2017 Official Selections!

Congratulations to all the filmmakers who have been selected to screen at the 2017 AAHSFF at the AMC in New York City's Times Square. Below is a full list of all Official Selections. The list is organized in alphabetical order by first name of the first director listed on your submission. We strongly suggest you use the find feature on your computer by pressing Command + F (For MAC users) and Control + F (For PC users). After pressing this combination of keys enter the name you are looking for. 

Aaron Ohmstede, Drama, "The Pen", Lake Mary, FL

Aaron Rohrer, Music Video, "Home", Camarillo, CA

Abi Karl Experimental, "Voicemail", Monmouth Beach, NJ

Abigail Karl, Experimental, "Change", Monmouth Beach, NJ

Abigail Relatado, Drama, "DIVE", Troy, CA

Abigail Smith, PSA, "Solitude", Yoder, IN

Abrielle Marsden, Animation, "The Little Raindrop", Burbank, CA

Ada-Nicole Sanger and Samantha Shigematsu, Drama, "An Apple a Day", Burbank, CA

Adam Gorny, Documentary, "The Heidelberg Project: 30 Years of Creativity", Placentia, CA

Adam Gorny, Drama, "Je Suis Humain", Yorba Linda, CA

Adam Grannick , PSA, "STOP BULLYING NOW. Adam Grannick's Filmelodic.", New York, NY

Adam Meyer and Dirk Czarnecki, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Kindle", Dallas, TX

Adam Nayak and Hannah Madans, Experimental, "Impression", Portland, OR

Adam Nussbaum and Ben Clark, Documentary, "Plessy v. Ferguson: Tipping the Scale", Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Adam Present and Matt San Miguel, Comedy, "Snowballs", Summit, NJ

Adam Present and Matt San Miguel, Drama, "My Brother's Shadow", Summit, NJ

Adam Snyder and Chase Tranquillo, Comedy, "Tape Me To Prom", Robesonia, PA

Adam Taryle, Nicole Soussana, Liora Rabizadeh, Sarah Yadegari and Ma'ayan Waldman, Documentary, "Lost Angeles: A City Without a Home", Los Angeles, CA

Adelaide Wilson, Drama, "The in Between", Ferndale, MI

Adrian Delcan, Drama, "Beginnings", Orange County, CA

Adrian Ejsing, Drama, "The World Keeps Spinning", Denmark

Aidan Little, Drama, "Keep Moving", Bloomington, IN

Aidan Merck, Drama, "Apricity", Wheaton, IL

Aiden Glikmann and Ben Fuller, Comedy, "The Stall", Woodland Hills, CA

Alec Simmons, Comedy, "The Keymaster", Ithaca, NY

Alejandra Torres and Anuar Aly, Drama, "No Solace", Doral, FL

Alex Bruzón, Drama, "The Film", San Juan, Puerto Rico

Alex Cathey, PSA, "The Story of Wyatt London", Cleveland , GA

Alex DeRosa, Animation, "Lyric", Short Hills, NJ

Alex Hannah and Meredith Ellison, Documentary, "A Second Chance", Washington, DC

Alexa May, Experimental, "Never Too Late", Dallas, TX

Alexander Edep, Drama, "Room 101", Boca Raton, FL

Alexander Puga and Monica Matute, Experimental, "untitled.", Miami, FL

Alexander Zinn, Comedy, "When Bobby Met Sally", San Antonio, TX

Alexander Zinn, Experimental, "A Letter Home", San Antonio, TX

Alexandria Pavloski, Animation, "Minutes Second Hour", Manteno, IL

Alexis Bussart, Keller Brossette and Christopher Cudjoe, Documentary, "Immigration?", Humble, TX

Alina Foley, Experimental, "Denial", Sherman Oaks, CA

Ally Gondeck, Documentary, "More Than Just Candy", Jacksonville, FL

Ally Walsh, Drama, "Bench Mark", Santa Monica, CA

Alyssa Cornelius and Ashlyn Aupperlee, Music Video, "To This Day", Spring Hill, FL

Alyssa Cornelius, Kaihlee Bray and Giovanna Vittone, Experimental, "Depraved", Spring Hill, FL

Alyssa Goh, Experimental, "Who I Am (Baby Steps)", Fullerton, CA

Alyssa Van Duren, Comedy, "Santa Works in Secret", South Jordan, UT

Alyssa Van Duren and Rylee Vickery, Drama, "Florence", South Jordan, UT

Amanda Golla, Animation, "The Reasons You Are Beautiful", Humble, TX

Amella Pena, Drama, "I Love Grace.", SLC, UT

Amira Aboudallah, Drama, "I Wish the Sun Blinked at Me", Las Vegas, NV

Amro Hwary and Sana Azem, Experimental, "Through Her Eyes", Vienna, VA

Amy Miller and Joe Hart, Documentary, "Amanda's Wish", Highland, UT

Ana Camila Gutierrez, Documentary, "Dandelion", Perth Amboy, NJ

Ana Varela, Animation, "Soul", Burbank , CA

Andie Huff, Experimental, "The Remembering", Camarillo, CA

Andie Huff, Music Video, "Watch It Break", Camarillo, CA

Andrea Garrido, Michelle Gonzalez, Isabela de la Grana and Allison Guerrero, Middle School, "The Lemon - Aid Stand", Miami, FL

Andrew Connelly, Comedy, "Five Minutes in Paradise", Scituate, MA

Andrew Connelly, Drama, "Dimly Lit", Scituate, MA

Andrew Gardner, Merrick McCool and Eli Hartnett, Broadcast Journalism, "Oxford Strong", Oxford, MS

Andrew Kivett, Experimental, "Reverse", Wichita, KS

Andrew Villacis, Drama, "Headlong", Fort Worth, TX

Andy Cole, Jacob Reese, Barry Chen, Connor Tucker and Ian Islam, Broadcast Journalism, "Longhorn Nation: Black Wall Street", Buford, GA

Andy Ho and Elise Anderson, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "The Masterpiece", Clackamas, OR

Andy Huey, Jostens "For What I Stand", "We Love You No Matter What", Santa Rosa, CA

Andy Kwiatkowski, Documentary, "LONELY HIGHWAY", Colorado Springs, CO

Angel Hoyang, Documentary, "From Farm to Cup", Los Angeles, CA

Angel Violet, Comedy, "HIS FIRST TIME", Canada

Angela Houston, Experimental, "Change", Phoenix, AZ

Angelique Pineda and Elliot Rico, Broadcast Journalism, "Jazzelle", Ewa Beach, HI

Angelique Pineda, Daniel Barit and Bryson Silver, PSA, "Just Be Strong", Ewa Beach, HI

Angelique Pineda, Daniel Barit and Bryson Silver, PSA, "Just Ask", Ewa Beach, HI

Angelique Pineda, Daniel Barit and Bryson Silver, PSA, "Just Listen", Ewa Beach, HI

Angelyn Escalona, Danielle Link and Evan Scolnick, PSA, "Dear Diary", Golden Beach, FL

Angie Violet Hawes Music Video, "SWITZERLAND", Canada

Anna Mott, PSA, "Conserve the Keys", Key West, FL

Anna Stewart, Documentary, "Enough is Enough", Washington, DC

Annabelle Bowman Mohn, Drama, "Clover Four Confidence", Seattle, WA

Anthony Cintron, Comedy, "Fresh Choppuccino", Lutz, FL

Anthony Martinez and Christopher Vazquez, Broadcast Journalism, "Charlie's Path", Miami, FL

Anuar Aly, Katherine De Jesus, Kimberly De Jesus, Alexis Howard, Pedro Serritiello and Tomas Echeverria, Experimental, "Nightizm", Doral, FL

April Lee, Animation, "Of Weasels and Chickens: Episodes Three and Four", New York, NY

Arfa Chowdhary and Quinn O'Brien, Experimental, "Red Line", Plano, TX

Ariana Batiste, Michelle Jeon, Lauren Song and Teresa Suh, PSA, "Ve", Los Angeles, CA

Arianna Munoz, Animation, "The Strangest Dream", San Antonio, TX

Arianna Munoz, Documentary, "Le Danseur", San Antonio, TX

Arielle Ghiloni, Action Sports, "Skiing: It's a Sibling Thing", Delray Beach, FL

Arin Dineen, Middle School, "I Can Help", Santa Fe, NM

Arin Dineen, Middle School, "We Can Change", Santa Fe, NM

Arman Rezaian, Jostens "For What I Stand", "For What I Stand", Pembroke Pines, FL

Arman Rezaian, Music Vide, "I Don't Love My Country", Pembroke Pines, FL

Arman Rezaian, PSA, "A Delightful Whistling Noise", Pembroke Pines, FL

Arnold Icaro, Documentary, "Pflugerville Legend”, Pflugerville, TX

Arturo Bello and Anna Mott, Documentary, "Return to The Reef", Key West, FL

Ashley Kramer, Drama, "One Year", Jacksonville, FL

Ashley Novo, Comedy, "An Introduction to Thermal Expansion", Staten Island, NY

Astrid Lund Johansen, Drama, "Mars is calling", Denmark

Austin Coombs-Perez, Drama, "The Life of Davie", , Culver City, CA

Austin Coombs-Perez, Experimental, "In Your Room", Culver City, CA

Austin Leih, Drama, "Still Here With Me", Flower Mound, TX

Austin Locke, Comedy, "Device From Above", Pacific Palisades, CA

Austin Ramey, Roberto Pino, Keith Conner,Max Grossbard, Timothy Zhang and Will Hillard, Music Video, "Trust", Cardiff, CA

Austin Varco, Experimental, "Til Death Do Us Apart", Bonita, CA

Avery Melzer and Dylan Pollak, Experimental, "PHANTOM!", Jupiter, FL

Avi Abrams, Comedy, "Mosquitao", Bethesda, MD

Azam Janmohamed and Elias Salander Documentary, "Forgotten: Karachi, Pakistan", Lawrenceville, NJ

Azure Allen, Drama, "From Dogs to Wolves", Conway, SC

Azure Allen, PSA, "Any Given Day", Conway, SC

Baxter Chelsom, Middle School, "Lost", Studio City, CA

Ben Clark and Adam Linssen, Documentary, "Si Supieras (If You Knew)", San Diego, CA

Ben Frauman and Rae Kanoa, Music Video, "Give", Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Ben Ginsburg, Documentary, "Taking Back The Bronx", Dobbs Ferry, NY

Ben Phillips, Animation, "Cowboy and Candles", Allen, TX

Ben Reingold, PSA, "It's Your Life", Sharon, MA

Ben Schwartz, Comedy, “Dollar Bills”, WA

Ben Thorson-Brourman, PSA, "Feminism PSA", Brentwood, CA

Benjamin Kellum, PSA, "'Auto' Motive", Clayton, NJ

Bennett Barbosa, Drama, "Sanguine", Park City, UT

Benny Rendell, Drama, "Sister", New Paltz, NY

Bo Moore and Corinne O'Halloran, Broadcast Journalism, "Pulse", Winter Haven, FL

Boris Vesselinov, Drama, "Honey", Plano, TX

Bowen Munsil and Kathleen Cooper, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Find Me", Canada

Braden Swope, Drama, "Dreaded Rose: The Empty Shoe" - Episode 1", Orange County, CA

Bradley Castle and Dorcy Witherspoon, Documentary, "Eat, Sleep, Forget", Hot Springs, AR

Brandon Bingham, Animation, "Germ Wars", Allen, TX

Brandon Davis, Drama, "The Rooftop", Myrtle Beach, SC

Brayden Palluck, Drama, "Larceny", Las Vegas, NV

Brett Baxley, Drama, "boys.", Springfield, MO

Brett McLoughlin, Experimental, "Full Tank", Cockeysville, MD

Bretton Miller, Experimental, "Burger", Cincinnati, OH

Brianna Seaberg, Drama, "Change of Heart", North Palm Beach, FL

Bridget Galaty, Documentary , "TRANSaction: stepping out of the closet", Denver, CO

Brisa Lopez, Ella Lowder, Kiele Head, Maddie Aubry and Janet Urias, Documentary, "The Only Way"

Britton Thomas, Comedy, "Not My Type of Painting", Sacramento, CA

Caitlin Clonan, Animation, "The Tree", Cazenovia, NY

Caitlin LeBlanc, Documentary , "Bret", Lynn, MA

Caitlyn Conville, Experimental, "IgBFFt" , Secaucus, NJ

Cal Etcheverry, Drama, "The Art of War", Dallas, TX

Cal Etcheverry, Experimental, "Us", Dallas, TX

Cal Thacher, Comedy, "Picnic Perfect", San Francisco, CA

Caleb Wild, Drama, "Cycle", Tampa, FL

Caleb Wild, Drama, "Starling - (Rough Draft Placeholder)",  Tampa, FL

Callahan Bracken, Animation, "Madoka", Canada

Callie Dodd and Cathleen Criss, Documentary, "Seven Years", Hot Springs, AR

Callyn Histed and Matthew Monteleone, Experimental, "Circles", Valencia, CA

Cameron George, Documentary, "One Defining Dot", Salt Lake City, UT

Camila Grunberg and Zain Lokhandwalla, Middle School, "Systemic Inequality", New York City, NY

Camryn Woodson, Experimental, "Serenity", Wylie, TX

Carly Haines, Documentary, "Dancing to Freedom", Rye Brook, NY

Carly Kramer, Comedy, "Dear Eliza", Jacksonville, FL

Caroline Ellenthal, Drama, "Best Friends", Austin, TX

Caroline Ellenthal, PSA, "Don't Be a Dog, Don't Text and Drive", Austin, TX

Caroline Soderstjerna, Animation, "The Tail of Two Chameleons", San Diego, CA

Carter Cole, Drama, "Twas the Night", Prosper, TX

Cassie Chang, Drama, "For Juni", Orange, CA

Cecilia Becker, Saunder Boyle and Caroline Cox, Music Video, "'Fight Like A Girl' by Shagwüf", Charlottesville, VA

Cecilia O'Rollins, Bergen Johnson, Annabelle Bowman Mohn and Miles Whitworth, Drama, "Frozen in Debt", Seattle, WA

Celeste Moguel, Animation, "Afterlife", Cleveland, GA

Ceylan Carhoglu, College Doc , "Gardeners of the Forest", Orange, CA

Charlie Ehrman, Emma Pipolo, Jack Glicker, Jackie Caravetto and Lindsay Martin, Drama, "Soundbite", Huntington, NY

Chase Brown, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Azrael", Plano, TX

Chase Cutarelli, Drama, "Practice", Marysville, OH

Chase Hartsell, Documentary, "No One Fights Alone", Hot Springs, AR

Chelsea Eisen, Comedy, "Daisy Head Mayzie", South Pasadena, CA

Chelsea Eisen, Comedy, "A Witch's Tail", Los Angeles, CA

Chiara Villanueva, Animation, "ANOMALY", Placentia, CA

Chloe Pacocha, Drama, "Dear Brother", Derry, NH

Chris Greening, Drama, "Below The Surface", College Station, TX

Chris Jamidar, C.C. Grovensor, Oliver Sanchez, Nathan Dixon, Belle Cameronand Zach Plotnick, Drama, "The Spirit of the Dead", Kent, CT

Chris Lee, Drama, "The Tangerine Hotel", Burbank, CA

Chris Lee, Kieran McGroarty and Ada-Nicole Sanger, Music Video, "Had Me At Hello", Burbank, CA

Christian Anderson, Music Video, "Ahmady - ''The Drive'' (Official Video)", Conyers, GA

Christian Arnsparger, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "The Proustian Effect", Madison, AL

Christian Brannan, Experimental, "Silent Relationship", Key West, FL

Christian Gentry, Drama, "REALITY", Brookville, OH

Christina DeConcini , Experimental, "365", Harrison, NY

Christina DeConcini , PSA, "Save the Reefs", Harrison, NY

Christina Garcia and Arlette Silva, Music Video, "Lately", McAllen, TX

Christina Yin, Animation, "The Cycle of Life", Danville, CA

Christine Pluviose, Jailyn Zabala and Uzzal Miah, Documentary, "Where We At" , Brooklyn, NY

Christopher Greening, Drama , "The Setback", College Station, TX

Christopher Vazquez, Victor Prieto, Brian Houtenbrink-Hoyo and Sebastian Valdes-Denis, Broadcast Journalism, "Leveling the Playing Field", Miami, FL

Christopher Vazquez, Victor Prieto, Sebastian Valdes-Denis and Brian Houtenbrink-Hoyo, Broadcast Journalism, "Seeds in the City", Miami, FL

Claire Copeland, Experimental, "The Little Ghost" , Houston, TX

Claire Davis and Eleri Watkins, Music Video, "Monster's Ball", Troy, MI

Clay Morris, Drama , "Fired", Dallas, TX

Clayton Horwitz and Joshua Noll, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Outsider", GLENVIEW, IL

Clayton Pierce, Documentary, "Students Against Bigotry", Berkeley, CA

Coby Hilelly, Drama, "Forget" , New Rochelle, NY

Cole Monson, Animation, "Meter", Springville, UT

Collin Colaizzi, Drama, "HYYPE", Lakewood, CO

Conner Hall, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Don't Look Back", Bluffdale, UT

Connor Sweeney, Jostens "For What I Stand", "After Thoughts", Livermore, CA

Cooper Newsom, Drama, "Sticks", Dallas, TX

Cosette Moskowitz Comedy, "Can Man", Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Courtney Rawitscher and Ariana Luterman, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "No Strings Attached", Dallas, TX

D'Arion Curry-Matthews, Documentary, "Priced Out of Education", San Francisco, CA

Daniel Alejandro Beracha, Documentary, "Will They Know Our Names?", Golden Beach, FL

Daniel Duus, Drama, "Cutting Paper", Denmark

Daniel Isaacs, Drama, "Aperture", Noblesville, IN

Daniel Sorkin, Comedy, "Pristine", New York, NY

Danielle Bordelon, Animation, "Half-Baked", Allen, TX

Danielle Turner and Ted Irving, Drama, "Prom Night: A Decision on Sex", Houston, TX

Danyel De Villiers, Broadcast Journalism, "90 Miles One Celebration", Miami, FL

Danyel De Villiers, Broadcast Journalism, "Misconception of Marijuana", Miami , FL

Darian Kiang, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Polarized", Santa Monica, CA

Darien Rivas, PSA, "Bullying PSA", McAllen, TX

David Caserta, PSA, "Men Don't Cry", Coral Gables, FL

David Donghyun Kim, Drama, "Finn", Glendale, CA

David Tovar and Mikayla Viloria, Drama , "Serenity", Las Vegas, NV

Dee Contreras, Documentary , "BREAKING SILENCE", Colorado Springs, CO

Devan Prabhakar, Documentary, "Katham", Dallas, TX

Dillon Burns, Experimental, "A World Apart", Palm Harbor, FL

Dillon Johnson, Music Video, "Here", DeSoto, TX

Germaine Joseph and Amber Nipper, Music Video, "Accept each other", Winter Haven, FL

Donovan Bogney, Animation, "Snakes In A Train", Allen, TX

Duncan King and Ella Schwab, Music Video, "Mac DeMarco - Chamber of Reflection", Seattle, WA

Dylan Reiss, Documentary, "Luke", San Luis Obispo, CA

Dylan Santa Cruz, Drama, "Tapes", Castaic, CA

Dylan Santa Cruz and Grace Gallagher, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "OCT_28_1996.m4v", Los Angeles, CA

Dylynn Abbey, Experimental, "Till' Death do us Part", Valencia, CA

Eddie Zheng and Shefalika Prasad, Drama, "Angela", New York, NY

Eema Siddiqui, PSA, "Islamophobia PSA", Naperville, IL

Eema Siddiqui, PSA, "Mental Health PSA", Naperville, IL

Eitan Miller, Comedy, "Love Letter", Chatham, NJ

Elise Tsai, Documentary, "Science Olympiad: The Exceptional Sport of Academics", Shoreview, MN

Elizabeth Cautela, Drama, "Prom?", Hudson, MA

Elizabeth Gomez, Animation, "Max in Space", Buffalo, NY

Ella Genovese, Drama, "Only Pictures", Saint Louis, MO

Ella Warner, Middle School, “Joya Mia”, Sherman Oaks, CA

Ellen Pucel and Maddie McLane, Documentary, "Take it Below", Ridgefield, CT

Ellery Marshall, Drama, "I'm Sorry", Dallas, TX

Ellie Rocheleau, PSA, "The Empty Classroom", Troy, MI

Elliot Rico, Experimental, "Open Your Hearts", Ewa Beach, HI

Elliot Rico, Jostens "For What I Stand", "Why I Stand", Ewa Beach, HI

Elyas Masrour, Documentary, "Peep: The Story of the Piping Plovers on West Meadow Beach", East Setauket, NY

Emily Beach and Emma Steingraber, Broadcast Journalism, "Ink Ink", Springfield, MO

Emily Bornstein, Experimental, "Blinded", Canton , MA

Emily Capriotti, Drama, "Break the Cycle", Howell , NJ

Emily Girgis, Documentary, "Honest Beauty", Bayonne, NJ

Emily Kitzmiller, PSA, "Everything: Why Citizens Should Know Their U.S. Constitution", Thousand Oaks, Ca

Emily Ma and Grace Zhang, Experimental, "ONE", Dallas, TX

Emily Miller, Comedy, "Lifeguard Legend", Rockwall, TX

Emily Miller, Experimental, "Weird Banana Film", Rockwall, TX

Emily Miller, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Louise", Rockwall, TX

Emily Pattison, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Screenshot", Bedford, NH

Emily Radano, Documentary, "Family", Mount Laurel, NJ

Emma Pipolo, Experimental, "Sunrise Finds Us", Huntington, NY

Emma Siegel, Animation, "A Poem", Arlington, VA

Emma Siegel, Drama, "Bright & Early", Arlington, VA

Emma Siegel, Experimental, "Creation", Arlington, VA

Emmet Luciano, Experimental, "Gardens", Woodstock, NY

EOB, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "feedback", Dallas, TX

Eric Schwartz, Drama, "Transitions", Ossining, NY

Eric Schwartz, Music Video, "Ordinary World, Ossining, NY

Eric Stephenson, Drama, "My Girl", Lakeside, CA

Eric Traugott, Animation, "I Am the Morning Show", Alpharetta, GA

Erica Hendrix and Macie Hendrix, Documentary, "The Redemption", Hot Springs, AR

Ethan Grinberg, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "4 Minutes", Mahomet, IL

Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas and Wylie Soltes, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Richard", Seattle, WA

Ethan Jacobson and Harrison Pyros, Drama, "Anya", Burbank, CA

Ethan Paisley, Drama, "Indelible", Petaluma, CA

Ethan Paisley, Drama, "Playing The Game", Novato, CA

Ethan Restrepo and Diandra Toro, Comedy, "All American", Robesonia, PA

Ethan Stoler, Documentary, "The Art of Teaching", Paoli, PA

Evan Lewin, Nick Deal and Zach Schutte, Documentary, "The 2016 Election", Fort Thomas, KY

Evan Pritchard, Drama, "Why God?", Niskayuna, NY

Evan Thomas, Music Video, "I Am Not A Machine", Timnath, CO

Ezequiel Mejia and Marc Ramirez, Documentary, "Where The Sidewalk Ends", New York, NY

Ezra Robinson, Drama, "Solaces", Seattle, WA

Felix Schafroth Doty, Documentary, "For the Love of Instant Pictures", Philadelphia, PA

Fez Zafar, Documentary, "The Forgotten Part of America", Clive, IA

Gabe Braden, Drama, "Jaded", Wyandotte, MI

Gabe Braden, Drama, "23 Peas", Wyandotte, MI

Gabe Braden, Experimental, "Your Time Will Come", Wyandotte, MI

Gabe Merkel and Rachel Horowitz, Drama, "Museum Epoch", Brooklyn, NY

Gabriel Valentine, Documentary, "DADS", Colorado Springs , CO

Gabriela Thur de Koos, Drama, "Obsessed", Bernardsville, NJ

Gale Ulsamer, Documentary, "Saving the American Woodcock", West Haven, CT

George Luo, Drama , "Under the Wound", Milton, MA

Gillian McFerren and Callyn Histed, Experimental , "Doublespeak", Valencia, CA

Gonzalo Londoño and Christopher Vazquez, Broadcast Journalism, "Immigrants Protest Travel Ban", Miami, FL

Grace Behrends, Zachary Goldman and Kasey Newman, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Unseen" , Lansdowne, VA

Grace Boyd, Experimental, "Lilly's Audition", Dallas, TX

Grace Boyd, PSA, "I Should Be Enough", Dallas, TX

Grace Boyd, PSA, "Roasting: Clever Tomfoolery or Covert Bullying?", Dallas, TX

Grace Chambers, Fall Out Boy Music Video, "Young and Menace", Denver, NC

Grace Doyle, Experimental, "Fish Out Of Water", Dallas, TX

Grace Gallagher, Drama, "The Missing Piece MD1", Los Angeles, CA

Grace Maguire, Documentary, "Wired" , New Zealand

Graceleigh Wright and Caleb Robison, Comedy, "The Hunting", Panama City, FL

Graham Burrell, Comedy, "The Getaway Drivers", Coplay, PA

Grant Benson, Experimental, "Unrest", Maplewood, MN

Grant Brewster, Documentary, "Living Transfusion to Transfusion", Wyckoff, NJ

Grant Brewster, Music Video, "One More Step", Wyckoff, NJ

Grant Brewster, PSA, "Just Drive", Wyckoff, NJ

Gregory Alexander Foltynowicz, Comedy, "Times Have Changed", Sandy, UT

Gregory Alexander Foltynowicz, Drama , "The Courier", Sandy, UT

Hades Faulkner, Drama, "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea", New York , NY

Haley Beckel, Comedy, "Kosherboy35", Okatie, SC

Haley Beckel, Comedy, "Agnes Tinkerstein: College Essay", Okatie, SC

Haley Beckel, Comedy, "A Cult Classic", Okatie, SC

Haley Diaz, Emily Ervolina, Will Simmons and Katia Soulliere-Vogt, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "My Name Is Sonya", Burbank, CA

Hallie Farmer, Animation, "Stardance", Castle Pines, CO

Hannah Ackles, Documentary, "A Voice Without a Choice", Carlsbad, CA

Hannah Chen, Animation, "The Power of Introversion", Honolulu, HI

Hannah Chung, Documentary, "Dear Moms", San Gabriel, CA

Hannah Green and Maria Franceschina, Documentary, "Maria", Broken Arrow, OK

Hannah Matthews, Experimental, "The Pirates of Highland Park", Highland Park, IL

Hannah Soler and Emma Siegel, Drama, "Sorry", Arlington, VA

Harley Sands, Animation, "The Skeleton War", Ocala, FL

Harrison Fuller, Middle School, "Sentiment", Atlanta, GA

Harrison Kraft, Drama, "By Morning", Hamilton, NJ

Harrison Kraft and Helena Pallay, Comedy, "The Evidence Lies Sometimes", Boonton, NJ

Harrison Lazarus, Documentary, "Chasity", Houston, TX

Hayden Somers, Handley Shelton, Fulton Collins, Grahame Scott and Mason Rinalducci, Experimental, "song of the Open Road", Savannah, GA

Henry Dafoe and Ben Thorson-Brourman, Drama , "The Changeup", Brentwood, CA

Henry Van Zytveld, Comedy, "Fake Not False", Chicago, IL

Hillary Dominguez and Carolina Campos, Music Video, "Youth", Charlotte, NC

Hope Glowacki, Experimental, "A Walk in My Shoes", Skaneateles, NY

Hope Santomero, Drama, "Cast List", Harrison, NY

Hope Santomero, Experimental, "Quiet", Harrison, NY

Howard Cheung, Experimental, "Incursion", Canada

Howard Kung, Animation, "A Tour of Downtown San Diego", Escondido, CA

Ian Islam, Faith Laws, Shaye Nembhard, Lauraina Horack and Nichole Stringer, Documentary, "[We Are Lanier] - The Messenger", Buford, GA

India Gray, Drama, "Heartbeats", New York City, NY

Indie DiMartino, Drama, "The Associates", Jacksonville, FL

Isaac Kim Drama, "Journey Bound", Fort Mill, SC

Isaac Miller, Documentary, "The S Word", Hot Springs, AR

Isabel Lerman, Experimental, "island", Austin, TX

Isabel Mansour, Comedy, "The Kill Jar", Orange County, CA

Isabel Mansour, Documentary, "Jason Feddy", Orange County, CA

Isabel Mansour and Adrian Delcan, PSA, "Make Connections: Exercise", Orange County, CA

Isabel Mansour, Jackson Massey and Scarlet Baker, PSA, "Friendship Shelter", Orange County, CA

Isabel Otis, Experimental, "Desire", Westfield, NJ

Isabel Otis, Experimental, "Revolution", Westfield, NJ

Isabella Recca, Documentary, "BELLA", Colorado Springs, CO

Isabella Zullo, Music Video, "Crazy Like a Girl", Anacortes, WA

Isaiah Ferguson, Animation, "Inauguration Day", Burbank, CA

Isla Christensen, Experimental, "It Can Be Different", New Zealand

Ivana Noa, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Fallin", Belgium

Jace Smolansky, PSA, "Road To Nowhere", Boca Raton, FL

Jack Baker, Experimental, "Pitch Road", Denver, CO

Jack Bickers, Peter Bell, Cody Catlett, Brendan "Elliot" Curry, Cody Feiner, Nina Gates, Mr. Glover, Joe Irizarry, Christian Opitz, Donnie Thompson, Aaron Vogeley and Lee White , Comedy , "Mavericks", Charlottesville, VA

Jack Dimond, Comedy, "MN Meets the Devil", Paradise Valley, AZ

Jack Lattin and Jonli Keshavarz, Drama, "Prom King", Lafayette, CA

Jack Moore, Music Video, "Suavemente", Austin, TX

Jack Murray, Experimental, "Washington D.C. - City of Freedom", Manorville, NY

Jack Nordstrom, Comedy, "PUGET SOUND", Pacific Palisades, CA

Jack Yuster, Animation, "Straw", Stevenson Ranch, CA

Jackie Prata, Documentary, "What It Takes To Be Special", Purchase, NY

Jackie Shannon, Documentary, "Silver Linings", Wilton, CT

Jackson Bernhard, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Killing Time", New Tripoli, PA

Jackson Carroll, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Overnight Care", Dallas, TX

Jackson Spindle, Drama, "Sleepwalker", New York, NY

Jacob Adivi, Ben Schaffer, Rene Servin and Faiz Shamji, PSA, "The Test", Los Angeles, CA

Jacob Bosch and Brianna McGhee, Documentary, "One Act", Broken Arrow, OK

Jacob Chang-Rascle, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Override", Crozet, VA

Jacob Chang-Rascle, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Incubus", Crozet, VA

Jacob Little and James Theodore Barrett, Documentary, "Video Games: The History", Fort Thomas, KY

Jacob Vaus, Drama, "Surf City", Poway, CA

Jacob Vaus, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "The Grove", Poway, CA

Jacob Young, Documentary, "We All Bleed Red", Franklin, WI

Jacque Rabie, Drama, "Evelyn's Little Crush", Brentwood, CA

Jade Karp, Quynsie Truong and Chelsea Barajas, Animation, "For The Love Of Ramen", Allen, TX

Jaewoo Ahn, Action Sports, "VELOCITY", Pottstown, PA

Jaime Gonora, Documentary, "You Never Know", Freeholz, NJ

Jake Armstrong, Music Video, "Yes", North Royalton, OH

Jalen Chudacoff, Drama, "Wake Up", Fort Collins, CO

James Bailey and Milani Cruz, Animation, "The Adventures of Pablo the Fish", Pflugerville, TX

James Labuda, Middle School, "Full Circle", Los Angeles, CA

Jamie Nagle, Experimental, "Youth", Stony Brook, NY

Jared Goudsmit, Drama, "The Goddaughter", St. Louis, MO

Jared Goudsmit, Fall Out Boy Music Video, "Young and Menace Music Video", Kirkwood MO

Jared Peraglia, Drama, "Among the Pine", Cortlandt Manor, NY

Jared Peraglia, Drama, "Millimeters Away", Cortlandt Manor, NY

Jared Press, Comedy, "the Player", Santa Monica, CA

Jasmin Gonzales, Documentary, "Not Forgotten", Hot Springs, AR

Jasmin Gonzalez, Documentary, "Dreams Don’t Have Boundaries", Hot Springs, AR

Jason Yamamoto, Drama, "Escape", Torrance, CA

Javad Daraei, Drama, "I don't like her" , Iran

Javadd Daraei, College Narritive, "Limit", Iran

Jayden Becker, Experimental, "Beyond This Moment", Talent, OR

Jeeweon Moon and Da-Young Kang, Documentary, "Haenyeo Anti- Colonization", South Korea

Jeffery Chen, Documentary, "The Plastic Bottle Controversy- Explained", Burlingame, CA

Jennifer Santana and Ricardo Tijerina, PSA, "Tree of Creativity", McAllen, TX

Jeremiah Blackman , Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Finalities", Littleton, CO

Jessica Lueck, Christopher Barrett and Zoe Zillig, Documentary, "Fat Friday: Two Men, Two Hours, 200 Chicken McNuggets", Seattle, WA

Jessica Stossel, Experimental, "Slush Puppy Love" , Irvine, CA

Jessica Zheng, Drama, "Unforgotten", Chatham, NJ

Jewel Berrios, Gabriella Gonzalez, Monica Matute and Alexander Puga, Comedy, "Carhop", Miami, FL

Ji Won Lee, Experimental, "Last Day of Church", China

Jianhao An, Documentary, "The Outsiders in Xishuangbanna", Plantation, FL

Jianhao An, Drama, "Reunion", Plantation, FL

Jiaqi Liu, Documentary, "Dreams Happiness", Staten Island, NY

Jierel Almario, Drama, "Five", Sacramento, CA

Jillian Larkin, Ava Bloom and Sloane Kratzman, Documentary, "David Yarrow: WILD", Purchase, NY

Jillian Sanders, Experimental, "The Party", Sherman Oaks, CA

Jimmy Dallara and Gabriel Capito, Drama, "Complete Me", Santa Rosa, CA

Jo Hammond, Documentary, "Girls of Character", Mount Laurel, NJ

Jo Hammond, PSA, "Smile", Mount Laurel, NJ

Joe DiRienzo, Drama, "Bees", Palm Springs, FL

Joe Hart, Broadcast Journalism, "Town Hall w/ Rep. Chaffetz", Lehi, UT

Joel Liss, Comedy, "The Salesmen", Bethesda, MD

Joey Hunt, Music Video, "No Rehearsal - Back To Fall", Humble, TX

Joey Hunt, Abram Foreman and Casey Anders, Music Video, "The Share Fire - Turkish Royal", Humble, TX

John Kelley, Comedy, "One Of The Best", Rio Rancho, NM

John Kohler, Drama , "Passenger", Medfield, MA

John Peter Kraus, Experimental, "For Him", Dallas, TX

Joi watts and Jesse Stoddard, Music Video, "Why Do I Feel" , Easley, SC

Jonah Cho, Documentary, "Isa and the Girl Pioneers of Guatemala", Los Angeles, CA

Jonah Mazer, Drama, "30 Miles Down South", Calabasas, CA

Jonasz Wiewiór, Animation, "Blue Inventor", Poland

Jonasz Wiewiór, Animation, "Infokind", Poland

Jonathan Lee, Documentary, "Paths That Cross - Gurgen", El Paso, TX

Jonathan Lee, Documentary, "Paths That Cross - Coen Van Dam", El Paso, TX

Jordan Arnette and Morris Smith, Drama, "Take 1 Every 2 Hours", Gary, IN

Jordan Sambogna, PSA, "P.O.V.", Alpharetta, GA

Jose Retana, Documentary, "THE SILENCED", Colorado Springs, CO

Joseph Chong and Catherine McMillan, Documentary, "A Lesson in Equality: Desegregating the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District", Stallings, NC

Joseph Kersten, Comedy, "The Iceberg Heart", New York, NY

Josh Leong and Daniel Meakem, Drama, "Everything We Could Have Wanted", McLean, VA

Josh Leong, Middle School, "Oblivious", McLean, VA

Josh Leong, Middle School, "Double Time", McLean, VA

Josh Leong and Benjamin Hunt, Drama, "When Waters Rise", McLean, VA

Josh Rust, Experimental, "Recollections", Coplay, PA

Judd Lopez, Comedy, "Eye Contact", Bayonne, NJ

Julia D'Aguanno and Amy Conrad, Broadcast Journalism, "Hudson News: Paintings", Highlands Ranch, NJ

Julia LaCava, Drama, "Common Hours", Spring Hill, FL

Juliana Concepcion, Experimental, "Recollection" , Philadelphia, PA

Juliana Lane, Animation, "Creature of my heart", Jacksonville, FL

Juliana Santamauro, Experimental, "Message In A Bottle: POV project", Howell, NJ

Justin Baraona, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "GOING ORGANIC", San Jose, CA

Justin Manzi, Drama, "The Last Letter", Bayville, NY

Justin Marlow, Music Video, "You Know I'm No Good", Burbank, CA

Justin Park, Sophie Levy and Wilder Short, Drama , "Petals of a Dahlia Flower", Los Angeles, CA

Justin Tager, Drama, "2017", Los Angeles, CA

Kai Armstrong, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Within", Monrovia, CA

Kai Klebes, Documentary, "Happa Heritage", Greenwich, CT

Kai Pacifico Eng, Documentary, "Looking Like the Enemy", Issaquah, WA

Kaitlin Chau, Kiana Nguyen and Lauren Quan, Fall Out Boy Music Video, "Young & Menace", San Diego, CA

Kaitlyn Irizarry and Kayla Benedetto, Experimental, "Fine Line", Spring Hill, FL

Kaitlyn West, Documentary, "Shaelyn Simmons: A New Normal", Springfield, MO

Kaleb Ruff, Experimental, "Obscura", steilacoom, WA

Kaleb Ruff and Emily Sagen, Comedy, "The Other 5%", Dupont, WA

Kalia Hunter, Documentary, "DOM", Colorado Springs, CO

Kane Katubig, PSA, "Silence is Deadly", Saint Charles, MO

Kanika Vora and Kate Smails, Documentary, "The Olympic Spirit", Saratoga, CA

Karson Monger, Animation, "Circus Klown", Charlottesville, VA

Kat Decelles, Riley Brown, Carly Kotas and Shyann Anaya, Experimental, "The Lightning Cape", Carlsbad, CA

Kate Gondwe, Drama, "Best Friends", Wichita, KS

Katherine Laliotis, Jackie Tullie, Campbell Moore, Will Hillard and Austin Ramey, Drama, "In Retrograde", San Diego, CA

Katy Laliotis, Melanie An and Campbell Moore, Refinery29 "2020", "An Inside Look at Planned Parenthood", San Diego , CA

Kayla Benedetto, Morgan Culp, Mackenzie Radtke and Mackenzie Vraspir, Experimental, "Diffuse", Spring Hill, FL

Kayla Kraft, Experimental, "Self Conscious", Glenview, IL

Kaylayla Raine McMath, Drama, "Second Glance" , Canada

Keaton Loudamy, Jon Ly, Hannah Wang and Matthew Rieger, Action Sports, "70 Days Midway Football Hype", Waco, TX

Kellan Watts, Middle School, "The Interview", Studio City, CA

Kelly Fitzgerald, Milena Mooradian, Cameron Protzman, Elizabeth Beshlikyan and JJ Totah, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Goodnight", Burbank, CA

Kelly Zabors, Experimental, "Honeysuckle", Winnetka, IL

Kelly Zabors, PSA, "Virus", Winnetka, IL

Kendall Huff and Rachel Simurda, PSA, "Pacific Marine Mammal Center PSA", Orange County, CA

Kendall Newman, Quinn Butler and Juliette Guice, Documentary, "St. Mary's: A Home, Not A Hospital", Harrison, NY

Kendall Veasey, Comedy, "Of Max and Men", West Bloomfield, MI

Kendell King, Drama, "Ditto", Springdale, AR

Kentayvion Jospeh Bush and Trevor Gibson, Drama, "World's Best School Psycologist", San Diego, CA

Kerry Cooper, Middle School, "Bananza", Pacific Palisades, CA

Khyler Runnels and Matt Jacobs, Drama, "Family Tradition" , Fort Wayne, IN

Kiele Head, Olivia Miller, Maddy Watkins, Austin Decker, Siobhan Moher and Grace Blair, Documentary, "We Are Women Not Objects", San Leandro, CA

Kiley Hudson and Marielle Santo, Documentary, "Food Waste in America", Saint Petersburg, FL

Kira Bursky, College Doc, "Close to the Window", Asheville, NC

Kira Bursky, College Narrative , "To and From", Asheville, NC

Kiyanti Schlank, Drama, "PENPALS", Los Angeles, CA

Kris and Kurtis Theorin, College Narrative , "Encore", Landenberg, PA

Kristen Lloyd, Drama, "Unwind", Tampa, FL

Kristopher Hernadez, Comedy, "Backup Plan", McAllen, TX

Krystelle Kurz, Documentary, "Transformative", Seattle, WA

Kyle Farscht, Documentary, "Soulfege - The A Cappella Experience", Millburn, NJ

Kyle Farscht, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Entree", Millburn, MA

Kyle Kim, Drama, "Jameson", Fullerton, CA

Kyle Tisdale, Drama , "Coming Home", Valencia, CA

Kylie Foster, Comedy, "Pizza My Heart", Jacksonville, FL

Lainey Davidson, Animation, "Zero", Isle of Palms, SC

Laura Bretscher, Action Sports, "Bounce", Knoxville, TN

Lauren Goodman, Documentary, "If You Only Knew", Frisco, TX

Lauren Goodman, PSA, "Not Just Numbers", Frisco, TX

Lauren Kim, Documentary, "Long-Haired Warriors", Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Saiko and Sabrina Ollis, Broadcast Journalism, "Springfield's Mental Health Crisis", Springfield, MO

Lauryn Johnson, Documentary, "Wonderglass", Lilburn, GA

Leah Faulkner, PSA, "Get Online PSA", Nashville, TN

Leah Lane, Comedy, "This Lonely Heart of Mime", Tarrytown, NY

Leilauni Acevedo, Animation, "Clean Up", Burbank, CA

Lena Reibstein, Drama, "Jealousy", Redwood City, CA

Leyah Barris, Drama, "August Beach", Encino, CA

Lily Adams, Drama, "Wall Marks", Seattle, WA

Lily Lemkau, Sophia Brusco, Jackie Shannon and Megan Doherty, Drama, "Lilah", Bedford, NY

Lily Weisberg and Tessa Defranco, Documentary, "MINI", New York, NY

Lincoln Lillywhite, Documentary, "Profile of War", Visalia, CA

Linda Chiang, Music Video, "Half the World Away", Alexandria, VA

Linda Lin and Jacob Passic, Drama, "Stronger", New York, NY

Lindsay Wolf, Documentary, "Imperfect Practice" , Houston , TX

Lindy Jansson and Makenna Canfield, Experimental, "Lost and Found", Broken Arrow, OK

Liv Coron Comedy, "sixteen", Bellevue, WA

Liv Coron and Peyton Miller, Refinery29 "2020", "Phenomenal Women", Bellevue, WA

Liva Lervig Haue, Comedy, "Caterwaul", Denmark

Loida Niño, Drama, "Mending a broken heart", Mexico

Long H Tran, Comedy, "Whitewashed", Renton, WA

Long H Tran, Documentary, "Vast Minority", Renton, WA

Lora Supandi, Drama, "8,972 Miles", Temecula, CA

Lorraine Rinaldi, Documentary, "The Godmother of Comedy", Greenwich, CT

Louisa Lindsley, Drama, "Occhiolism", Dallas, TX

Luc PALADINO, Documentary, "Pain", Pittsgrove, NJ

Lucas Camusso, College Narrative , "6:00:00 PM", Miami, FL

Lucas Schroeder, Action Sports, "EXETER/andover", Durham, NH

Lucas Schroeder, Documentary, "Games With Seniors", Durham, NH

Lucas Schroeder and Matt Alburn, Music Video, "Four Years to Remember: Phillips Exeter's Class of 2017", Durham, NH

Lucien Beber-Turkel, Experimental, "bully", New York, NY

Lucy Spahr, Music Video, "If We Were Rain", Winnetka, IL

Luka Wolfgram, Middle School, "Our Superheroes", New Zealand

Luke Harris, Drama, "Rinse", Harvey, LA

Luke Harris, Music Video, "Heavy", Harvey, LA

Luke Landis, Comedy, "Final Image", New York, NY

Luke Mullen, Drama, "Me, My Phone & I", Santa Barbara, CA

Maddie Glas, Briana Flouro, Frankie McCarty-Brown, Grace Barnett, Shane Theobald and Kyle Tran, Documentary, "Someday", Tampa, FL

Maddie Glas, Kyle Tran, Frankie McCarty-Brown and Rhett Fail Jr., Broadcast Journalism, "Level Playing Field", Tampa, FL

Maddie Kern, Documentary, "Bake-Off", Morrisville, VT

Madeleine Arundale, Animation, "Fox and Bear", San Clemente, CA

Madeleine Van Beek, Experimental, "Ice Cream", Dobbs Ferry, NY

Madi Allman, Experimental, "Human Trafficking", Springfield, MO

Madison Lin, Drama, "Dear Victoria", OAKLAND, CA

Madison Rambowski, Drama, "Pictures", Hamburgh, NJ

Madison Tasker, Drama, "Of My Dreams", Columbia, MD

Maggie Davis and Margo Muccia, PSA, "Subway Therapy", Harrison, NY

Makenna Canfield, Music Video, "Clarity", Broken Arrow, OK

Marian Bouchot, Drama, “Darling, What If?”, Denver, CO

Marlon Fu, Documentary, "The Water in Nepal Project", Belmont, CA

Marco Bizio and Zara Kaye, Drama, "Anthropology", Los Angeles, CA

Marguerite Wolanske, PSA, "The Ongoing List", Greenwich, CT

Mark Kriegh, Drama, "Aftermath", Philadelphia, PA

Marquise Dawson (Red Beanie Animations), Animation, "Hope's Boat Ride Ep1- Inner Monster", Prosper, TX

Martin Matar & Sarah Simpson, Experimental, "A Hawk Flies Overhead", Glendale, CA

Mary Dalton, Experimental, "Lost Time", Allentown, PA

Mary Dalton, Experimental, "Arizona", Allentown, PA

Mason Coburn, Drama, "Foragers: Short Sci-Fi Action Film", Ardmore , PA

Mason Mashtare, Comedy, "Cowbois", St. Albans, VT

Mason Mashtare, Experimental, "Why Do I Make Films?", St. Albans, VT

Matt Arkema, Drama, "Eye on the Future", Glenview, IL

Matt Gannon, Documentary, "Invisible", Bethesda, MD

Mattheus Carpenter, Experimental, "Beaute", Wenham, MA

Matthew L. Rice, Drama, "I Trapped Alfred", Silver Spring, MD

Matthew Manyak, Drama, "After the Fall", Saint Augustine , FL

Matthew Manyak, Drama, "The Guardian", Saint Augustine , FL

Matthew Monteleone, Drama, "Foggy Day", Valencia, CA

Matthew Stacey, Comedy, "Mooving On", Cheyenne, WY

Matthew Stacey, Drama, "BROKEN", Cheyenne, WY

Matthew Sutton, Drama, "The Desert", San Jose, CA

Matthew Thomas, Armin Nikravan and Erin Kuehner, Drama, "Paralyzed", Naperville, IL

Maurielle Mcgarvey, Drama, "imp", Houston, TX

Max Branson and Sam Brody, Documentary, "The Magic of The Atom", Cornwall Bridge, CT

Max Consoni and Henry Davis, Documentary, "Are iPads beneficial to the learning of students?", Saint Petersburg, FL

Max DeRoin, Comedy, "Life of a Cabbage", Hernando Beach, FL

Max DeRoin, Hannah Long, Katie Vastano and Sarah Williams, Experimental, "StockedUP", Hernando Beach, FL

Max Internoscia, PSA, "Put It Down", Davie, FL

Maxwell Behm and Jared Berger, Jostens "For What I Stand", "The Callings", Grand Blanc, , MI

McKenna Samson, Documentary, "A Forever Family", Mt. Laurel, NJ

McKinley Benson, Drama, "No. 2", Gainesville, GA

Melissa Bernardo, Carolina Herrera, Elizabeth Quijada and Leilani Peña, Middle School, "Live a Little", Miami, FL

Mercedes Van Royen, Middle School, "Just Another Word", New Zealand

Merlijn Remmig, Drama, "Boris & Babette", Netherlands

Merrick McCool, Andrew Gardner and Eli Hartnett, Documentary, "The Season: Oxford Basketball - Playoffs", Oxford, MS

Mia Nelson, Documentary, "Refuge and Resistance: The Music of Guatemala", Los Angeles, CA

Micah Z. Mew, Rosario Joaquin, Dalya Yoo and Anna Garcia, Drama, "Summer Solitude", HONOLULU, HI

Michael Burgos, Animation, "Amor Vincit Omnia or Triumph of a Heart Beyond a Box", Prosper, TX

Michael Escobar, Documentary, "Freerunner", Lynn, MA

Michael Masi, Kyle Monahan and Eric Traugott, Music Video, "Chatta-who", Alpharetta, GA

Michael Sarkisian, Samantha Shigematsu and Emily Velandia, Music Video, "Thai Iced Tea", Burbank, CA

Michael Switzer and Jack Hoye, Drama, "Vespers", Yorktown Heights, NY

Michelle Yu, Documentary, "More Harm Than Good", Cresskill, NJ

Miguel Tellez, Action Sports, "Regimented", Perth Amboy, NJ

Mikey Hardesty, Drama, "Beretta", Highlands Ranch, CO

Milena Krondl, Documentary, "Union Square, September 2016.", New York, NY

Milena Krondl, Drama, "Imagine", New York, NY

Miles Andersen and Jesse Romero, Documentary , "Heart of Gold", Seattle, WA

Mingjie Tong, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "TIME FOR BED", East Hampton, NY

Miranda Abazoski, Felix Scafrothdoty, Zeshawn Rahman, Pablo Salvatierra, Jessica Celli, Miriam Sachs, Kate Kopf and Nat Hilton, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "The Loop", Philadelphia, PA

Miranda Abazoski, Otter Jung Allen and Ty Ellerbe Drama, "Helpless", Philadelphia, PA

MLE DeJaco, Comedy, "Legalize Marinara", Boca Raton, FL

MLE DeJaco, PSA, "Just a Scenario", Boca Raton, FL

Molly Smith, Drama, "Colors of Innocence", Clermont, FL

Monisha Roychoudhury, Experimental, "Smoke", College Point, NY

Morgana McKenzie, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Atlas World", Canada

Naja Butler, Samrina Vasani and Sophia Villatoro, PSA, "American Girl", Los Angeles, CA

Nancy Pickett, Documentary, "Is Healthcare A Human Right?", Goldenrod, FL

Nancy Pickett, Refinery29 "2020", "2020", Goldenrod, FL

Naomi Turman, Olivia Dorrance, Rachel Silverman, Kaela Garber, Dylan Voorhees and Maya Alter, Comedy, "Brett: The Journey"

Nara Wrigglesworth, Documentary, "Polished", Canada

Nara Wrigglesworth and Clare Dawson, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Incorrect", Canada

Narek Tashchyan, Animation, "Not this time brother", Burbank, CA

Nathan Katz, Documentary, "Corporate Hypocrisy: Mergers and Acquisitions", Weston, CT

Nathan Standley, Animation, "Robot Battle", Springville, UT

Neihana Lowe, Comedy, "WARNING", New Zealand

Nepal Arslan, Experimental, "The Seven Qualities", San Diego, CA

Nesta Toft and Sage Vincent, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Tungz", Canada

Nich Rardin, Music Video, "Remainder" , Ocala, FL

Nich Rardin, Music Video, "Countdown", Ocala, FL

Nico Fulton Lavachek, Comedy, "Summer Citrus", Coronado, CA

Nicolas Cardenas-Miller, Middle School, "Dark (A Horror Short)", State College, PA

Nicolas Suriano, Drama, "Images", Manahawkin, NJ

Nina Leitenberg and Anusha Allamsetty , Drama, "Chroma", Herndon, VA

Nina Mewborne and Katherine Zhang, Experimental, "Extinguished", Austin, TX

Nisarg Gandhi, Drama, "Elizabeth", Union, NJ

Noah Chan, Comedy, "Cuff'd", Houston , TX

Noah Cosimano-White, Documentary, "The Bubble Bursts: Halloween 2002", East Aurora, NY

Noah Kane, Spencer Fowler and Ethan Hacker, Comedy, "College Interviews", Bondville, VT

Noah Mezzacappa, Drama, "Luna", Knoxville, TN

Noah Mooney, Megan Overby and Braedan Hall, Drama, "The Yellow Wallpaper", Springfield, MO

Noelle Betz, Drama, "Circling", Rancho Bernardo, CA

Noelle Betz, Experimental, "Unmedicated", Poway, CA

Nolan Trifunovic, Drama, "Blanks", Northridge, CA

Nolan Woodward, Experimental, "HAIR", San Diego, CA

Octavia Emilie Bormann, Drama, "Mascara", Denmark

Olivia Bautista and Eun Seo Choi, Documentary, "Querer es Poder: The Will and the Way", Los Angeles, CA

Olivia Belluck, Drama, "Goodbye", New York, NY

Olivia Douglas and Alyssa Rose, Documentary, "Blonde Ambition: Behind the Scenes of Legally Blonde: The Musical", Manalapan, NJ

Olivia Green and Maddie Almond, Documentary, "The Ladybug Legacy", Hot Springs, AR

Olivia Hanewald and Liz Moore, Comedy, "The Perfect Approach", Howell, NJ

Olivia Monohan and Lily Brown, PSA, "How Things Were", Rye, NY

Olivia Rose Wallace Drama, "Neglect", Flushing, MI

Olivia Weseley, Experimental, "nature", Brooklyn, NY

Owen Engesser and Jonah Nink, Drama, "The Wrong Day", South Elgin, IL

Owen Moss, Middle School, "The Heroic Knight", Tarzana, CA

Paige Irene Bruns, College Narrative , "Dissension", Bradenton, FL

Parker Beverly, Documentary, "Margaret Chase Smith: Speaking for America's Conscience", Pensacola, FL

Patrick Kuehl, Documentary, "Shot", Sheridan, WY

Patrick Zhang and Pia Singh, Experimental, "In Passing", Berwyn, PA

Peter Grema, Drama, "Valerie", Las Vegas, NV

Peyton Miller, Documentary, "Paint by Number Person", Seattle, WA

Peyton Miller and Liv Coron, Comedy, "Spoiled Milk", Seattle, WA

Peyton Thorne, PSA, "Check Your Facts", Prosper, TX

Phil Elliston, II and D'Arion Curry-Matthews, Documentary, "Statement of Truth", San Francisco, CA

Philip Wright, Experimental, "Tick", Washington, DC

Porter Reyes, Broadcast Journalism, "Love Trumps Hate", New York, NY

Quinn Fluet, Drama, "Internal Affairs", Larchmont, NY

Quinn Fluet, Experimental, "Wake Up", Larchmont, NY

Rachel Deschaine, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "When I look In The Mirror", Belleville, IL

Rachel Miller, Music Video, "Hope Springs Eternal", San Antonio, TX

Rachel Schlesinger, Documentary, "Inge", Austin, TX

Rachel Schlesinger and Fran Loiodice, Refinery29 "2020", "How To Be In A 21st Century Girl Gang", Austin, TX

Radheya Jegatheva, Animation, "Journey", Joondanna, WA

Radheya Jegatheva, Animation, "Don't Look Under Your Bed", Joondanna, WA

Radheya Jegatheva, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Journey", Joondanna, WA

Rae Kanoa, Experimental, "Saudade", Rancho Palos Verdes , CA

Rae Kanoa, Refinery29 "2020", "This Is 2017", Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Rami Ghorra, Drama, "Cross Fade Love", France

Ramiro Cantu, PSA, "#RefugeesWelcome", McAllen, TX

Raven Jackson, Documentary , "Diamond in the Rough", Atlanta, GA

Ray Harper and Ames Stevens, Drama, "What's Up", Tucson, AZ

Raymond Zrike, Drama, "Peel", Houston, TX

Raz Skoury Pettersson and Noa Yarom, Documentary, "The Fifth Year", Israel

Reangsei Phos, Drama, "The Observer" , Canada

Reed Martin and Timothy Zhang, Broadcast Journalism, "CCA-TV 6-14-17", Carlsbad, CA

Reina Gutierrez, Documentary, "A Mother's Love", Hot Springs, AR

Rhea Bhala and Elizabeth Schaaf, Documentary, "Animal Conservation: Why It Matters", Sugar Land, TX

Riley Brown, Shyann Anaya, Carly Kotas and Kat Decelles, Drama, "The Longer You Wait" , Carlsbad, CA

Risa Tomioka, Comedy, "Filmception", Elizabethtown, KY

Robbie Gonyea, Documentary, "Our Photographers", Bloomington, IN

Robbie Gonyea, Music Video, "Blackened Rainbows", Bloomington, IN

Robbie Gonyea and Lucas Coniaris, Experimental, "Andy's Ghost", Bloomington, IN

Robert Carillo, Taylor Chavez and Danyae Souther, Animation, "Imaginarium", Modesto, CA

Rohan Ramdin, Comedy, "Guys and Dolls", Seattle, WA

Romano Natale, Drama, "Up There", DALLAS, TX

Roni Polsgrove, Refinery29 "2020", "2020", Canton, MA

Roni Polsgrove and Talia Bornstein, Comedy, "Steve", Canton, MA

Ruby Bowman, Experimental, "Swimmingly", Austin, TX

Ruhi Mansey, Experimental, "Sudden Silence", Coral Springs, FL

Ryan Dean, Drama, "His Story", Hickory Creek, TX

Ryan Felberbaum, Comedy, "The Job Offer", Boca Raton, FL

Ryan Kelly and Caleb Bortner, Drama, "Headphones", Seven Valleys, PA

Ryan Porter and Gianni Boyadjian, Comedy, "Stub", Orange County, CA

Ryan Russo, Drama, "Tun Für Andere", Littleton, CO

Sabrina Chang, Experimental, "The City", Milpitas , CA

Sabrina Cordova, Fall Out Boy Music Video, "Young And Menace", Canada

Sabrina Pineda, Experimental, "To Live In Color", San Diego , CA

Sadie Edney and Amelie Wilson, Experimental, "Lotusland", Canada

SadieGrace Price-Elliott, Experimental, "Calyx & Corolla", Newton, NJ

Sage Holmes, Documentary, "Social Media", Cleveland, MO

Sam Ashurov, Documentary, "Chasing Dreams", Old Bridge, NJ

Sam Gallen, Comedy, "127 Minutes", New York, NY

Samantha Billotte and Michelle Bass, Experimental, "Do You See What I See?", Spring Hill, FL

Samantha Cody and Haley Jutting, Drama, "ENGULFED", Brooksville, FL

Samantha LaRochelle, Experimental, "Better Than Okay: Samantha LaRochelle Autobiography", Belford, NJ

Samantha Oviawe, Experimental, "Beauty of Nothing", Mcallen, TX

Samantha Romero and Nicole Sellas, Documentary, "A Documentary about Scouting", Doral, FL

Sammy Lamb, Experimental, "Bye & Love Drew Blood", Canyon Country, CA

Sammy Sanchez, Comedy, "Trump'd", Dallas, TX

Samuel Levine, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Bone Hollow", Woodstock, NY

Sara Eustaquio, Experimental, "Mirror", Portugal

Sara Vacek, Drama, "Perceptions", Riverside, IL

Sarah Fonville, Animation, "Flightless", Allen, TX

Sarah Kolver, Experimental, "Avarice", New Zealand

Sarah Ridsdale, Animation, "Dog Island Motu Piu", New Zealand

Sarah Stiles, Drama, "That Night", Prosper, TX

Sarah Stiles and Taylor Moore, Documentary, "As Good As You Can Be", Prosper, TX

Saunders Swan and Martha Reifenberg, Documentary, "Steve: A Story of Hope", Wyoming, OH

Savannah Hibbs and Mary Cate Nolan, Documentary, "Abused", Hot Springs, AR

Scarlett Gooch, Documentary, "Worth The Wait (U15)", Hot Springs, AR

Scott Larson, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Stuck In A Loop", Dallas, TX

Scott Larson and Boris Vesselinov, Drama, "Man and Boy", Plano, TX

Scott Nguyen, Drama, "Love Pops", San Jose, CA

Sean Bai, Ian Walker, Austin Kwok and Tony Huang, Documentary, "Jade", China

Sebastian Chapela and Sam Cook, Drama, "Nadir", Palo Alto, CA

Sebastian Davila, Documentary, "THE WARPDRIVE DOCUMENTARY", McAllen, TX

Sequoia Sherriff, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Nai·ad", Los Angeles, CA

Serena Ren and Solar Liu, Documentary, "Rice Paper: The Eternal Treasure", Andover, MA

Seth Friedman, Drama, "All That You Love Will Be Carried Away", Cincinnati, OH

Shaienne Knox, Documentary , "OUT OF OUR HEADS", Colorado Springs, CO

Shane Gaber, Documentary, "Gibby", Meadowbrook, PA

Shane Gaber and Eric Miller, Comedy, "Handsy", Rydal, PA

Shannan Craine, Documentary, "STICKS & STONES, JOINTS & BONES" , Colorado Springs, CO

Shelby Doroshow, Documentary, "Stuffed", Royse City, TX

Shibo Zhao, Drama, "Wake Up", Santa Monica, CA

Shirley Sui, Drama, "Please", Idyllwild, CA

Sidra Nadeem, Venkata Panabakam and Denise Martinez, Documentary, "Standing With the Voiceless: The Life and Legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero", Rogers, AR

Sierra Isley, Experimental, "Violent Ends", Decatur, GA

Simon Geisker, Experimental, "Walls", Tarrytown, NY

Simon Geisker, Experimental, "Two AM Tarrytown", Tarrytown, NY

Simon Geisker, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "H5N9", Tarrytown, NY

Simon Lundquist and Jacob Betzner, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Aggression", Falls Church, VA

Siri Ketha, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Game Room", Irving, TX

Skylar Jennings, Drama, "vacuum", New York City, NY

Skyler Pittman, Documentary, "Safe Haven", Ocala, FL

Sloan Struble, Comedy, "He Ate The Chip", Aledo, TX

Socs Zavitsanos and DZ Zavitsanos, Documentary, "Two of Five Million", Houston, TX

Sofia Chiarelli, Drama, "Fight", Canada

Sofia Mena and Pearson Hague, Comedy, "Oh, It's Nobody", Wilmette, IL

Soonmin Kwon, Experimental, "Waiting", Kansas City, MO

Sophie Gilmour, PSA, "Consumers", Dallas, TX

Spencer Vilicic, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Through The Ashes", Dallas, TX

Stacey Chen, Experimental, "I Once Tried to Store Away the Past", Saratoga, CA

Stella Ortiz, Comedy, "Al Son De La Vida", San Juan, Puerto Rico

Stephen Fritschle and Taylor Wiste, Drama, "Ridley", Austin, TX

Stephen Gentry, Ryan Beard and Eli Hall, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Loop", Charlottesville, VA

Steven Bartholomew, Documentary, "Brent's Story: Forgiveness and Change", Springville , UT

Steven Useda, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "The Pond", McAllen, TX

Stevie West, Experimental, "Growth", New Woodstock, NY

Stone Taul, Drama, "Viceroy", Loveland , OH

Stone Taul and Jon Parker, Drama, "Tunnels", Loveland, OH

Sunny Keller, Middle School, "iPocalypse", Sherman Oaks, CA

Susannah Joffe, Documentary, "It's Just Locker Room Talk", Austin, TX

Susannah Joffe, Music Video, "Careless", Austin, TX

Susannah Joffe, Refinery29 "2020", "Beautiful", Austin, TX

Sydney Sexton, Comedy, "Crescendo", Dallas, TX

Sydney Sexton and Cooper Shapiro, Experimental, "Big Picture", Dallas, TX

Syed Shadan, Music Video, "Day Dream In Blue", India

Sylvia Gabriel and Aiden Standke, Drama, "Picturing", Ann Arbor, MI

Sylvia Gabriel and Aiden Standke, Experimental, "Longhand", Ann Arbor, MI

Tahneek Rahman and Derian Persaud, Experimental, "Different", Orlando, FL

Tairyu Hirayama, Drama, "Amanda", Japan

Taisei Kamiyama, Drama, "All For Your Smile", Japan

Tana Carrillo, Maxi Coulter, Crystal Kober, Amia McCombs and Adrianna Ortega, Broadcast Journalism, "A Helpful Herd of Environmental Heroes", Burbank, CA

Tanner Charnstrom Drama, "The Boys", Phoenix, AZ

Taylor Butler, Experimental, "Almost", Richardson, TX

Taylor Butler and Raven Robinson, Drama, "All You Need", Richardson, TX

Taylor Renfro, Experimental, "Tick", Austin, TX

Tessa Hill, Music Video, "Free Fall", Canada

Tessa Hill and Sam Greco, Drama, "Hollow Tree", Canada

Theo Taplitz, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Dybbuk", Los Angeles, CA

Theo Taplitz, Middle School, "Goodbye Sam", Sherman Oaks, CA

Theodore Kim, Music Video, "Player Two (Official Music Video)", Houston, TX

Thomas Harmond, Jacob Reese, Alex Magdaleno, Caroline Van Allen, Ian Islam, Andy Cole, Shaye Nembhard, Barry Chen and Matt Wood, Documentary, "Half Hour Heroes", Buford, GA

Thomas McDonald, Drama, "Relief", Pembroke Pines, FL

Thomas McDonald, Experimental, "A Seat At The Table", Pembroke Pines, FL

Thomas McDonald, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Conform", Pembroke Pines, FL

Thomas McDonald, PSA, "Water Pollution PSA", Pembroke Pines, FL

Thomas Nguyen, Drama, “Gone Fishing”, WA

Thomas Wade, Daniel Goodman, Theo Trombley, Reed Martin and Shinwoo Kim, Comedy, "Trisha", Carlsbad, CA

Tiara Rodriguez, Drama, "Family Torn", Weehawken, NJ

Tiffany Lin, Experimental, "Senza", Fremont, CA

TJ Nitti, Bronza Fox and Krzysztof Madro, Drama, "Paradise", Key West, FL

Todd Stephens, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "THE RIFT", Liberty Hill, TX

Todd Stephens, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Our Lullaby", Liberty Hill, TX

Tom Teller, College Narrative , "Icarus", Orange, CA

Tommy Ingalls, Middle School, "The Book of Society", Edmonds, WA

Toni Rossi, Experimental, "R.E.M.", Springhill, FL

Tremaine LaManna, Comedy, "The Great Fable of The Teejster", Robesonia, PA

Trevor Chase, Experimental, "Walk on", Charlottesville, VA

Tristan Surman, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "A Wicked Lullaby", Canada

Ty Delargy, Drama, "12 Hours"

Tye Rothberg, Comedy, "Roadside Citizen", Jacksonville, FL

Tyler Barhydt, Experimental, "Doodle.", Niskayuna, NY

Tyler Chae-Banks, Gabriel Gaurano, Nate Goodman and Timothy Zhang, Documentary, "Akira", San Diego, CA

Tyler Delargy, Drama, "12 Hours", Bangor, ME

Tyler Murcko and Jimmy Tacy, Action Sports, "Between The Pipes", Spring Hill, FL

Ved Narayan, Documentary, "the hopeful", Folsom, CA

Vera Tikhonova and Grace Richards, Refinery29 "2020", "2020: Earth in Danger", Saint Joseph, MI

Veronica "Roni" Polsgrove, Drama, "Rosa", Canton, MA

Vicky Lee Documentary, "How To Be Bad", New York, NY

Victoria Kirchner, Animation, "Lone Wolf", Humble, TX

Victoria McJunkin and Mason Frost, Experimental, "[ 2 ]", Fremont, CA

Victoria Rimes, Documentary , "The Illumination Project", Newport News, VA

Viraat Das, PSA, "CASE: Interactive Stroke Assessment and Education", Morgantown, WV

Vitina Benson, Documentary, "Evoke", Santa Rosa, CA

Vitina Benson, Experimental, "Looking In (Short Film)", Santa Rosa, CA

Warren McCombs, Documentary, "Anita Huffington: Sticks and Stones", Fayetteville, AR

Weiye Yasen, Middle School, "Success", Bayside, NY

Weston Bering, Fall Out Boy Music Video, "Young and Menace", Houston, TX

Weston Murdock, Animation, "Seasons", Springville, UT

Will Cuculis, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Watch the Window", Seven Valleys, PA

Will LaZebnik, Comedy, "The Paper", Los Angeles, CA

Will Savarese, Experimental, "My Mistake", New Rochelle, NY

William Gage, Comedy, "Snaggletooth" , Houston , TX

William Harrison, Kevin Haug, Nick Knezevich and Zack Pikhart, Comedy, "Plug", Burbank , CA

William Martinko, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "We Need To Talk", Collegeville, PA

Xavier Hernandez, Comedy, "After Thoughts", Dallas, TX

Xenia Bernal, Becca Frischling, Kyle Reims, Dora Schoenberg, Nicole Soussana, Benji Ticker and Carina Yiu, Documentary, "Peace by Piece: The Story of Harry Davids", Los Angeles, CA

Yazmine Aguon and Angelique Pineda, Drama, "Dear Diary", Ewa Beach, HI

Zach Boone, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy, "Solo", Seattle, WA

Zach Gold, Documentary, "Perspective", Mount Laurel, NJ

Zachary Ramos, Jessica Schlagenhaft and Trevor Stankiewitch, Drama, "Heroin Destroys Happiness", Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Zenona Darrow, Comedy, "Fishing", Woodstock, NY

Zoe Larkin, Drama, "Project Eliane", Walnut Creek, CA