"Make 'Em Laugh: The Secrets of Successful Comedies" Full Course

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"Make 'Em Laugh: The Secrets of Successful Comedies" Full Course


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Comedy is one of the most challenging genres for emerging filmmakers to master. Your audience has an immediate expectation... That you will make them laugh and keep them laughing. This course will cover the rules of being funny, exploring a variety of tips and tricks from scriptwriting through the final edit and showcasing some of the best comedies we've ever received.

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What It Is:

The AAHSFF University provides a wide variety of courses designed to improve your skills as a filmmaker or educator. Our courses cover everything from tips for beginners to advanced concepts and techniques. Each course features the best student films in the world from our vast library, and includes expert analysis, film deconstruction and the tools you need to take your passion for filmmaking to the highest level. The AAHSFF team has screened and judged thousands of student films from all over the world. We know what it takes to create a compelling student film that will capture your unique story and captivate your audience, ultimately helping you compete at the highest level while pursuing your passion for all things film.

How It Works:

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Feel free to "attend" the class at any time that is convenient for you, revisiting the course content as often as you like. Throughout the video, we will dive deep into each featured topic including: video tutorials, shot and script analysis, commentary from the filmmakers, and techniques for you to immediately implement the skills covered in your next project.

After taking the course, we welcome your comments and questions. Simply email them to Tom@aahsff.com and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. In addition, we'll be hosting optional group round table discussions twice a month to further explore the concepts covered, so keep an eye on your email for the next scheduled discussion.