of a Zombie Skater)

Morgana McKenzie - Gifts

Neema Sadeghi - City Limits

Nicolas Hornedo - All of It

Nikko Tonolete - Sleepless

Oscar Rodriguez - Delusions Under His Moon

Quintin O'Connell - Revelation

Remaya Campbell - Logan

Robert Crisp - The Effortless Cool

Rohun Vora - Lifebuoy

Sean Breitkreutz - The Missing Piece

Stephen Rosado - For Now

Steven Raia - A Screw Loose

Strack Azar - Preservative Disunion

Werner Vivier - Hope

Zachary Oschin - Kris

Zack Lobel - Arthur

Adam McArthur - Buster was a Man

Andrew Nemets - The Silent Night Story

Austen Halpern - GraserI Want to Shoot Lasers

Brandon Buccheri - Most Interesting TV Teacher

Brandon Buccheri - Silence your Cell Phone

Cheri Gaulke - Blockbusted

Cole Mootz - WZRDZ

Cyrus Keefer - Innocent Adult

Danielle Stolz - Invisible`

Elias Goldman - The Sound Effect

Ernesto Dimperio - Spooky Business

Ernesto Dimperio - A Sticky Situation

Gabriel Perez - Fish

Hadley Hillel - The Talk

Hadley Hillel - Muffins

Hunter Lane - Payphone

John Hayes - Channel 6 News - A film by John Hayes

Kevin Tsai - DayDream

Lauren Baker - Betty's Window

Mathieu Pere - Cent Vingt

Mickey Mann - The Box

Molly Cinnamon - The SAT Games

Nina Kramer - Westlake Elementary

Phillip Magin - Zeke Zeppelin

Phillip Schoen - The Joint

Rose Kelso - Please Come Again

Ryan Tabris - Girl Scout Crookies

William Hoinoski - The Paper Actor

Aaron Sourtal - The Man Behind the Birds

Aggie Ryan - Searching for my Roots

Aidan Callahan - Bill Monroe: A Documentary by Aidan Callahan

Alexandra Jackman - A Teen's Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism

Alicia Oluhara - Prom?

Anand Prahash - Blood

Ariel Dessler - University School Crew

Austin Marsdale - Behind the Beat: A Music Documentary

Ben and Adam Danzger - Generations of the Shoah: The Regina and Abraham Tauber Stories

Benjamin Ades - Recycled Design

Catalina Parra - Coming Together

Charlotte Masters - Last Summer's Plate

Cheyenne Murray - Keep Calm, Speak Out, Rise Up

Dafne Alonso - Le'Jon: Unspoken

Danielle Stolz - Wings of Peace

Danny Sheehan - How Different

Delilah Napier - The Lingering War

Elizabeth Lane - Zooming In, Zooming Ahead

Emily Hall - Plan It for the Planet

Emily Webster - Silver Lining

Ernesto Dimperio - Cody

Gianna Alhadidi - Filtered

Hana Kateman - Legacies of War

Hope Alexander - Screen Protection: A Bullying Story

Jacob Baer - CODA Pride

Jacob Vernick - Asbury Lanes

Jake Lee - Fighters Move Forward

Jenny Kim - Bring Dreams to Life

Jhovanny Bisono - Jhovanny the Movie

Jordan Cohen - Empire State of Mind

Justyna Kurbiel - Lost River Trails

Kierin Rogers - Nick

Kyler McCormick - The Story of a Bow Hunter

Lance Oppenheim - Quicksand

Lance Oppenheim - The Dogmatic

Lance Oppenheim - Reconciliation

Lee Tsapatsaris - Welcome to Guatemala

Leo Gallagher - Mr. Rush

Lukas Dong - Sophia

Margaret Corn - Zawadi Ndogo (Small Gift)

Mariam Sanchez - Eat to Live or Eat to Die?

Max Cho - Swords into Ploughshares

Patrick VanZandt - Rick

Rachel Wang - Broadcast Profile: Jared Moons

Rogelio Aguilar - Overcoming Adversity

Samantha Hardy - Hollow: Dani's Story

Sarah Mcallister - Once Upon a Childhood

Siddhant Joshi - City of Tears

Steven Smith -Gary

Ty Hranac - Afyon

Veronica Malesinski - Golec uOrkiestra 2014 USA Tour

Adam McArthur - Hope

Brandon Bernier - Alexis Wolfe - Commit ft. EB3 & Nate Selassie

Daniel Kelly - One Republic- Counting Stars

Devon Gulati - Martin Johnson

Hannah Skelton - Waking Up In Space

Hayden Rusk - Sloppy Seconds

Hope Alexander - Indecisions

Jakob Martinez - All Who Remain

James Tralie - My Rebirth...Creatively

Kenia Soto - Bugaloo Train

Kira Bursky - Beautiful Creature

Kira Bursky - Warm Rush

Lindsey Will - With My Eyes Closed

Max Galassi - The Coulours Run

Searci Moore - Ratchet

Ty Smith - Bulldog Pride

Adam Katz - Inanimate Insanity

Adam McArthur - Pip the Cup

Devin Eggleston - Troubled Skies

Dylan Sparano - Wail of the Broadman

Georgina Cahill - Karmealeon

Georgina Cahill - Green with Envy

Harrison Chen - Breakfast

Iver Jensen - A Twist of Fate

Jacob Hood - The Media Song

Jacob Hood - Colors

James Tralie - Screenwriter's Block

Jared Lascurain - An Arm and a Leg

Kris Theorin - The Call of Farqunglu

Lily Lizotte - Miles Away

Noah Maxey - Insipid

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Benjamin Butler - Don't Open the Closet

Benjamin Butler - Don't Blink

Cal Etcheverry - Riches to Rags

Graham Burrell - The Dare

Haley Taylor - Schiz

Henry DaCosta - Hysteria

Jamal Reed - For My Beloved

Joachim Crisostomo - Godbox

Tommy Halsey - Psychosis

Abbey Sacks - Connie

Abbey Sacks - Facade

Adam McArthur - Solitude

Ben Chiu - Thoughts

Brian Ferenchik - Wake Up

Cal Etcheverry - L'Amoureuse

Carlos Perdomo - Interim

Claudine Brantley - Abraham

Cole Bacani - The Script

Connor Ryan - Vaillance Hésitent

Danny Amir - Cell Four

Drew Chura - Unconditional

Emily Brubaker - Pop Pop's Trail

Emily Yue - For Those Who Don't Believe

Ernesto Dimperio - Fear

Eva Klein - Snapshot

Fiona Kibblewhite - Just a Dream

Gabrielle Giacomo - Walls

Hayley Bensmiller - Halves

Ilianna Villa - Soft Hands

Isabella Matejka - Advice From a Hot Mess (Minus the Hot)

James King - ATYW

James Tralie - While You Were

Jonah Haber - Utopia

Jonah Haber - James

Kayla Briet - Another World

Lucas Bugbee - Quintessence

Luis Vazquez - Deja Vecu

Manuel Valdes - Geometric God

Maria Alvarez - Who Are You?

Max Galassi - Sophie's Tree

Max Retik - Flux

Mia Krumerman - Pirouette

Mitchell Richmond - Basilica de Santiago Apostol (Church of St. James)

Morgan Carter - Door to Door

Nicholas Jugheli - Memories of an Old Man

Peter McGarry - Disco Casino

Quynh Ong - Make It Count

Rona Akbari - Manger de la merde

Ruth Everett - Anything and Everythin

Stephen Pace - The Completionist

Will Robinson - The Boat

Andrew Matroci - A Skate Life

Jackson Tisi - Incarnate

Jackson Tisi - Offseason

Jake Whitlock - Life on Wheels

James Bretscher - Bretscher 5

Manuel Valdez - Bradenton

Casey Seabolt - Sleep

Cheri Gaulke - Disconnect to Connect

Cheri Gaulke - Open the Door

Cheri Gaulke - Re-Invent Education

Cheri Gaulke - Share Our Stories: David

Daniela Arguello - Disconnected

Gabrielle Giacomo - Make the Switch

Greg Speroni - Broken Tip

Gretchen Lynch - The Mask We Call a Smile

Jennifer Smart - Crossroads

Julia Kaitlin Villarba - Teen Dating Violence PSA

Kiera Pitts - Progression

Laura Martinez - NHS SADD PSA

Logan Collins - Hope in Tomorrow

Logan McElroy - Spooky to Be Hungry

Maddie Church - I am a Girl

Mahal Sourgose - Mental Health PSA

Maria Alvarez - Modern Voice

Natalia Moscoso - Shoeless

Neema Sadeghi - The Choice is Yours

Noah Maxey - Cyberbullying PSA

Riley Doyle - Drowning in Plastic

Robert Crisp - Zombie PSA (Potential Comedy)

Romeo Yannicelli - Hate Crimes PSA

Samantha Rutherford - Be Smart Don't Start

Tara Minaee - Courageous Persuaders

Teryn Brown - Every 15 Minutes PSA

AddisonDlott - F Cancer PSA

Ben Erickson - It's All About M.E.

Isabella Matejka - Cancer Sucks

Karly Lent - Moving Forward

Kunal Dixit - Inspiring Tomorrow: A FIlm

Megan Campbell - Let's F Cancer

Padriac Farma - Dear Mom

Tiffany Lin - The Thing About Cancer

Adam Howard - Notice Me

Allie Cole - Notice Me

Daria Hoffman - Guilty

Kelli Sullivan - Notice Me

Kianna Schlesinger - Notice Me

Paige Miltenberger - Guilty

Rachel Shay - Notice Me