The Complete F.I. Experience

The Complete F.I. Experience provides student filmmakers the opportunity to become a true independent film crew. Over the course of the 10-week pre-production period participating teams were responsible for every aspect of creating a short narrative film: ideation, script writing, location scouting, casting, shoot schedules and more. This preparation is designed to put teams in the best possible position to successfully shoot and edit their film in New York City over the course of 3 days.

Prize package to be valued at $5,000 for the winning film.

2017 The Complete F.I. Experience Winning Film

"The Last Check "
by Henry J Kaiser High School


Commercialized Competition

In 2016 Refinery29 launched a groundbreaking inclusive movement called the 67%. This marketing campaign was a cross-platform initiative created to confront the reality that plus size women in America are consistently underrepresented in media and retail. Through The 67% Project, Refinery29 instituted changes to content strategy, implemented new partnerships, and challenged audience perceptions in order to evolve the conversation and action around accurately representing women of all shapes and sizes — inclusive of women size 14 and up — at the same rate they exist in reality.

For 2017’s Film Invitational Commercialized Competition, Refinery29 called upon AAHSFF to expand the conversation and further to highlight-underrepresented communities. Using a creative format, Film Invitational teams competed to tell the story of an underrepresented community that represents the 67%. Focusing on vibrant imagery, this campaign highlights forgotten groups of individuals and sheds light on those who have been cast in the shadows. Whether it be size, religion, gender identity, class or any other number of characteristics, the goal is to open people's eyes by bringing them places or highlighting people that are normally ignored. These commercials are not selling a product, but rather a message: everyone matters.

Prize package valued at $1,000 for the winning film.

2017 Commercialized Competition Winning Film

"Refinery 29 Commercial Submission"
by West Broward High School

Editing Challenge

The Editing Challenge provided the opportunity for the Film Invitational teams to work as post-production story producers and editors. During this 1 day challenge the teams were provided with footage from Film Festival founder Andrew Jenks' online video series "It's About A Girl". The teams had only a few hours to re-imagine the footage into a creative re-edit.

Prize package valued at $1,000 for the winning film.

2017 Editing Challenge Winning Film

"City of Dreams "
by Bloomington High School South

2017 Participating Schools

Check out the Youtube playlist of all of the 2017 Film Invitational films below.

The Episcopal School of Dallas
Howell High School
Glendale High School
Lone Peak
Atascocita High School
Cedar Crest High School
Canyon Crest Academy
Wilmington High School
Henry Hudson Regional High School
Princeton High School
Camden County High School
Nature Coast Technical High School
Engineering and Science University Magnet School

Henry J Kaiser High School
West Broward High School
Bloomington High School South
Brookstone School
James Clemens High School
Nature Coast Technical High School
Prosper High School
J. P. Taravella High School
Westlake High School
Skyridge High School
Monica Matute & Alexander Puga
Grace Church
Saint Mary's Hall
Digital Tech High School
Perth Amboy High School
Rye Country Day
Prosper High School
Packer High School