Congratulations to all the filmmakers who have been selected to screen at the 2018 All American High School Film Festival at the AMC theater in New York City's Times Square. Below is a full list of all of our 2018 Official Selections. This list is organized in alphabetical order by first name of the first director listed on your submission. We strongly suggest you use the find feature on your computer by pressing Command + F (For MAC users) and Control + F (For PC users). After pressing this combination of keys enter the name you are looking for. 

If your film was selected Congratulations! If you have any questions about the festival or if you see any information below that is incorrect please let us know as soon as possible by emailing August 15th is the last day to let us know if there are any spelling errors in this list before we print our festival programs. Download an Official Selection Laurel for your film:

If your film was not selected, know this: In our six years we have never received so many films at such a high level. We get it, we've been there (your feeling of disappointment, your passion and effort)... The competition is tougher every year and this reinforces our belief that the future of film is brighter than ever before and you want to be a part of it.  But stay focused, not getting in is just another moment in your journey. If you really love filmmaking (and we know you do!) the best thing you can do to improve is to attend the festival and soak in all of the resources we bring together...  See what other high school students are creating and where the bar is set, attend panels and workshops designed to specifically help you grow, learn what colleges and universities are looking for, explore the latest technology, and most importantly, form relationships with other young filmmakers that share your dreams and who can help you as you develop your skills. Whatever you decide (attend, not attend), don’t give up on your passion. Keep filming. Keep following your dreams!

See you in New York City!

2018 Official Selections:

“Skootrz", Comedy by Aaron Gallegos, Glenview, IL

“LGBTQ+ History Month PSA", PSA by Aaron Gallegos, Glenview, IL

“Keeping the History of Flight Alive", Documentary by Aaron Rohrer, Camarillo, CA

“The Monster", PSA by Aaron Rudman, Westbloomfield, MI

“Until Tomorrow", Drama by Abby Brown, Lakeland, FL

“Lakeside Legacy", Broadcast Journalism by Abby Hanks

“Between the Bells Holiday Radio Show", Comedy by Abigail Karl, Monmouth Beach, NJ“

“hm.", Drama by Abigail Karl, Monmouth Beach, NJ

“Conquer", Experimental by Abigail Karl, Monmouth Beach, NJ

“Food Drive PSA", PSA by Abigail Karl, Monmouth Beach, NJ

“Channel", Experimental by Abigail Marcil, Maitland, FL

“Endless Night", Drama by Abigail Reese

“Love Letter", Experimental by Abigail Reese CA

“I Am Not Broken", Animation by Abrielle Yen Marsden, Burbank, CA

“Jane", Drama by Adam Kaplan and Olivia Weseley, Astoria, NY

“The Story Of How We Meat", Music Video by Adam Perez, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Sorry Not Sorry", Experimental by Adam Perez, Kris Marx and Chris Perez, Pembroke Pines, FL

“What U Like", Music Video by Adam Shoreibah and George Hawkes, Glenview, IL

“Days of the Weak.", Experimental by Adrian Delcan

“Nine on the Line", Drama by Lagarto Films

“Colors", Experimental by Adriana Barrios, Miami, FL

“Baby Doe", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Adriana Barrios and Iris Savatovsky, Miami, FL

“Greens: The True Colors of a Warrior", Documentary by Adriana Hernandez, Yonkers, NY

“Cut", Documentary by Aicha Cherif, New York City, NY

“I Am The Only One", Documentary by Aicha Cherif, New York City, NY

“White Dress", Experimental by Aidan Doyle, Tulsa, OK

“My Only Friend", Music Video by Aidan McGlone, Plymouth, MN

“Anamnesis", Drama by Aidan McLeod and Kaden Mettel, Middleton, WI

“Totally", Comedy by Aidan Merck, Wheaton, IL

“I Love You", Comedy by Aiden Glikmann, Woodland Hills, CA

“5 Stars", Drama by Aiden Glikmann and Ben Fuller, Woodland Hills, CA

“Re-Painting the Mission", Documentary by Akil Carrillo and Tita Mahmoud, San Francisco, CA

“Phenomena", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Alan Garcia, Deer Park, TX

“All Good Things", Drama by Alec Kruka, Saratoga, CA

“Joy Unbroken", Drama by Alejandro Lombard Studio City, CA

“The Bridge", Middle School by Alejandro Lombard, Studio City, CA

“Brave Boy", Middle School by Alejandro Lombard, Studio City, CA

“The Hitchhiker's Guide to Suburbia", Drama by Alex Alford and Zak Denley, Frisco, TX

“Blair", Drama by Alex Hrisanthopoulos and Dailey Sparks, Carlsbad, CA

“A Heist.", Comedy by Alex Kinkead, Dallas, TX

“All Grown Up", Drama by Alexa May, Dallas, TX

“Torn", Experimental by Alexa Sorokwasz

“House 10-16", Drama by Alexander Edep, Boca Raton, FL

“COULEUR/NOIR", Drama by Alexander M. McCully, Newton, NY

“The Ultimate Survival Of Richman Highs Local Losers", Drama by Alexander Puga and Monica Matute, Miami, FL

“Still Love", Drama by Alexander Puga and Monica Matute, Miami, FL

“Voyage", Animation by Alexander Tolerico, York, PA

“Women in STEM", Documentary by Alexia Hartogensis, Greenwich, CT

“Apologies", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Alina Foley

“Metallico", Experimental by Alisha Nathani, Irving, TX

“Children of the Holocaust", Documentary by Alison Krolopp and Aaron Gallegos, Glenview, IL

“America's Dream", Documentary by Allison Salvador

“Here After", Drama by Jonah Mazer and Edaan Moskowitz, Los Angeles, CA

“Dark Sided", Comedy by Alora Thompson, Dallas, TX

“Yellow House", Documentary by Alyce Rogers, Jacksonville, FL

“12 Pains of Christmas", Comedy by Alyssa Cornelius, Spring Hill, FL

“Eternalness", Drama by Alyssa Lara, Westwood, NJ

“YouTube Blues", Comedy by Alyssa Van Duren, Midvale, UT

“Puppy Love", Comedy by Amanda Lee, Frisco, TX

“Hero", Drama by Amaya Cranston, Seminole, FL

“Beautiful Hair", Experimental by Amireh Rezaei-Kamalabad, Cambridge, MA

“Ruff & Tumble", Documentary by Amy Krimm and Rachel Shereikis, Silver Spring, MD

“The Kingdom of Tea", Documentary by Amy Xie, Joshua Guo and Jason Zhang, McLean, VA

“Thorns", Music Video by An Nguyen, Pflugerville, TX

“A World in Motion", Documentary by An Nguyen, Khue Tran and Makayla Moore, Round Rock, TX

“I Miss You", Experimental by Ana Garza, McAllen, TX

“We Exist", Documentary by Anabelle Martinez

“Salt Water", Experimental by Anahita Amirshahi, Irvine, CA

“The Man on the Moon", Drama by Andre Abrahamsson, Rubén Pérez Avalos, Sweden

“Escape from Reality", Experimental by Andrea Garrido and Jaclyn Menendez, Medley, FL

“Washed Up", Comedy by Andrew Connelly, Scituate, MA

“Broad Daylight", Drama by Andrew Gerstenblatt, Barrington, RI

“Eyes on the Road: Motorbike Culture in Vietnam", Documentary by Andrew Klein

“Signing Day 2018 Promo", PSA by Andy Cole and Jacob Reese, Sugar Hill, GA

“Crab Man", Comedy by Andy Huey

"Pepper", Drama by Andy Huey

“For Better Or For Worse", Documentary by Angel Baeza

“Don't Cry, For I Am He", Experimental by Angel James, Glenside, PA

“Unikum", Drama by Anna van Deurs, Denmark

“A Forgotten Treasure: The Story of a Hoosier Legacy", Documentary by Anthony Cintron, Lutz, FL

“Distrait", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Antonio Gustin and Parker Henry, Orem, UT

“Sweet Adolescence", Music Video by Antonio Gustin and Parker Henry, Orem, UT

“Of Weasels And Chickens: Episodes Five And Six", Animation by April Lee, New York City, NY

“Web", PSA by Aquiles Barreto, Lauren Bonet and Anajulia Morales, Miami, FL

“Ready or Not", Drama by Arabella Walley, Brooklyn, NY

“Flag Day", Comedy by Ariana Luterman, Dallas, TX

“Hearts United for Animals", Documentary by Arielle Sinicin, Marlboro, NJ

“The Life Of Earl", Comedy by Arik Amodeo, North Lauderdale, FL

“Don't Forget Me When You're Gone", Drama by Arman Sean Rezaian, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Restless Nights", Experimental by Arwen Gormley, Natick, MA

“We March!", Broadcast Journalism by Asha Yearwood, Miami, FL

“Sight Unseen", Drama by Asher Kaplan, Pacific Palisades, CA

“Miss Me", Drama by Ashley Chatmon, Jacksonville, FL

“How Much I Love You", Documentary by Ashley Kramer, Jacksonville, FL

“Good For You", Drama by Ashley Kramer, Jacksonville, FL

“To No One", Experimental by Ashley Kramer, Jacksonville, FL

“Something Here", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Ashley Kramer, Jacksonville, FL

“Rise", Drama by Ashley Lee, Irvine, CA

“Help Me", PSA by Ashley Lee, Irvine, CA

“Passionfruit", Documentary by Ashley Martinez and Caleb Garrett, La Habra, CA

“Wanderlust", Experimental by Ashley Resnick, East Setauket, NY

“Lost In The Crowd", Broadcast Journalism by Ashley Spark, San Francisco, CA

“The Note", Drama by Ashlyn Aupperlee, Angelina Lotrecchiano and Misty Posey, Spring Hill, FL

“Catman: The Love Thief", Drama by Austin Coombs-Perez, Culver City, CA

“The Driver", Drama by Austin Marks, Los Angeles, CA

“West Texas Exes", Drama by Austin Varco, Chula Vista, CA

“Grammy's Pies", Documentary by Avery Looser

“End of August", Experimental by Avery Muller, Round Rock, TX

“Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight", Documentary by Avon Schultz

“Lightbulb", Animation by Bailey Brown, San Antonio, TX

“Party Hoppers", Experimental by Barbara Citraro, Miguel Cala and Daniel Angulo, Doral, FL

“We Are Lanier: LSLT a Featurette", Documentary by Barry Chen, Sugar Hill, GA

“Atlanta International Night Market Promo", PSA by Barry Chen, Sugar Hill, GA

“Jabberwocky", Experimental by Bell Cameron, Cole Branson, Avante Walker, James Errichetti, Aidan Mulvihill and Jared Ganeles, Kent, CT

“Guilty", Drama by Ben Crocker, Glencoe, IL

“Undeclared", Drama by Ben Ephraim, Annandale, VA

“Not So Boring", Comedy by Ben Jenkins, New York, NY

“Strangers", Drama by Ben Kaiser, New York, NY

“Velveeta", Comedy by Ben Senior, Winnetka, IL

“BetterVision", Drama by Ben Thorson-Brourman, Santa Monica, CA

“The First Day Of School", Animation by Benjamin Lane, Omaha, NE

“The son knows nothing.", Drama by Benjamin W.J. Jung

“The Window Vignette", Animation by Bethany Draper

“The Beast", Comedy by Blaine Turner

“Sins of Our Fathers", Drama by Blake Nielson, Max Rogoff and Conrad Holzman, Irvine, CA

“Keystroke", Drama by Boris Vesselinov, Plano, TX

“Radiance", Drama by Boris Vesselinov, Plano, TX

“Freedom", Drama by Brandon Cheddar, North Lauderdale, FL

“FiZY", Animation by Brandon Sridhar-Krish, Monte Sereno, CA

“The Gravity Between Our Love", Drama by Braxdon Cannon and Payton Rothenberger, Fort Worth, TX

"A Broken Family”, Drama by Brayden Palluck

“1 in 5", PSA by Braxdon Cannon and Kiersten Hart, Fort Worth, TX

“Grand Theft Mama", Comedy by Brecken Enneking, Santa Clarita, CA

“Happy Days", Music Video by Brendan McCann, Pembroke Pines, FL

“Zeepzorp", Comedy by Brian Kluver and Caleb Garrett

“Blind Wishes", Drama by Brian Russell

“Broken Arrow High School One Act 2017", Documentary by Brianna McGhee, Broken Arrow, OK

“CHILDHOOD IMPULSE", Experimental by Brianna Seaberg, North Palm Beach, FL

“Catfish PSA", PSA by Bridget Johnson

“Take A Hike!", Comedy by Brody Menzies, Mount Kisco, NY

“Mochi", Animation by Bryanna Gavino, Manteca, CA

“I Remember", Drama by Caden H. Hollander, San Diego, CA

“What's inside a tampon?", Documentary by Caitlin Kelly, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

“Picnic Perfect", Comedy by Cal Thacher, San Francisco, CA

“SCREEN AGE", Comedy by Cal Thacher San Francisco, CA

“Altruism", Drama by Caleb Miller, Blue Springs, MO

“Something Different", Documentary by Caleb Ullendorff, Los Angeles, CA

“Boys Beware", Experimental by Callahan Bracken

“Maybe Next Time", Drama by Cally Mansfield, Saugerties, NY

“Motown: Cultural Compromise in a Time of Political Conflict", Documentary by Camille Luong, Saint Petersburg, FL

“Hectic Happenings", Comedy by Campbell Moore, Katie Moore, Jake Berman, Vivi Husted and Tom Stiel, San Diego, CA

“In Plain Sight: A Hidden Child of the Holocaust", Documentary by Carli Platt, Millburn, NJ

“Hammer Time", Comedy by Carlos Key and Rohan Ramdin, Seattle, WA

“Working Through the Night", Documentary by Carly Haines, Rye Brook, NY

“Panthers Make History", Action Sports by Carolina Lajara and Emely Rodriguez, Perth Amboy, NJ

“T(HE)Y", Documentary by Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin, New York, NY

“Seasons", Drama by Caroline Subbiah, Plano, TX

“Killer Karma", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Carson McKinnon, West Jordan, UT

“Marching Towards Equality", PSA by Cecilia Duncan, Greenwich, CT

“A Mile in His Shoes; One Boy's Journey With Autism", PSA by Cecilia Duncan, Greenwich, CT

“Soaring Soldiers", Drama by Cecilie Elmholt Skou, Denmark

"Dollars And Sense: The Impact Of School Funding On Students And Communities", IMAX In Focus Documentary by Cedar Crest High School

“Education Justice", PSA by Chablee Adams, Ariana Batiste, Jordan Brown and Sebastian Evans

“Wilted", Drama by Chadd Alciati, Petaluma, CA

“Burnt", Experimental by Charles Keller, Radford, VA

“Camp David: 30 Years of Conflict, 13 Days to Resolution", Documentary by Charles Shi, Joey Huang, Aidan Goldenberg-Hart, Eli Protas and Daniel Greigg, Potomac, MD

“Occupy Wall Street: Standing up to the 1%", Documentary by Charles Shi, Joey Huang, Aidan Goldenberg-Hart, Eli Protas and Daniel Greigg, Silver Spring, MD

“Sink Movie", Drama by Charlie Dean, Baltimore, MD

“Donald Trump vs Freedom of The Press", Documentary by Charlie Nichols, Washington, DC

“Grocery Store", Comedy by Charlie Zehner, Lauren Jernigan and Eli McKenzie, Tustin, CA

“accept // MORE", Drama by Chase Cutarelli Marysville, OH

“The Worst Best Week of My Life; A Lyme Disease story.", Documentary by Chase Nutting, Lone Tree, CO

“Questionable", Drama by Chelsea Eisen, Rockville Centre, NY

“A Series of Conversations With Myself", Drama by Chelsea Eisen, Rockville Centre, NY

“Tufts Medical Center Nurse's Strike", Documentary by Chloe Liu, Shana de Urioste and Madeleine Kramer, Brookline, MA

“When the Lights Go On Again", Drama by Chloe Shelton, Salem, VA

“Cringemas", Comedy by Chloe Ullenberg

"The Divide", Documentary by Chris Kam, Santa Rosa, CA

“Pre-Trial Detention", Documentary by Chris Ortega, Christian Colvin, Zachary Samuel and John Jefferson, Stamford, CT

“Part Time Fool - Brent Morgan", Music Video by Christian Arnsparger, Madison, AL

“Bunker", PSA by Christian Arnsparger, Madison, AL

“Pas•sion", Experimental by Christian Meinholz, Middleton, WI

“Stop the Violence", PSA by Christine Plaster, Greenwich, CT

“Animal Service Volunteers Bringing New Families Together", Broadcast Journalism by Christopher Ahrendt, Miami, FL

“The Ironman", Broadcast Journalism by Christopher Ahrendt, Miami, FL

“Every Drop Counts", Documentary by Christopher Ahrendt, Miami, FL

“Red Ties", Comedy by Christopher Cazden Morrison, Katy, TX

“Dadcula", Comedy by Christopher Hendrickson and Gage McCann, Clearwater, FL

“Let It Out", Drama by Christopher Madsen, Bayville, NY

“Aggravation", Experimental by Chynna Diaz, Ciara Lyons and Christen Grant, Lauderhill, FL

“Brothers", Animation by CJ Jobelle, Burbank, CA

“Gold Star", Animation by CJ Jobelle, Burbank, CA

“Dinner in 2036", Drama by Clay Morris, Dallas, TX

“Not There", Middle School by Cole Mathis, Studio City, CA

“Wax", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Cole Pegula and Weston Press, Santa Monica, CA

“Book Club", Drama by Cole Raymond and Grace Maloney, Middletown, NJ

“Forgotten", Documentary by Cole Vicknair, Houston, TX

“All The Way Down", Drama by Colin Gilloon

“McDonald's Man", Drama by Collin Colaizzi, Lakewood, CO

“Fishing Team", Action Sports by Collin Gallimore and Isaac Miller

“Treehouses", Drama by Conner White, North Potomac, MD

“Birthday", Drama by Connor Newton, Phoenix, AZ

“Awkward Moments", Comedy by Connor Sheehan and Nick Englehart, Womelsdorf, PA

“Tin Timmy", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Connor Sweeney, Livermore, CA

“Sparrow", Animation by Cooper Boss, Lexington, KY

“All The Wonder In The World", Animation by Cooper Boss, Lexington, KY

“Just a Word", Drama by Corvin Bourland, Salt Lake City, UT

“Rope", PSA by Daniel Auerbach, Midlothian, VA

“Unforgettable Nightmare", Animation by Daniel Hjelm, Miami, FL

“When The Morning Comes", Drama by Daniel Isaacs, Noblesville, IN

“Don't Drink and Drive", PSA by Daniel Isaacs, Noblesville, IN

“Coming Home", Drama by Daniel Lugo, Doral, FL

“Revolution: Ladan's Story", Documentary by Daniel Sohayegh, Old Westbury, NY

“Silenced", Documentary by Daniel Sohayegh, Old Westbury, NY

“FIRST® Relations", Drama by Daniel Sotelo-Reiner, Forest Hills, NY

“re", Experimental by Danielle George, New Smyrna Beach, FL

“Sunrise", Drama by Danny Dessner, Locust Valley, NY

“Numb", PSA by Daria Zand, Santa Ana, CA

“Behind The Headlines", Documentary by Darian Williams and Ryan Lewert, Deerfield Beach, FL

“Rising Tides", Documentary by David Alexander Perez and Lukas Guerra, Miami, FL

“dư âm", Documentary by David Lin and Rex Sang

“Jake Reynolds: Private Eye", Comedy by David Touitou, Kent, CT

“Heart Strung", Comedy by Dean Russell

“Not As I Do", Drama by Deeksha Marla, Calabasas, CA

“She Is Somebody", Drama by Deeksha Marla, Los Angeles, CA

“Hannah Storm", Documentary by Delaney Coleman, Norwalk, CT

“Red Rover, Red Rover", Documentary by Dennis Dolan

“Hello", Experimental by Derek Hockemeyer

“Eli's Dream", Experimental by Derek Myers, McMinnville, OR

“The Novelist", Comedy by Derek Walker, Stone Mountain, GA

“Global Dynamics: A Robot Doc", Documentary by Derek Walker, Stone Mountain, GA

“Justice", Drama by Destiny White and Kelacia Cherry, Lexington, KY

“Paranormal People", Comedy by Diego Martinez, Pomona, CA

"Fully Addicted", IMAX In Focus Documentary by Digital Tech High School

“Hawk News Network", Broadcast Journalism by Dillan Lincoln, Nick Harris, Cameron Montgomery and Martin Narvaez, Fate, TX

“LIGHTBEAST", Comedy by Dimantai Johnson, Houston, TX

“School", Animation by Donatello Capozzoli and Emilio Maya, Fraser, MI

“Clay", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Douglas Kerner, Calabasas, CA

“Dashed", Drama by Dylan Itkin, Providence, RI

“GRIEF.exe", Animation by Dylan Santa Cruz

"Enough.", Drama by Dylan Vento, Miami, FL

“Wait On It", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Dylan Vento, Miami, FL

“Blind", Experimental by Dylan Vento and Jeyler Zabala, Miami, FL

“Birthday Hotline", Experimental by Edward Jung, Issaquah, WA

“2 Roads", PSA by Edward Jung, Issaquah, WA

“Beginning Of A Community", Animation by Eiran Espino, San Francisco, CA

“Love, Your Daughter", Experimental by Elaine Li

“Ribbon", Drama by Eleanor De Fer, Wilmette, IL

“National Treasure", PSA by Eleanor McKenney and Laura Holland, Bedford, NY

“Inclusion On the Air", Documentary by Eli Canter, Larchmont, NY

“Tiny", Experimental by Eli Cortes

“Backfire", Drama by Eli Eisenstein, Libby McNeil, Ben Weissman, Ardmore, PA

“Fool's Paradise", Drama by Eli Kramer, Brooklyn, NY

“Shower Thoughts", Comedy by Eli Solt

"We're Alone", Experimental by Eli Solt

"Family Recipes", Documentary by Eli Worth, Larchmont, NY

“A March Across Generations", Documentary by Eliana D'Astici, Homewood, IL

“Breathing", Experimental by Elizabeth Miller, Fort Collins, CO

“Harmony", Drama by Ella Fields, Woodland Hills, CA

“Lost Boy", Music Video by Ella Fields, Woodland Hills, CA

“Dollhouse", Experimental by Ella McCausland, Birchrunville, PA

“Mime Doesn't Pay", Middle School by Ella McKeon, Sherman Oaks, CA

“The Mom Plan", Middle School by Ella McKeon, Sherman Oaks, CA

“A Psalm of Life", Experimental by Ella Wayne, Berkeley, CA

“Paul, Dark and Handsome", Comedy by Ellie Dynes, Jesse Romero, Miles Andersen and Cole Kastner, Seattle, WA

“Mirage", Experimental by Emily McClanahan, Austin, TX

“Dreamers", Experimental by Emily McClanahan, Austin, TX

“Tying the Knot", Experimental by Emily McNeill and Kera McGovern, Colts Neck, NJ

“Autophobia", Music Video by Emily Puglisi, Southbury, CT

“Dear Cody", Drama by Emily Reinholt, San Antonio, TX

“Ring", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Emma Lenoski

“Anxiety", Middle School by Emma Lenoski

“Local Breast Cancer Survivors Share Their Stories", Broadcast Journalism by Emma Steingraber and Ashlyn Vauble, Springfield, MO

“Preparations", Experimental by Esme Bowen, New York, NY

“The Hustle: Life of Subway Performers", Documentary by Esmelki “Max" Nunez, Jailyn Zabala, Ezequiel "Zeke” Mejia, Christine Pluviose, Richard Dawson and Julie Lozano, New York, NY

“Captain Video", Documentary by Ethan Elkins

"The Journey", Experimental by Ethan Feaster, Palmer, AK

“Beautiful Friday", Documentary by Ethan Grinberg, Mahomet, IL

“Void", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Ethan Nahlinder, Hermosa Beach, CA

“Stay Alive", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Ethan Restrepo, Jordyn Homan and Casey Auman, Wernersville, PA

“Lines", Drama by Ethan Spitalney, Sabrina Shuster, Ann Chernigoff and Megan Wilkie, Arlington, VA

“The Fabric of America", Documentary by Evan Glass, Silver Spring, MD

“Across The Ocean", Documentary by Fatou Kolley, Bronx, NY

“America's Gathering", Documentary by Fawad Zafar, Clive, IA

“18", Documentary by Fez Zafar, Clive, IA

“Bmore Humane", Documentary by Frances Marie, Owings Mills, MD

“Une Fille En Fuite", Experimental by Fred-X and Nicole Lukas, Lebanon, NJ

“Hollywood Sucks", Animation by Funmi Adetola, Canada

“Black", Experimental by Gabe Braden, Wyandotte, MI

“The Man With A Plan", Animation by Gabe Schmidt, Loveland, OH

“Wards", Drama by Gabriel P. Braden, Wyandotte, MI

“DV-130", Drama by Gabriel R. Gaurano, Solana Beach, CA

“Detention", Comedy by Garret Ballinger, Wrightstown, NJ

“Maelstrom", Drama by Garrick Bateman, Fort Collins, CO

“The Adventures Of A Keith Haring Figure", Animation by Gavin Portillo, Franklin, WI

“The Orange Collar", Drama by Gearld Canaday IV, Honolulu, HI

“Accept Each Other", Music Video by Geegee Joseph, Amber Nipper, Lucas Reyna, Henry Clagett, Micah Sheerin and Alexis Van Ryswyk, Winter Haven, FL

“The Right Bin", Documentary by Geoff Chen, New Zealand

“Ojala", Drama by George Hawke, Paoli, PA

“Memory Hunt", Drama by Gerard Blandina, Sparta, NJ

“Forget Me Not", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Giselle Harven and Lincoln Lillywhite, Visalia, CA

“Holepunch", Drama by Gopal Balashunmughan, Plano, TX

“Waiting For the Right Moment", Drama by Grace Chen, Arlington, VA

“Hair", Animation by Grace Doyle, Jennie Ross, Meredith Roberts, Jaclyn Goldstein, Jessica Herlitz, Ava Aidala and Jenna Krumerman, Dallas, TX

“Coach Brown", Broadcast Journalism by Grace Ferguson, Salt Lake City, UT

“Sedona", Drama by Graham Hall, Brooklyn, NY

“Rabbit Men", Drama by Grant Owens, Ellicott City, MD

“Caino", Drama by Gwyndolenn Baxter and Haley Cantin, Springfield, MO

“Labeled", Documentary by Hadassah Nix

"Desperate, Anything Helps!", Comedy by Haley Pine, Barrington, RI

“Marbles", Animation by Hallie Farmer

"Still I Rise", PSA by Hannah Ackles, Carlsbad, CA

“Behind Closed Doors", PSA by Hannah Good and Natalie Cashon, Madison, AL

“Boys/Girls", Music Video by Hannah Martin, Michelle Lewis and Sara Snelson, Springfield, MO

“The Secret Behind the Cinnamon", Documentary by Hannah Whorton

“An Act To End Child Marriage", Documentary by Harriet Rovniak

“Keys", Animation by Harrison Hanneman, Franklin, WI

“Charles", Comedy by Hayden Church, Jacksonville, FL

"A Vulnerable Paradise", IMAX In Focus Documentary by Henry J. Kaiser High School

“Alone", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Henry James, Washington, CT

“The Soul Of The Bai", Documentary by Henry Tian, YANG Xiaojuan and Peggy Yang

“Live for What You Love", Experimental by Herschey Liss

“A Single Photograph", Experimental by Herschey Liss

“Archie", Comedy by Hollie Cohen, New Zealand

“Writer's Block", Comedy by Hollis Rosenkranz, Lakeland, FL

“Robbed", Drama by Hollis Rosenkranz, Lakeland, FL

“Concrete Joy", Drama by Holly Pratt, Orchee Sorker, Chloe Gibson, Tina "Zero" Quarles, Reed Freeman and Landon Rowles, Jackson, TN

“Stage Left: An Inside Look", Comedy by Hope Glowacki, Skaneateles, NY

“The Language of Smiles", Drama by Hope Santomero, Harrison, NY

“Winter", Drama by Hudson Flynn, New York, NY

“Home Opener Promo", Action Sports by Ian Islam and Matt Wood, Sugar Hill, GA

“Berry on the Square", Documentary by Ian Linn

“Enjoy the Show", Drama by Ian Linn

"Usual", Drama by Indie DiMartino, Saint Augustine, FL

“Gov Visit", Broadcast Journalism by Isaac Miller

“Carrying the Future", PSA by Isabela de la Grana, Miami Springs, FL

“Super Hyper Mega Lactose Intolerance Film", Comedy by Isabella David, Largo, FL

“Maybe The Monster", Middle School by Isabella Masrouga

“Never Enough", Middle School by Isabella Masrouga

“Fallen Patriot", Drama by Isabella Sanchez, San Antonio, TX

“Side Effects", Drama by Isabella Siska, Riley Bachman, Yahkira Yisrael and Hassan El-Cheikh, Cincinnati, OH

“Say It", Music Video by Isabella Zullo, Anacortes, WA

“The In Between", Experimental by Isabelle D'Amico and Grace Rietta

“LESS", Documentary by Isabelle Levent, Brooklyn, NY

“Native", Documentary by Isaiah Woods

"Dear Fay", Drama by Isha Chitre, San Jose, CA

“Just Stories", Drama by Ishan Modi

“Fictional Characters", Drama by Ivana Noa

“Raz - Want It All", Music Video by Izaius Diaz, Clifton, NJ

“Light Farms Growth", Broadcast Journalism by Jack Diehl and Emma Dixon, Celina, TX

“Old Bloo", Comedy by Jack Nordstrom, Los Angeles, CA

“Bitter Sweet", Documentary by Jackie Prata, Purchase, NY

“Lettering: A Modern Calligraphy", Documentary by Jackson Jost, Ann Arbor, MI

“Smile", Experimental by Jackson Yeomans, Orinda, CA

“Moonchild", Experimental by Jaclyn Goldstein, Dallas, TX

“What's the Difference?", Animation by Jacob Brain, Saly Lake City, UT

“Adrift", Animation by Jacob Garcia, St. Petersburg, FL

“Heatwave", Drama by Jacob Langsner, Las Vegas, NV

“Backstage", Drama by Jacob Rothman, Lewisburg, PA

“Keeping History Flying", Documentary by Jacob Smoorenburg, Wimberley, TX

“Dream Come True", Experimental by Jacob Young

“The Birds And The Bees", Documentary by Jacqueline Hernandez, Diana De La Paz and Veronica Ledezma, Dallas, TX

“La Vie En Rose", Drama by Jacquelyn Sparrow and Oliver Michelsen and Piper Monk Heidrich, Manhattan Beach, CA

“Thought Experiment: The Lazy Screenwriter", Drama by Jade Lien, Taiwan

“Blues Hockey", Action Sports by Jaewoo Ahn, Pottstown, PA

“Early Birds", Documentary by Jakob Klein, Aaron Park and Lex Torrington

“Michael Garafola- Adapt", Middle School by James Labuda

“Envisage", Experimental by Jamie Nagle, Stony Brook, NY

“Deception", Drama by Jane Noury, Sparta, NJ

“Funny Preacher", Documentary by Janie Pasquantonio, Millis, MA

“Diluted Fear", Comedy by Jared Goudsmit, Kirkwood, MO

“Money Talks", Documentary by Jared Goudsmit, Kirkwood, MO

“Lux", Drama by Jared Scott, Antioch, CA

“Gun Violence Documentary", Documentary by Jasmine Edwards, La'Vuncia Thompson, Enrique Rodriguez, Christian Guevara and Armando Andrade, Houston, TX

“Reminiscing Love", Experimental by Jasmine Li, Fullerton, CA

“Start Time", Documentary by Jason Tam, Greenwich, CT

“Purity", Animation by Jasper Everitt

"Spread The Love", PSA by Javier Rodriguez, Miami, FL

“Kyden Weight Sixty Second Spotlight", Action Sports by Jaxon Murray, Tulsa, OK

“Solo", Experimental by Jayne Marie Magliocco, Fairfield, CT

“How I Feel", Music Video by Jayniece Prichette

“So Lovesick", Music Video by Jaysen Duckworth and Nick Reyes-Cairo, American Fork, UT

“Gossamer", Experimental by Jeanette Fantone, Carpinteria, CA

“Dear Mom and Dad", Experimental by Jelina Liu

“What is Beauty?", Documentary by Jen Miller, Maynard, MA

“The Night I Lost My Favorite Jacket", Animation by Jenna Krumerman, Dallas, TX

“Okay", Drama by Jenna Soong, Los Angeles, CA

“Plastic Straw-Free Rangiora", Middle School by Jenny Proctor, New Zealand

“Our Treasure", Documentary by Jessica Mao and Jelina Liu

“Tribal Pride", Documentary by Jessie Skeva

"Dear Suburbia", Experimental by Jessie Skeva

“Indefinable", Documentary by Jessie Skeva, Kevin Dabi and Kelly Lau

“PAINt", PSA by Jillian Larkin and Maggy Wolanske, Greenwich, CT

“New Sensations", Comedy by Jimmy Ball and Alex Sulock, Haddon Heights, NY

“Love to Hatred Turned", Drama by Jimmy Dallara, Santa Rosa, CA

“Big Bluff", Drama by Jimmy Noetzel, Bossier City, LA

“Trip Me I Can't See You", Comedy by Jo Mortimer and Dakota Elegante, Orem, UT

“An Adventure Through Bowling And Time Travel", Comedy by Joe Siroonian, La Habra, CA

“The Struggle", Drama by Johannes Sivertsen Stilhoff, Denmark

“Within Reach", Drama by John Adkins

“Goodbye, Vacation Lane", Documentary by John Barnes, Arlington, VA

“The Final Quest", Drama by John Farwell, Fort Mill, SC

“Wingman", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by John Kelley and Ravi Buschman, Rio Rancho, NM

“Parallax Dreams", Experimental by John Tuohy, Little Silver, NJ

“The Life of a Barber", Documentary by Joji Baratelli, Los Angeles, CA

“Marmalade Melancholy", Drama by Joji Baratelli, Los Angeles, CA

“Napalm Trees", Experimental by Joji Baratelli, Los Angeles, CA

“Carrot", Music Video by Joji Baratelli, Los Angeles, CA

“Love is a Game", Experimental by Jolisse Gray, Andover, NJ

"Baggage", Drama by Jon Sorokin, Cherry Hill, NJ

“BROTHER, ALONE", Drama by Jonah Belsky

“City'scape", Experimental by Jonathan Bowers, Brendan Hickey and Gracie Morris, Seattle, WA

“Like Me", Experimental by Jonathan Kim, Kennesaw, GA

“Stop for the Bus", PSA by Jordan Brown, Lebanon, PA

“Providence High has a Race Problem", Drama by Jordan Powell and Sara Beth Samuels, Duluth, GA

“The Diamond To End Worlds", Animation by Jose Rodriguez, Mcallen, TX

“Embracing Emily", Documentary by Joseph Malewicz, Millis, MA

“Wai Parahanga", Animation by Josh Boag, New Zealand

“Leverage", Drama by Josh Brown, Las Vegas, NV

“Dog Eat Dog", Comedy by Josh Ceranic, Lakeland, FL

“Daddy Issues", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Josh Ceranic, Lakeland, FL

“In Twenty Years: Central District", Documentary by Josh Jaffe, Seattle, WA

“Insured Demise", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Josh Jaffe, Seattle, WA

“Distance - Sophie Feldman", Music Video by Josh Jaffe, Seattle, WA

“WB Raiders News Package", Broadcast Journalism by Josh Lederberger

“The Tenor of Love", Documentary by Joshua Ben-Shoshan and Cameron Rudin

“Playtime", Comedy by Joshua Bowen, Lakeland, FL

“Unwaivering: The Story Of August Landmesser", Documentary by Joshua Lederberger

“Fool's Gold", Music Video by Joshua Reynes, St. Petersburg, FL

“The Sound of Vegas", Documentary by Josie Lipnick

“Side By Side", Documentary by Joy Gao, Dallas, TX

“Trece y medio (Thirteen And A Half)", Drama by Juan Luis Martínez, Spain

“Lum and Abner Story", Documentary by Juan Palma, Rogers, AR

“Solitude", Drama by Julia Bhansali, Madison, MS

“Damp Spark", Drama by Julia Brukx, Fairfax, VA

“Speak", Drama by Julia Lee, Selena Park and Esther Kim, Brooklyn, NY

“Crackers", Comedy by Julia Massey, Yorba Linda, CA

“The Players of Fullerton Tennis Center", Documentary by Julianna Sabile, Fullerton, CA

“Skateboarding", Documentary by Julie Lozano, New York, NY

“Catdom", Animation by June Turbeville, Dallas, TX

"SORRY NOT SORRY", PSA by Justin Castillo, Los Osos, CA

“To See The Sky Again", Experimental by Justin Kaminuma, Chelmsford, MA

“You've Been On My Mind", Drama by Justin Park, Carmel, IN

“Operation Kama", Documentary by Kai Hashimoto, Coppell, TX

“Black Power Movements", Experimental by Kai Williams and Summer Green, Los Angeles, CA

“The Beauty of Sound", Experimental by Kaileia Marthoski, Medford, OR

“Your Move. - A Short Film", Drama by Kaleb Cruzado, Live Oak, TX

“Daydreamer", Animation by Kat Garrido, Gastonia, NC

“Ghost in My Closet", Comedy by Kat Irizarry, Zach Funkhouser, Alyssa Cornelius, Max DeRoin, Angelina Lotrecchiano, Alani Morales, Adrian Ochoa, Colton Owen, Josh Peterson, Domenick Rado, Nelson Rios, Roger Sniffen and Jimmy Tacy, Brooksville, FL

“Why is the Ocean so Important?", PSA by Kate Carlin, Keller, TX

“ASTRONAUT", Drama by Kate Carlin and Elias Lawrence, Keller, TX

“Inside the Industry", Documentary by Kate Murray, Georgia Ferguson and Clementine Marcogliese, Wilton, CT

“Mothers for Others", Documentary by Katelin Ulmer, Christine Guido and Gracie McDevitt, Rye, NY

“Time", Experimental by Katherine Stephenson, Lake Forest, IL

“The Price of Pink", Documentary by Katie Barr , Claire Durney, Brianna Kakos , Jane Simonetti and Clarissa Lam

“Color Between the Lines", Documentary by Katie Moore, Carlsbad, CA

“The Final Bell", Comedy by Katie Muschalik, Houston, TX

“Paintings Away", Animation by Katrina Lin, Summit, NJ

“We Don't Fall Far", Drama by Kaylayla Raine

“Wonders Of Wildlife", Broadcast Journalism by Kaylee Sun and Kayla Helms, Springfield, MO

“Students And Staff At Central High School Are Positively Affected By Foster Care", Broadcast Journalism by Kaylee Sun and Kayla Helms, Springfield, MO

“Viral Video Sparks Discussion On Springfield's Unique History", Broadcast Journalism by Kaylee Sun and Kayla Helms, Springfield, MO

“NEXT", Middle School by Kellan Andrew Watts

“The Life of Oscar", Middle School by Kellan Andrew Watts

"Pragma", Experimental by Kellan Blair and Jordan Hagood, Madison, AL

"Ray", Experimental by Kelley Orr

“THE POOL", Drama by Kelly Long

"Blossom", Drama by Kennedy Thompson, Allen, TX

“The Five Senses", Experimental by Kery Harper, Highlands, NJ

“A Nation of Immigrants", Documentary by Kevin Garcia, Tyler Jones, Noah Hecht and Declan Kramer, San Diego, CA

“A Love for Photography", Broadcast Journalism by Khshaeta Cama and Madison Wells, Prosper, TX

“Mental Heath Above All Else", Documentary by Kiele Head and Siobhan Moher

“Heart to Heart", Drama by Kim-Anh Vo, Lakeland, FL

“Unaltered", Documentary by Kimberly Hansen

“Double Tap: The Age of Social Media", Documentary by Kimberly Hansen and Lauren Cyrus

"Unprecedented", IMAX In Focus Documentary by The Kinkaid School

“Cyrus Party", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Kisang Lee, Republic Of Korea

“Dreams: To Be Continued”, Drama by Koki Kawamoto, Japan

“Daschle's Story", Broadcast Journalism by Kolette Morehead and Rylee Fels, Carlsbad, CA

“5 Gallons", Documentary by Konstantia Barker, Harrison, NY

“OCD", Experimental by Kristen Basilio, Valencia, CA

“Enough is Enough", Documentary by Kristina Pinero, Winter Garden, FL

“Utah Bears Ears March News Story - December 12, 2017", Broadcast Journalism by Kyle Adams and Maggie Lea, Salt Lake City, UT

“Drive", Music Video by Kyle Farscht, Millburn, NJ

"Limbo", Comedy by Lainey Surzhko, Marlboro, NJ

“Astronaut Starbright", Documentary by Lana Taylor, Jacksonville, FL

“A Soldier's Return", Middle School by Landon Roesch, Los Angeles, CA

“LUCKY", Middle School by Landon Roesch, Los Angeles, CA

“POWERLESS", Middle School by Landon Roesch, Los Angeles, CA

“Grab Him By The-", Comedy by Lane McKenna, Rockville Centre, NY

“Polaroids", Drama by Lara Rudar, Dubai

"More Time", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Laura Nicely, Richardson, TX

“TiAnViCa: Riding For Therapy", Documentary by Laura Northup, Lakeland, FL

“Vanished", Drama by Lauren Burd and Barbara Jones, Mount Kisco, NY

“Sketch", Drama by Lauren Kim, Fullerton, CA

“Our Family", Documentary by Lauren Laird and Lola Ernest, Ypsilanti, MI

“Imperfect", Drama by Lauren Plattman, Berkeley Heights, NJ

“Hidden", Drama by Lay Hak, Pomona, CA

“Always Remember", Music Video by Layla Glenn and Cole Reed, Ocala, FL

“Snow Business", Comedy by Leia Everett

"Full/Empty", Experimental by Leila Hilf, Birmingham, MI

“Rest and Relaxation", Drama by Leonardo Trejo-Bien and Ryan Dickson, Palo Alto, CA

“Side Hustle", Documentary by Lex Garcia, Arlington, VA

“Locked Out", Drama by Lex Garcia and John Barnes, Arlington, VA

“Bear with a Gun", Animation by Liam Fink, Fullerton, CA

“Housebreakers", Comedy by Liam Gainer, Lakeland, FL

“A Story.", Experimental by Lili Bootmann

"Evelyn", Documentary by Lilly McLendon

"WL Denman: WWII Hero", Documentary by Lily Denman, Millis, MA

“Paperboy", Drama by Lily Lemkau and Sophia Brusco, Bronxville, NY

“Shell Game", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Lincoln Lillywhite and Mikayla Hulsey, Visalia, CA

“Opposites Attract", Experimental by Linda Chiang

"Contact", Drama by Lindsay Wolf, Houston, TX

“Women Unmasked", Documentary by Lindsey Whitus, Charlotte, NC

“GRAY", Drama by Liv Coron, Bellevue, WA

“Proceed", Experimental by Liv Dalfino and Mckayla Cole, Suffield, CT

“Wrestling History", Action Sports by Logan Bennett, Payson, UT

“Love Song", Music Video by Logan Bennett, Payson, UT

“The Imbalancing Act", Drama by Logan Binstock, North Hollywood, CA

“Donald and the Battle of Crohn's Disease", Documentary by Logan Brodsky, Boca Raton, FL

“When The Heart Sees", Documentary by Loida Nino, Mexico

“Love Yourself", PSA by Lola Cook and Sam Levine

“Conflict and Compromise in History: The Los Angeles Riots - From Fire to Reform", Documentary by Luca Perrin, Delray Beach, FL

“A Work of Art", Drama by Lucas Boniface, Salt Lake City, UT

“The Gender Thing", Experimental by Lucas Neufeld, Schenectady, NY

“Drone Tales", Drama by Lucca Lofaro

“Chrysopoeia", Drama by Lucy Blumenfield, Los Angeles, CA

“Running Toward Success", Action Sports by Lucy Logan, Debbie Sargen and Blas Gotera, Miami Springs, FL

“Good Food = Better Mood", PSA by Lukas Guerra, Miami, FL

“WAKE UP! The Advantages Of Sleep", Documentary by Luke Cheatwood, Stillwater, OK

“The Plant Boy", Drama by Luke Resser, Paducah, KY

“Why People Don't Text Back", Comedy by Luke Van Mol, Redding, CA

“Flicker", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Lulu Chouha, Morganville, NJ

“Black Girlhood: Access & Assets", Documentary by Lynaisha Booker, BriAsia Booker, Zyahna Bryant, Talejha Cowan, Mauriana Evans, Tykeisha Hill, Tanjalir Howard, Zoe Cohen, Abigail Akosua Kayser and Latara Ragland, Charlottesville, VA

“Truth or Dare", Drama by Zachary Funkhouser, Haley Jutting, Mackenzie Radtke and Domenick Rado, Spring Hill, FL

“Oso Strong", Documentary by Maddie Lausted and Freeman Marshall, Seattle, WA

“Pandas: A Survivor Story", Documentary by Maddie Porter

“Intrusive", Drama by Maddie Potter

"Breaking The Silence", Documentary by Maddie Sweetin

"Caged Innocence", Drama by Madiana Rodriguez and Jon Dorflinger, Schenectady, NY

“Dali Schonfelder: The Nalu Story", Documentary by Madison Rambowski, Hamburg, NJ

“Jeff's Letters", Drama by Maggie Brill, New York, NY

“Confession", Comedy by Maggie Brill and Alyssa Lara, New York, NY

“PABLO", Documentary by Maggie Brill, Ben Kaiser and Annika Goldman, New York, NY

“Rockhill High School", Broadcast Journalism by Maggie Hale, Prosper, TX

“Film like a Girl", Documentary by Maggy Wolanske and Jillian Larkin, Greenwich, CT

“Black Lives Matter Flag Raising At Burlington High School", Broadcast Journalism by Maia Vota, Burlington, VT

“Gaia", Experimental by Maisy Crow, Dallas, TX

“Be Prepared", Drama by Malthe Elgaard, Denmark

“Transformation", Experimental by Margot Roa-O'Brien

“Make The Difference: 1460 Hours", Action Sports by Maria Colon, Bronx, NY

“Progression", Experimental by Maria Martinez

“All New - Eppic (feat. Mary Claytor)", Music Video by Marian Bouchot and Mikey Hardesty, Highlands Ranch, CO

“Depth", Experimental by Marie Panday, Owings Mills, MD

“Reminders", Experimental by Marie Panday, Owings Mills, MD

“Star-Crossed", Experimental by Marie Reilly and Alyssa Cornelius, Spring Hill, FL

“Broken", Drama by Marissa Pena, Perth Amboy, NJ

“Brain Soup", Drama by Mark Cohen

“Have No Fear", Music Video by Markel Eason and Chris Hawthorne

“Ya-Ka (Our Water)", Documentary by Marley Nelson

"INALIENABLE", IMAX In Focus Documentary by Marvelwood School

“Total Solar Eclipse", Documentary by Mathias Foster, Sammamish, WA

“More Than Ever Before", Drama by Matt Hennion, Kinnelon, NJ

“Falling For You", Music Video by Matt Shaffar, Irvine, CA

“Tandem.", Drama by Matthew Bloodgood, Cedar Park, TX

“One Call", PSA by Matthew Chan and Scott, Antioch, CA

“Monster Vision: A History And Analysis Of Horror Cinema", Documentary by Matthew Hoobin, Clearwater, FL

“To Be Continued", Documentary by Matthew Hoobin, Clearwater, FL

“Greenwood", Comedy by Matthew Knowlton, San Antonio, TX

“A Date with Destiny", Drama by Matthew Michael Serletic III, Calabasas, CA

“Alone", Drama by Matthew Pifko, Port Jefferson, NY

“WANDER", Experimental by Matthew Pifko, Port Jefferson, NY

“Civil Air Patrol: Aviation's Greatest Ally", Documentary by Matthew Weir, Fountain Inn, SC

“Special Delivery", Drama by Maura DeRose, Belford, NJ

“Dream Drawing", Animation by Max Bakalos, Maynard, MA

“Behind The Camera", Documentary by Max Friedman, East Setauket, NY

“Method and Madness", Drama by Max Lerner, Paradise Valley, AZ

“Confluence", Drama by Max May, Maitland, FL

“Beneath the Hate", Documentary by Max Mereminsky, Daniel Goodman, Tom Stiel and Jake Berman, San Diego, CA

“Glimpse", Drama by Max Rogoff, Irvine, CA

“Anti-Smoking PSA", PSA by Max Rogoff and Conrad Holzman, Irvine, CA

“Wavy Head", Documentary by Max Shoham, Canada

“Homecoming", Drama by Max Ulmer, San Antonio, TX

“The Abduction", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Maximillian Helfman, West Bloomfield, MI

“A Banjo and a Bullet", Drama by Maxwell Rousso, Charlotte, NC

“Strawberry Afternoons", Music Video by Maya Castronovo, Fitchburg, WI

“The Steal", Comedy by Maya Elby and Sabrina Shuster, Arlington, VA

“Until We Get There", Music Video by Megan Keller, Springfield, MO

“What Happens When You Find A Corpse In Your Living Room", Drama by Melanie An, Campbell Moore, Riley Scott, Declan Kramer and Jack Anthenelli, San Diego, CA

“Homecoming Promo", Action Sports by Melanie Zburlea and Thomas Harmond, Sugar Hill, GA

“HUMANS", Experimental by Melissa Indeglia, Townsend, MA

“Cooking With Kay Oss", PSA by Mia Lazar and Ava Lazar, Blacksburg, VA

“Vision", Music Video by Micah Brown, Highland, UT

“I'm Your Brother", Drama by Michael Deng, Woodberry Forest, VA

“Eyes of Faith", Documentary by Michael L'Abbate, Pleasantville, NY

“Internal Pressure", Drama by Michael McNaught, Waldwick, NJ

“King of the Dead", Music Video by Michael Stavolone, Broad Brook, CT

“Under the Windhorse", Documentary by Michael Yuanhao Deng, Claude Haoda Lv and Ranran Hu Woodberry Forest, VA

“Vela", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Nathaniel De Los Santos, Michaela Navarro, David Espinoza and Nathan Cantu, Kenedy, TX

“Like Her", Drama by Michelle Yu, Cresskill, NJ

“Insomnia", Drama by Michelle Yu, Cresskill, NJ

“An Excerpt: Eating Weird Fish at Lake Marion", Experimental by Mikayla Zwerdling, Greenville, SC

“Oblivious", Drama by Mikey Hardesty, Highlands Ranch, CO

“Thanks for the Memories", Drama by Mikey Hardesty, Highlands Ranch, CO

“Social", Experimental by Minju Hong, Chloe Kiriluk and Mia Pollak, South Korea

“Real Woman", Documentary by Mira-Rose Kingsbury Lee

“The Tournament", Drama by Miriam Butt, Saint Petersburg, FL

“Finding Home", Documentary by Molly Smith, Clermont, FL

“I Don't Know", Drama by Molly Smith, Clermont, FL

“You Can't Replace A Dad", Documentary by Molly Stineman and Sydney Blount

“Eden", Drama by Monica Matute, Miami, FL

“Vamps", Experimental by Monica Matute, Miami, FL

“Unspoken", Experimental by Morgan Clark, Pierce McCorquodale

“Nashville Diversity", Documentary by Morgan Culp, Samantha Cody, Luna Downey, Haley Jutting, Mackenzie Radtke and Rafael Urquiza, Spring Hill, FL

“Ability Tree", Broadcast Journalism by Morgan Culp, Luna Downey, Mackenzie Radtke and Rafael Urquiza, Spring Hill, FL

“Read Between The Lines", PSA by Muhammed Aly, Zoe Redlich, Rene Servin, Eva Suissa and Sasha Vogel

"Answer", Drama by Myles Johnson, Brooklyn, NY

“Maureen And Astrid", Comedy by Myles Kovalik, Austin, TX

“Why We March", Documentary by Najla Berthold, Ryan Joiner and Chandler Farber, Winter Garden, FL

“Small Minds", Middle School by Natalia Nikkhoo

“Thaw", Animation by Natalia Poteryakhin, Plymouth, MN

“Miccosukee Made", Documentary by Nathalie Avendano and Adriana Barrios, Miami, FL

“Why, God?", Comedy by Nathan Ginter, Kalamazoo, MI

“Little Voices", Comedy by Nathan Ginter, Kalamazoo, MI

“A Recipe for Two", Drama by Nathan Lee and Sonali Chugani, Fullerton, CA

“Growing Pains", Drama by Nathan Xia

“Crescent of Hope", Documentary by Neil Sai Dogra, Mequon, WI

“Phillip Bruce", Documentary by Nepal Arslan

“The Shot", Drama by Nepal Arslan

“Perks Of Being A Jock", Drama by Nhat Le, Jacksonville, FL

“Reflect", Drama by Nia Applewhite, Durham, NC

“Milk Carton Kids", Drama by Nia Stanford, Rockaway, NJ

“Gloves", Documentary by Nicholaos Wiley, Springfield, MO

“Saving Sight", Documentary by Nicholas Belgrad, Beverly Hills, CA

“The Wrestler", Drama by Nicholas Bennett and Haley Kahana, Newfield, NJ

“She Did It Alone", Documentary by Nicholas della Cava, Mill Valley, CA

“Care And Ever", Animation by Nico Hinojosa and May Ramirez, McAllen, TX

“Jimmy-John And Bernie", Comedy by Nico Pucciarelli and Jackson Droege, North Plainfield, NJ

“Intextication", PSA by Nico Ray and Reid Davis, Prosper, TX

“Alterare Natura", Experimental by Nicolas Cardenas-Miller, State College, PA

“Āmrikā", Documentary by Nicole Bahar

"Recipe For Romance", Experimental by Nicole Pantaleon, Fullerton, CA

“GHOST NIGHT", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Noah Gehman

“Enough", Drama by Noah Hecht, Max Mereminsky, Tyler Jones, Jake Berman, Tom Stiel and Katie Moore, Encinitas, CA

“Your Love", Music Video by Noah Ludwig, Ashland, OH

“South Side", Experimental by Noah Prince

“Not Trash", Documentary by Nolan Trifunovic, Northridge, CA

“Money Bag", Drama by Nolan Trifunovic, Northridge, CA

“Hive Mind", Documentary by Nolan Zunk and Lucienne Nghiem, Midlothian, VA

“Inkblot", Experimental by Nolan Zunk and Lucienne Nghiem, Midl, VA

“Attraction", Comedy by Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh, United Kingdom

“In Dreams", Experimental by Olivia Andrews, Fairfield, CT

“Round And Round", Comedy by Olivia Carter, Austin, TX

“No New Messages", Comedy by Olivia Luna, Wilmette, IL

“Oversharing", PSA by Olivia Luna, Lilly Meehan-Egan and Marion Maganguit, Wilmette, IL

“Good Grief", Drama by Omar Alvarado, Katy, TX

“Dunn", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Oskar Hirte, Auburn, NH

“Animation Evolution", Animation by Owen Cullen, Arlington, VA

“Lovecraftian Logistics", Comedy by Owen Cullen, Arlington, VA

“LIFE Through the Lens: Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer, Chronicling the History of Her Time", Documentary by Parker Beverly, Pensacola, FL

“La Tortilla", Comedy by Patxi Rizzo, San Diego CA

“The Magician", Drama by Paul Cosby and Jerrel Barnes, Arnold, MD

“Close It", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Paxson Loescher, Moscow, PA

“Lunar Activity", Comedy by Payton Dean, Lakeland, FL

“Pineapple", Comedy by Phinehas Yoon, Alhambra, CA

“Burden", Drama by Phoebe Barker

“Unmasked", Middle School by Piper Rothfuss, Miles DiMeo, Michael Fenton and Lily Smith, Cincinnati, OH

“The Reset Button", Comedy by Pong Tulyathan, East Hampton, NY

“Darcno", Experimental by Preston Moderi, Dallas, TX

“The Writer", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Prince Wang, Tiffany Kao and Kyle Kim, Eastvale, CA

“The Story of the Tate House Ghost", Documentary by Quan Do, Newtown, PA

“Ota Benga: Therapy", Experimental by Quan Do, Newtown, PA

“Sapphire Eyes", Music Video by Quan Do and John Fort, Newtown, PA

“Coming Home", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Quincy-Tanner Smith, Colin Bae, Timothy Zhang, Leianna Yuen and Kevin Garcia, Encinitas, CA

“Sam and Micheal's GTA", Comedy by Quinn Browne Collins

"There Will Come Soft Rains", Experimental by Quinn Chambers, Westlake Village, CA

“Moonshiners", Drama by Quinn Fluet, Mamaroneck, NY

“Serafina", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Quinn O'Brien, Dallas, TX

“Reinventing JVB", Documentary by Rachel Goodman, Troy, MI

“Saving Lake St. Clair", Documentary by Rachel Goodman, Troy, MI

“Detroit Street Care", Documentary by Rachel Goodman and JP DiBella, Troy, MI

“When I Was...", Experimental by Rachel Keefe, Wilton, CT

“iRony", Animation by Radheya Jegatheva, Australia

“Fresh Start", Documentary by Ramiro Cantu, McAllen, TX

“At a Moment's Notice", Documentary by Reagan Kvicala, Madison, AL

“The Gardner's Daughter", Drama by Reed Martin, Jack Anthenelli, Ryan Curcio, Noah Hecht, Reed Martin and Timothy Zhang, Carlsbad, CA

“XONR8", Documentary by Reed Martin, Max Grossbard, Ava Settoon, Quincy Smith and Campbell Moore, Carlsbad, CA

“Press Enter", Drama by Reed Martin, Ryan Curcio and Vivi Husted, San Diego, CA

“Pea S. Oup", Animation by Reilly Tuer, Allen, TX

“Hindsightless", Experimental by Ricardo Martiarena, Weston, FL

“HIV and AIDS Explained", PSA by Richard Ren, Jericho, NY

“Break the Cycle", PSA by Richards Nimbley, Richmond Hill, NY

“Hey, Dad", Drama by Riley Michelin, Lauderdale, FL

“Open House", Comedy by Riley Scott, Max Mereminsky, Daniel Goodman, Colin Bae and Tyler Jones, Solana Beach, CA

“Man Up", Documentary by Riley Scott, Vivi Husted, Austin Ramey and Melanie An, Solana Beach, CA

“Eye On Forever", Music Video by Robbie Gonyea and Lucas Coniaris

“By My Side", Drama by Robert Figueroa, Miramar, FL

“Take a Spin", Drama by Robert Figueroa, Miramar, FL

“Callosity", Drama by Robert Holden, Kenosha, WI

“The Comeback", Drama by Robert Sharrar, Thousand Oaks, CA

“I'm Starving", Drama by Roman Armstrong and Justin Carmouche, Alexandria, LA

“Mostly Sunny", Documentary by Roxanne Kassapidis, Greenwich, CT

“One Small Step", Documentary by Runxiao Luo

“The Machinist", Documentary by Russell Bowen

“Saying Goodbye", Drama by Ryan Curcio and Noah Hecht, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Archies Ice Cream Documentary", Documentary by Ryan Jachetta

“Go Big or Go Home!", Broadcast Journalism by Ryan Kerley, Collins Dunn, Candice Merante, Ben Perrin and Jacob Thomasson, Cleveland, GA

“Her Pale of Water", Drama by Ryan Manuud, South Setauket, NY

“The Tales Of Nelson Nevada", Drama by Ryan Russo, Littleton, CO

“Lights", Experimental by Ryan Schwenn, Coppell, TX

“Wake Up", Experimental by Sabrina Darian

“Boldly Going Nowhere", Animation by Sabrina Gonzalez and Ariel D'Ovidio, Ocala, FL

“Firsts", Drama by Sabrina Ngo and Catherine Nguyen, La Habra Heights, CA

“Slow Dive", Drama by Sadie Edney

"Illuminations", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Sadie Price-Elliott, Stillwater, NJ

“Patrick and Charlie", Comedy by Sage Croft, Windermere, FL

“Shoes", Comedy by Sam Ashbrook, Stephen Conrad and Benji Tucker

“Water Birth", Comedy by Sam Bovard, Jaclyn Goldstein, Jessica Herlitz and Alyssa Miller, Dallas, TX

“None the Wiser", Drama by Sam Kellman, Los Angeles, CA

“Stuffed", Drama by Sam Kellman, Los Angeles, CA

“Goranson Farm", Documentary by Sam Marjerison, Yarmouth, ME

“A Headache of a Problem", Documentary by Sam Moses, Isaac Andry, Martin Butcher and Bobby Moore, New Orleans, LA

“Strange Fruit: Taking A Stand Through Song", Documentary by Sam Seliger, Columbia, MD

“A Funeral For Danny", Comedy by Sam Sexton, Santa Monica, CA

“Linda And Brian", Comedy by Samantha Billotte, Spring Hill, FL

“Our Generation", Experimental by Samantha Cody, Morgan Culp, Luna Downey and Haley Jutting, Spring Hill, FL

“Flamingo Flamenco", Animation by Samantha Hreschak, Boca Raton, FL

“The Arrangement", Comedy by Samantha LaRochelle, Belford, NJ

“You", Experimental by Samantha LaRochelle, Belford, NJ

“Blue Line Bears", Documentary by Samantha Romero and Alex Quattrone, Fort Myers, FL

“Twice Exceptional", Documentary by Samuel Faux, Florissant, CO

“Something Smells Fishy", Documentary by Sanya Salehi, Los Gatos, CA

“News Flash", Broadcast Journalism by Sanya Salehi, Rachel Bakke

“The Art Collector", Drama by Saoirse Loftus-Reid, Lexington, MA

“4242", Experimental by Sara Eustaquio, Portugal

“One In Thirty: The Story Of Henry Oster", Animation by Sarah Antabli, Tiffany Chang, Stephanie Cho, Sara Lowin, Gracie Sandman, India Spencer and Juliet Wiener

“Boxed In", Experimental by Sarah Jeong

“Subsistence to Sustainability", Documentary by Sarah Ridsdale, New Zealand

“Disconnected", Animation by Sarah Wimbish, Lilly Parker and Natalie Piszcz

“The Depths", Experimental by Sari Wyssbrod, Frisco, TX

“Dickerson Park Zoo", Broadcast Journalism by Sasha Agarwal and Katie Saiko, Springfield, MI

“Springfield Food Trucks", Broadcast Journalism by Sasha Agarwal, Katie Saiko and Emma Steingraber, Springfield, MO

“Birthday Bash", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Sasha Godycki

“you can never run away from your problems", Experimental by Saul Singleton

“Neon Noir", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Savanna Woodson, Pinellas Park, FL

“Delucas", Documentary by Scarlett Gooch

“Memory of Things Gone", Drama by Scott Larson

“Cutting Board Man", Comedy by Sean White, North Potomac, MD

“EMP", Drama by Sebastian Chapela, Palo Alto, CA

“Those Who Sit Above", Experimental by Sebastian Marcano-Perez, Doral, FL

“Countdown", Animation by Sebastian Soler, Snellville, GA

“Runaway", Drama by Seth Imperial, Rockaway, NJ

“Mirror, Mirror", Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Shannon Miller, Isabella DeFabritus, Mehr Chaudhary and Connor Wigant, Manalapan, NJ

“Authentic Voice", Documentary by Sharay Juarez

"Cardboard Creations", Broadcast Journalism by Shelby Doroshow, Royse City, TX

“The St. Croix Chronicles", Documentary by Shelby Doroshow, Royse City, TX

“12 Cent Meals", Documentary by Siddharth Ramsundar, Berkeley Heights, NJ

“Quiet Desperation", Animation by Silas Rock, Brooklyn, NY

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"2137", Experimental by Zoey Lawless